Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thanks you guys for keeping up with our blog. It helps to know that people actually read this thing. I promise to do much better.
For Karlee: Blue Goose came about when my parents helped Jared and me move our stuff outta Utah. Jared and daddy drove the big UHAUL and mom and me drove my jeep. We bought these walkie talkie radio things so we could be silly and talk to each other on the drive down. Daddy would say "Blue Goose, Blue Goose. Come in Blue Goose. Over." haha and we would say "Roger that Raven. Whats your 20? Over." haha Silly stuff like that. So we started calling her Blue Goose. Anyway, I miss that car. I need a new one quick to help me get over her! HAHA Right Karlee!!
For Cali: I actually do miss Utah a little bit. GASP I know! haha I miss my friends and our family up there. We lived there the longest since Jared and I have been married so we made alot of memories there. Im really enjoying living in all these other places though too. Chicago, D.C. Alabama and Houston next. Its really neat for the time being. But I sure miss you guys! I really do. We so love hanging out with yall!
It is neat being able to try on all these different places to live to see how we like it. But I am so ready for a house and a baby. But the thing is, I dont know where I want to plant down. Ya know? Its gonna be hard to commit to an area now that Im used to being some where for a few months and then packing up. HMMM.... wonder where we will end up.


  1. Hey Sis...Just wanna let you know that I'm reading....SO KEEP ME IN THE LOOP! Ha. You'll get prego soon enough keep your chin up. I wish I was there to give you a big (((HUG))). Don't stress bout the diet thing it all comes in time and it doesn't mean that your gonna be a failure at being a mom. Your gonna be a great mom. I know that dad is having yall laughing and I wish I was there. Its always funny when dad is around. Instead I'm my own comic. And I for one can't wait till you get to HOUSTON! I know we have our differences, but honestly I'm looking forward to getting to see you more often and get to know you better. Since we're both grown and hopefully SOON mommys. So, I LUV YOU SO MUCH!!! And if you need me do call. I think of you often.

  2. We'd love to have you guys come back to Utah! Everything happens when and how it's supposed to so just keep up the faith!