Monday, August 31, 2009

Virginia Beach

This weekend Jared and I were able to go to the VA beach with the office. It was alot of fun and VERY hot! We both got sunburned. I was a little nervous to go because of the hurricanes up here and it was supposed to rain this weekend, but it didnt. Very bright and sunny the whole time except on the drive up there and the last hour we were there it was sprinkling. It was a long drive (4 hours) but we had Chris with us so it was fun. We both love spending time with our BRETHERE..... hehe (indian accent needed).
We got there really early that morning cause we left at 530. But it was still cool and early and not crowded. My favorite time to be at the beach. Chris and I even saw a pod of dolphins ( i think its pod....) Lots of surfers and sun bathers. Then we played in the water and hung out for a while until we got hungry. We took a break from the heat and was back in it by around 4. Went back to the beach and left around 730. Then we had a really late dinner at a mexican restuarant around 9. And went straight to bed. We were exhausted.
Sunday morning most of the group went to church, Jared and I however didnt bring sunday clothes so slept in and met up with everyone at the beach around 11 or so. We played there until about 4 when this huge storm came rolling in with thunder and lightening so the life guards made everyone get out of the ocean. Jared and I had dinner on the patio of a restaurant hoping for a good storm but never came.... Then we drove home and didnt make it tilll around 9.
Long trip, but fun. I made a decision that i HATE traveling in groups though. It is always so unorganized and NO ONE can make a decision... My last time to do that. Jared and I are both sun burnt and I jammed my toe but it was fun to swim in the ocean with my hunny. Good times.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 years down.... Eternity to go!

WOW! I cant believe Jared and I have been married for 3 years! I can say 100% certain I love him more today than I did when I married him. That has to be on the right track right? When you go through struggles and trials with someone, you grow together that much stronger. Its amazing how marriage works. Its definintely the hardest challenge we are given on this earth, but certainly my favorite!
Well for our anniversary, I let Jared plan the whole thing. It's been a struggle for him to actually plan a romantic evening and he wanted this challenge, so I let him take control of it. And he didnt disappoint! First of all, he cleared it with my boss for him and I to have the whole day off. So i got to sleep in!! SO nice! Then during breakfast he gave me 3 white cali lillies (they were one of our wedding flowers). They were beautiful! And also the sweetest card. It has a picture of these two little kids kissing on the front and inside the card it says "Turns out the millionth kiss is the best" and he wrote a sweet note to me. AWE! We then made a list of the top 5 cars we both really want and then went to the car dealers and checked em out. It was really fun (except the salesmen of course).We even test drove one. It was alot of fun and gave us a better idea of what we want since we are planning on getting me a new one soon.
Then we got frozen custard at the BEST place ever, Neilsons. SO YUMMY! and then we got lunch (Dessert before lunch, he did good huh?) Then he took me to the movies to see Julie and Julia, he knew i really wanted to see it. It was really cute too! Made me really want to go to cooking school again.
Then we had time for a nap, which was nice. We got all dressed up and ate dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It is an amazing place if you want the best beef in the USA. Pricey though. Well we splurged (when in Rome right?) We got a Porterhouse Steak for 2 (40 oz of beef) HAHAHA and potatos A Gratin, and asparagus with hollindaise sauce. So goooooood! The meat melted in your mouth, you could cut it with a fork. Perfect! And for dessert, we got 2 so we could share! haha and they were HUGE! We got cheesecake and carmelized bannana cream pie. The cheesecake was the best. Mainly cause I think my mamaw peg makes the best pies ever! No one can touch em. But still very good effort. We were pleasanty stuffed after all that. It was just a wonderful day.
I have such an amazing husband. He is so devoted to me and the gospel. He works tremendously hard to provide for our little family and has the biggest sweetest heart. Im so blessed to have him in my life forever and I cant want to have a family with him. I love you baby! Thank you for making yesterday so special! Heres to a million more!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Extreme Venting Ahead....

Warning: ***Excessive whining and venting in this post****
Well its final. Jared has signed up to do summer sales..... again.... next summer.....again.....
I really really dont understand why I am still being tagged along in this mess. For those of you who know me well, you know I absolutely hate summer sales. HATE.... I honestly truly thought this was our last summer. WHY you may ask? Because we are trying to have a baby and I thought that would push him into wanting a 9-5 year round type of job. NOPE.
You know, I went out knocking with him this summer for a day. Just to see what it was like. It sucks. Forget the freakin hot weather. Its boring as heck. I was so bored just going from one door to another to another.... I cant understand for the life of me the appeal to this kind of job. At least with an office job you get A/C right?
He decided to back to Source, where it all started. Doesnt matter to me, theyre all the same. Houston Texas this time though. Ive been married three years and have lived in Idaho, Utah, Illinois, Virginia and Texas.... Sick. Summers and weekends used to be wonderful times in my life... Family Vacations, warm weather, friends, BBQs, happiness.... not since Ive been married. I dread them. Because Im alone on a couch. Dont get me wrong, Im incredibly grateful to have a husband whose willing to work so hard for me and provide for me. I just really wish he was over this sales mess. But Ive learned an important lesson this go round. Wishing gets you nowhere.... except summer sales in my case.