Monday, September 21, 2009

Havent Seen It yet...

For those of you keeping track of the months, August and September were not successful for Jared and myself in the baby making department. It was a bummer, I thought September might be it. But Im not worried or even upset about it yet. Two months isnt very long to be trying. I havent seen that stork yet, but we will. I know it. = )
Keep yall posted!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in saddle again...

I had a minor breakdown after my last post and ate things I shouldnt have. HA! But it only lasted two days. Yesterday I started back up because I realized I dont have time to pout and mope. So instead, I cut my calories down even more. Im at 1200 a day now instead of 1600. I started yesterday and its rough. But I can do anything for a month. Unless of course I get pregnant before then.
Thank you Cali for you sweet comment you made on my last post. You are such a great friend and I miss you guys SO much! Im so blessed to have such a great support system helping me do this. I think a HUGE part of why I was so upset that my diet wasnt working is because it felt like my first official failure trying to be the best mom I can be. And this is so simple compared to what I will face and I cant even get this right. It scared me. But Im over it. Move on a do it different and better.
GOOOOO 1200 CALORIES!! YEAH! haha (Not really, it stinks)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Its week 3 of my calorie counting. It has been really hard, but ive managed to do VERY well. Im eating 1600 calories a day and by calculations that should have me loosing 2 pounds a week. Not bad huh? Well the first week was awesome.... it worked! I lost 2 whole pounds.
The next week..... 1/2 pound....not so good, but not terrible. At least I was LOOSING right? haha Today was my third weigh in. How much did I loose... drum role please..... 1/2 pound!!! WHAT?!?? Half a freakin pound??? I was very disappointed....
So I come home from work today and out of curiosity I went to weigh myself again. (a BIG NO NO!) And I had gained a pound from this morning. So clearly that means I never lost anything. So for those math impaired, that means in 3 weeks of eating only 1600 calories a day Ive lost ONE FREAKING POUND!! I started crying. Im trying so hard to loose as much weight as possible while Jared and I are trying to have a baby, because my doctor told me Im "technically" overweight. I wanted to loose 10 pounds more than anything. And I cant even loose 2! Im heartbroken. Ive worked so hard counting EVERY SINGLE thing ive eaten for three whole weeks. Needless to say Im more than discouraged about it and completely freaked out that when i DO get pregnant and gain 30 pounds I wont be able to get rid of the extra afterwards. I dont know what else to do.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Big or Bigger?

Jared and I are in the process of car shopping... for the future. Last time we made a car purchase I ended up regretting it completely. I think it was because I was TRYING to be spontaneous, which I am NO good at. And thats really not an area in life where you should be spontaneous. Anyway....
the car would be for me to drive so I've picked out my favorites (that we can afford haha) Im torn between a new jeep cherokee....and a honda pilot.
I LOVE my jeep cherokee. It is the best car. Perfect amount of room, its so cute and hasnt (knock on wood) broke down on me yet. She is 10 years old, 160K+ miles and still kickin. Plenty of life in her but Im ready for a change.
Then theres the honda pilot. Its something different than what Ive driven, so it might be nice for a change. Its a really good lookin SUV. But the MAIN difference between it and the jeep could be a plus or minus. I cant decide. It has 3rd row seating. Now, right now I have plenty of room in the jeep. BUT we are trying to have a baby so will I really want the extra room that much? I dont want to drive around a bus all day but I dont want to be cramped either.....
HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions? Or heard anything good/bad about either one? If you cant comment on my blog, message me on FB. I need advice.