Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CrAZy BoSs LaDy

Well my boss is officially nuts. Let me explain: I worked for her at her home as an office manager. When I showed up for the job interview in my pressed slacks and nice sweater, she answers the door in pjs with baby throw up all over it. But she was nice and I could start right away so I went for it. The entire eight months working with her has been impossible, like working for a child. 
So now that Jared and I are leaving, I decided that i wouldnt give her a two week notice because i knew her well enough to know she would just say "Just go on home. I dont need you anymore." And she would do this purely out of spite. So i told her on Friday that next friday would be my last day. Yesterday, tuesday, she tells me over instant chat on the computer TEN MINUTES before my shift is over not to come back tomorrow. She cant afford to keep me the last three days, she says. WHAT A PSYCHO LADY! She cant afford to let me work TWELVE more hours!? of course she can, she just wanted to last word, the upper hand... Whatever! She's crazy.
Im just so mad and hurt that I wasnt appreciated and respected more. I did so much for her, I went above and beyond my job. I only missed 2 days of work in eight months and that was because i couldnt talk from coughing my head off. And then I was thrown out like trash. Well i say GOOD RIDDANCE! 


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  1. Rude! How old is she, 10? Good riddance is right!