Monday, October 19, 2009

More Pics; This is of a trip we took on my birthday up to baltimore

This is a picture of us at the fort where the star spangled banner was written. It is pretty cool.

More pics of the fort

Here's Ashlee out there in front of the fort

We went to a huge aquarium, it was pretty neat. All these pics are in reverse order though...
This is a pic as we went into a 4d theatre, it was 3d, but then it also poked you, sprayed water at you, and other stuff. It was pretty fun!


A big old sea turtle

Ashlee in front of a sub

Me in front of some boat. It was important for some reason, but I can't remember why...

Another pic of the sub.

This is while we were waiting outside the aquarium. You had to enter at specified times...

Well that's all for that trip.

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  1. Fun trip! I'll show Mark the pictures and see if he knows why the boat is important. I love the picture of Jared with the glasses! Classic Jare-bear!