Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pics, hope y'all like em!

Here are a bunch of pics, some of the ones we took this summer. We had a great summer, it was a blast! We really loved the area, and especially all the friends we made, and were able to work with.

This one we're in front of the White house! It was pretty neat, this is the only picture that came out clear... not sure exactly why...

This is one I took of the two of us, and as you can see it was pretty interesting. I didn't even move the camera or anything...

This one came out fairly clear, I left out all the really blurry tries, this was the best of what I took.

This one was only kind of blurry. Pretty pic though! We had fun, that was the night that we went to the international spy museum which is right up the street. We didn't do a traditional tour, we did some kind of excursion/activity and it was ok, it would have been better if we were little kids though. Our "guide" seemed pretty bored. All in all though it was pretty fun!

This pic is from the subway on our way downtown.

From left to right: Braden, Mike, Josh, Jalin. They rode the train in with us.
We miss em!

Well there's some pics, I'll be adding more and more.



  1. YEAH FOR PICS!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I vote you settle in TEXAS BABAY!!!

  2. Cute pictures! I wonder if you had ghosts flying in front of you on that one picture...