Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewell dinner at the Tilleys for the Tilleys by the Tilleys enjoyed by all!

Here are some pics from a party thrown by Josh and Jalin just before they left. It was a lot of fun, and really good food. Kinda nice to have all the couples from the ward get together before everyone started heading home.

This is the Isaachsons, Jake and Brianna (I think, I'm sooo bad with names, and it's been a little while...) They lived with trent and his wife while Jake was out on an internship. He's a pretty funny guy.

Here is the sweetest little couple, Braden and Mike! haha, they were attached at the hip all summer long, kinda like two little peas in a pod. Both great guys!

This is Trent and his wife, but I can't remember her name... maybe Ashlee or someone else will and we'll update it later. They were a really nice couple that were out there selling for amp alarm.

And here is the couple themselves! Josh and Jalin. They were really great, and we really loved getting to know them. A little update they just had their baby, and it's adorable! The baby's name is Jailey, she was a whopping 8lbs 7oz, and we have pics on our phones.
Sorry about the underlining, I just don't know how to remove it...

Here is a group picture

Here's a group shot! Oh, and the missionaries, ashlee and i, and also chris were there too.

We probably should have taken more pics and posted them all summer long, but you're going to have to bug Ashlee about that cause it was her job... I keep hoping she'll start liking to post stuff cause she sure is a lot more interesting when she types stuff up than I am.

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