Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

Well for the big game Jared and I went over to Cali and Geoff's apartment. We had tons of food like slyders (mini burgers), guacamole dip, brownies, chicken wings and candy. YUM! We played a couple of games and just visited. We love hanging out with them! They are such a blast! As for the big game itself, I knew the Steelers would win but had a little bit of hope for the underdog. All well. NFL just is NOT as much fun to watch as college ball. But we all laughed pretty hard at some of those commercials. hehe Anyway, thanks for having us over guys! We had so much fun! Let us know about that challenge we assigned! And we will work on ours too!


  1. Ashlee! I'm so excited you got a blog! (I'm kind of a dork about blogs, I love them.) Mine is Geoff has one too and the link to his is in the sidebar.

  2. Luv the blog and will be following it...I updated mine so check it out
    Luv you guys and keep it up.
    Luv Ran

  3. Hey Jared and Ashlee. I'm glad you guys have a blog. Feel free to look at ours,

  4. Your blog is cute! I'm impressed! I'm VERY happy ya'll decided to start one's about time! =)