Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So my mom was wanting a pair of jeans to wear so we were going through my old jeans that USED to fit me since my mother is smaller than me. I have to say that is was thoroughly depressing. I found jeans that I wore in college. I was a size 6. I cant even say what I am now, its too sickening.
Why do I hang on to them after 4 years you may wonder.... Well Ive put them in the D.I. pile (or Goodwill for non Utah folks) several times and Jared keeps taking them out. He wants me to keep them because "I will get back in em soon." He thinks they help set a goal for me, and they probably should. Except all they really do is remind me how many times ive TRIED to get back in them and FAILED. It feels like a complete lost cause.... and that makes me want to break down and cry.
I obviously cant loose weight on my own, I cant afford a personal trainer and personal chef and Im not doing those crazy fad diets. So what am I supposed to do? Some days I feel so disgusted with myself. Today is definitely one of the thousands....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sophie and Sunset

These are some pictures of the sunset outside my parents yard. I thought it was beautiful. Also, this is Sophie, mom's puppy. She is so cute, but I have bite marks and scratches all over my hands and arms from her. She can get pretty excited when we are playing with her and her teeth are RAZOR sharp! haha anyway, she is just too darn cute to be mad at for too long.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewell dinner at the Tilleys for the Tilleys by the Tilleys enjoyed by all!

Here are some pics from a party thrown by Josh and Jalin just before they left. It was a lot of fun, and really good food. Kinda nice to have all the couples from the ward get together before everyone started heading home.

This is the Isaachsons, Jake and Brianna (I think, I'm sooo bad with names, and it's been a little while...) They lived with trent and his wife while Jake was out on an internship. He's a pretty funny guy.

Here is the sweetest little couple, Braden and Mike! haha, they were attached at the hip all summer long, kinda like two little peas in a pod. Both great guys!

This is Trent and his wife, but I can't remember her name... maybe Ashlee or someone else will and we'll update it later. They were a really nice couple that were out there selling for amp alarm.

And here is the couple themselves! Josh and Jalin. They were really great, and we really loved getting to know them. A little update they just had their baby, and it's adorable! The baby's name is Jailey, she was a whopping 8lbs 7oz, and we have pics on our phones.
Sorry about the underlining, I just don't know how to remove it...

Here is a group picture

Here's a group shot! Oh, and the missionaries, ashlee and i, and also chris were there too.

We probably should have taken more pics and posted them all summer long, but you're going to have to bug Ashlee about that cause it was her job... I keep hoping she'll start liking to post stuff cause she sure is a lot more interesting when she types stuff up than I am.

Fun at our apt with Chris!

So, when chris got out to DC this summer he had a suggestion. It was something he'd recently done with Tyler and Ethan, and we took pics of it just for them!
This is for all you kids out there that want to build a big ole' fort in you living room and then watch movies in it!

Look at that cheeser!

Nice and stable! we had to add in a little tape to make sure everything stayed put.

I think this is a pic of the door.

Well a few weeks after that, and while Ashlee and I were hanging out at the apt we decided to rebuild the fort, and have a little fun of our own!!!

I was waiting on Ashlee to finish something up, so I was reading and waiting...

All in all the forts were fun!

More Pics; This is of a trip we took on my birthday up to baltimore

This is a picture of us at the fort where the star spangled banner was written. It is pretty cool.

More pics of the fort

Here's Ashlee out there in front of the fort

We went to a huge aquarium, it was pretty neat. All these pics are in reverse order though...
This is a pic as we went into a 4d theatre, it was 3d, but then it also poked you, sprayed water at you, and other stuff. It was pretty fun!


A big old sea turtle

Ashlee in front of a sub

Me in front of some boat. It was important for some reason, but I can't remember why...

Another pic of the sub.

This is while we were waiting outside the aquarium. You had to enter at specified times...

Well that's all for that trip.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pics, hope y'all like em!

Here are a bunch of pics, some of the ones we took this summer. We had a great summer, it was a blast! We really loved the area, and especially all the friends we made, and were able to work with.

This one we're in front of the White house! It was pretty neat, this is the only picture that came out clear... not sure exactly why...

This is one I took of the two of us, and as you can see it was pretty interesting. I didn't even move the camera or anything...

This one came out fairly clear, I left out all the really blurry tries, this was the best of what I took.

This one was only kind of blurry. Pretty pic though! We had fun, that was the night that we went to the international spy museum which is right up the street. We didn't do a traditional tour, we did some kind of excursion/activity and it was ok, it would have been better if we were little kids though. Our "guide" seemed pretty bored. All in all though it was pretty fun!

This pic is from the subway on our way downtown.

From left to right: Braden, Mike, Josh, Jalin. They rode the train in with us.
We miss em!

Well there's some pics, I'll be adding more and more.

Thanks you guys for keeping up with our blog. It helps to know that people actually read this thing. I promise to do much better.
For Karlee: Blue Goose came about when my parents helped Jared and me move our stuff outta Utah. Jared and daddy drove the big UHAUL and mom and me drove my jeep. We bought these walkie talkie radio things so we could be silly and talk to each other on the drive down. Daddy would say "Blue Goose, Blue Goose. Come in Blue Goose. Over." haha and we would say "Roger that Raven. Whats your 20? Over." haha Silly stuff like that. So we started calling her Blue Goose. Anyway, I miss that car. I need a new one quick to help me get over her! HAHA Right Karlee!!
For Cali: I actually do miss Utah a little bit. GASP I know! haha I miss my friends and our family up there. We lived there the longest since Jared and I have been married so we made alot of memories there. Im really enjoying living in all these other places though too. Chicago, D.C. Alabama and Houston next. Its really neat for the time being. But I sure miss you guys! I really do. We so love hanging out with yall!
It is neat being able to try on all these different places to live to see how we like it. But I am so ready for a house and a baby. But the thing is, I dont know where I want to plant down. Ya know? Its gonna be hard to commit to an area now that Im used to being some where for a few months and then packing up. HMMM.... wonder where we will end up.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Its been a while since Ive blogged last. Things have been pretty busy lately. Plus I think about 3 people read this thing so its hard to get motivated to write. haha
Well we sold my jeep to a sales guy Jared worked with this summer. I was very sad and even cried for Ol' Blue Goose when I cleaned her out. But the money went to a worthy cause. We paid off Jared's Jeep Wrangler with the money so we are now 100% out of debt. Its a great feeling. I thought it would take longer cause we had quite a credit card bill lined up (live and learn) but Jared did so well this year selling. Im so proud of him.
Also, we are officially in Alabama now living with my parents. The weather has been rainy and pretty cold but I love it. Im back in the south and the humidity. Its great! We are basically just taken it easy until the end of February (when the summer begins for us...) Its super nice to be able to relax and have a change of scenery. Im still not pregnant. I was planning on spending my 4 months in Alabama recovering from early pregnancy sickness haha.... but I got to get pregnant to do that huh.... So we are still trying.
Mom bought a dog a couple months back. its a Maltese and a Shitzu. She named her Sophie. She is so cute but she bites the heck outta everyone. I will post some pics of her later. I finally found our camera cord to download pics to the computer so Jared will be posting those very shortly.