Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Co-Existing Peacefully

If the animals can understand this concept, what's our problem?

Friday, May 15, 2009

It takes a village.

Ok gang. Here's the deal. I have to loose 20 pounds by the end up September. Jared and I really want to start trying to have a baby at the end of our summer sales but I am actually considered "overweight" right now. According to my BMI that is. Most of you know I have thyroid problems and that could get worse when I get pregnant. I just want to be in the best health I can be before I get pregnant. And that means losing weight.
Now Ive already altered my eating habits ALOT. I only eat out on Saturday nights with Jared and Im eating so many more fruits. I havent had a Diet Coke in over two weeks (HELP!) and I need to up my veggie intake. I hate veggies. Now I just need to get my big butt to the gym. My mom and I made a deal with each other that we would owe each other 1 dollar for every day we miss going to the gym. Except we get one day a week off. So if I miss two or more days a week of working out, I gotta cough up a buck for each day. hehehe 
Im posting this information, not because I like announcing to my friends and family how fat I am, but because I need accountability. Keep me in line guys. Make sure im doing what I need to do. All of you who are waiting for me to get pregnant, this is what its gonna take. 20 pounds. So, help me friends! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 words for you. Hugh Freakin Jackman

A couple of weekends ago Jared and I were able to go to the opening of the new wolverine movie. I actually don't hate the X-Men series like I thought I would. However, this one... I don't think i liked it....
Now i know what you're saying, she doesn't THINK she liked it? How can you not know if you like a movie or not. Well here's the thing...
The plot itself wasn't very good. In fact, I've had heartburn induced nightmares with a better story line. However, and ladies you should really listen up here, Hugh Jackman was an amazing looking piece of eye candy. OH MY HECK. The man defies every law of physics. He is so unbelievably ripped and toned and muscular (and naked in one scene, but you only get a back shot).
So yea I'm a little conflicted if  I liked it or not. Jared laughed at me through the whole movie because I was just oogling over this guy. But WOW! Y-U-M-M-Y! So it wasn't a COMPLETE waste... hehehe The man sings, dances, is married, AND has one of the coolest super hero roles ever..... the whole package.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glass half full.... sorta

Ok I know the last post was a bit of a downer. Im sorry guys. I was having a REALLY rough week adjusting. Sometimes I just get sick of "making the best of my situation." But my daddy called me and pepped me up and then on Sunday, this one member bore his testimony and really opened my heart up. He said "Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass. Its about learning to dance in the rain." That really hit home for me because ive noticed that im always a "glass half empty" gal. Things could always be better vs things could be worse. I really dont like that about me but Jared is glass half full kinda guy to the extreme. He is WAY too optimistic, almost nieve. So i feel i have to be even more grounded for the both of us.
Anyway, my point is this phrase has really helped me be happy just to be healthy and alive. I dont want to look back twenty years from now and think "I was always waiting for things to get better before I could be happy." I want to be happy now and "Sing and Dance in the rain." So i may not want to do summer sales ever again, and i may hate being in D.C. alone with no friends or family but thats ok. Sure this isnt my ideal situtaion but it certainly isnt my worst case senerio either. So im trying to turn a new leaf you guys!

Friday, May 1, 2009

summer sales yet again

Well we are officially in D.C. and have started up another summer of sales. We have unpacked but havent gotten cable or internet yet. Im at work right now on their computer. We got here on Tuesday night. The first time I had to drive by myself, I got lost. It was terrifying.
Im having a hard time adjusting. Never seeing Jared, being alone, no friends no family in freakin D.C.... the summer is always hard for me which sucks cause I USED to love the summer. Im really homesick for my family and I hate being in this huge strange city. Im too scared to see the sights alone so Im pretty much at home after work until jared gets home. And since I dont have cable Im just watching DVDs on our laptop. The only other "wife" here is only 21 AND a newlywed (which can just get on my nerves with the "Oh Darling Honey" junk)... we just have nothing in common. (I miss Karlee SO much).
Ok I will stop bringing everyone else down too with this post... Jared, of course, is stoked. He has already sold quite a few for just the two days he has been working.
I want to make plans and house hunt for AFTER the summer but we dont know where we will be going. Its just been really hard for me. Im just being a baby I guess.... Im in a funk.