Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy time of year....

Christmas is less than two weeks away! I cant believe it! I have gotten presents for everyone except for Jared hahaha but I know what Im getting him, I just havent done it yet! I am also turning 25 in two weeks!! I cant believe I will be a quarter of a century! Sounds pretty old when you say it that way.
The bishop called Jared and I in for a meeting on Wednesday night. I knew it would be for a calling but I wasn't sure what it would be. I honestly thought they would stick us in Primary since thats what we've done in the past. Imagine my shock when we were called to be Seminary Teachers!! I just looked at him with my mouth open...... I have to say I did NOT like Seminary as a kid. Its much different than the Utah clan having in school as part of class.... haha NOT EVEN CLOSE! I got up at 445 every morning to be at seminary at 515 every morning to leave by 615 to be at school by 730! For 4 years!!! It was a sacrifice I am happy that I made, but I was extremely happy to be done with it. Im trying to be happy with this calling. It will be good. I really don't understand why they called us though knowing we will only be here till March... cause Seminary teachers are usually called for 4 years.
My really good friend, Jenifer, just found out she's 5 weeks pregnant. Im so happy for her!
Jared is applying for tons of jobs so I know he will hear something soon. We are really praying to end up in Texas. We applied for a lot of jobs there. We still have a back end check coming up in January so thankfully we have a bit of a cushion. March will be our deadline. By then we will have to have a job of some sort. We may even have to resort back to selling, just so we have some money coming in. But I feel good that Jared will have heard something by then.
Thats whats new with us so far. Busy Busy Busy! I love this time of year!! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. SEMINARY TEACHERS?!? WOW! That's CARAZZZY! I always feel like I'm still 18 so to think that you're taking on tha calling is just WAAAYY weird! I feel like we were JUST in high schol! But y'all will do great! You'll learn SOO much! But like you, I had to wake up at those same times for seminary and it BLEW during high school but maybe it won't be as bad now....? Prob doubtful BUT you definately will learn ALOT! I'm excited for y'all!

    I'm crossing my fingers you come to TX!!! There is BOUND to be one of those jobs willing to hire Jared ESPECIALLY when they find out that you're a DIE HARD Texan! We'll be praying for you! I know how bad you want it!