Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Picture Time!

This is the onesie we made for my parents.
We put it on Sophie since she RUNS to them everytime they come home from work.
I sent this picture to my sister to tell her I was pregnant. Bun in the oven and barefoot in the kitchen. HA
Sophie was pretty bitter she had to wear this thing. We took it off of her as soon as she let the good news out.
This is the onesie we sent to his parents. Much more obvious.

The Stork flew South for the winter!

Thats right friends and family! Jared and I are expecting a little one in August. We are so very excited. We found out a few weeks ago but had to keep it under wraps until Christmas Eve when we told Jared's family.
The morning Jared and I found out, I went to the bathroom early and took the test. It immediately turned positive! HA I couldn't believe it. Jared was still asleep in the bed so I turned the light on. I think the look on my face (deer in headlights) made him panic a little until he saw the test in my hands. He jumped out of bed and kept saying "ARE WE?" "ARE WE?" I just nodded and stuck the test in his face. We sat quiet for a split second and then he hugged me REALLY tight! HA After a few minutes of hugging and kissing I decided to take a second test, just to be sure. And it also turned positive immediately. Needless to say, we are both VERY excited.
We decided to tell my parents that day since I needed to find a doctor sooner rather than later. Plus I HAD to tell my momma! Jared bought some blank onesies at the dollar store. I wrote on one of them "Boy or Girl?" on it and we put it on our dog, Sophie. My daddy didnt understand what it meant at first but my mom got it right away. Looking back, it was way too confusing but jared didnt want the message to be TOO obvious. All well.
We did better for his parents. We used another blank onesie and I wrote on it "Coming August 2010" and wrapped it up in a present and told them to open it Christmas Eve. We got to listen to their reactions over the phone and it was so sweet. They seemed very happy.
We have had an outpouring of friends and family congratulating us and its so touching. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. The last few weeks haven't been the best for me as the nausea and fatigue have kicked in. Sadly, Christmas was the worst. The turkey was cooking in the oven all day and the smell was so strong I was laid up on the couch almost ALL day. My poor mom had to do ALL the cooking. I felt so bad. I was such a party pooper. Also, I felt pretty lousy on my birthday. Mom tried to take me shopping but I was tired and nauseous. Then we met the boys for a movie and the popcorn smell nearly did me in. We were supposed to eat at the Melting Pot for dinner afterwards but I was nauseous so I couldn't do it. I didn't want to spend all that money to eat and then not eat hardly anything. I was so bummed too because I've never eaten there and was SO excited to.
Im only at 6 weeks right now, so I've still got a long haul ahead of me. Pray hard for me. I haven't vomited yet but sometimes I just wish I would. My first doctor's appointment is January 11th. Not sure what the doctor will do but I will be sure to keep everyone posted with the details. Im reading my pregnancy books and doing my best to follow it exactly. The hardest is the food. Im trying to be healthy but I HATE meal time. I dread the time I have to eat because NOTHING sounds good. So I just eat what I can and its not always the best. Right now queso dip seems to be the number one food. HA! Hopefully this phase will pass quickly. Thank goodness I have my mom! I will post some pics next post. Love you all!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prayers Needed:

We got some news tonight about my mamaw peg. Apparently she had a mammogram recently and now they want to do a biopsy. I dont know any details yet, but my heart is in limbo until I do. Papa Skip is also having health problems. He will be seeing a kidney specialist because they are only working about 25% of what they should be. Its very stressful for everyone right now, so please keep my wonderful grandparents in your prayers. They're just such wonderful people....

On a much lighter note, my parents bought a Wii game very spontaneously tonight. We got it set up and started playing some games. Its pretty crazy. I absolutely hate video games and think nothing good comes from them AT ALL. I wrote a 10 page dissertation on it in college. But I am warming up to the Wii. Its interesting. I like the bowling and golf type games. Not the war and stupid violent ones Jared seems so attracted to, which i why I personally will NEVER own one.

Anyway, we are all anxious for Christmas and excited. Wish my sis and her family and mamaw peg and papa skip were all here too. I sure miss them... alot. Jared is still looking for jobs. No bites yet. We are still optimistic. Keep ya posted.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy time of year....

Christmas is less than two weeks away! I cant believe it! I have gotten presents for everyone except for Jared hahaha but I know what Im getting him, I just havent done it yet! I am also turning 25 in two weeks!! I cant believe I will be a quarter of a century! Sounds pretty old when you say it that way.
The bishop called Jared and I in for a meeting on Wednesday night. I knew it would be for a calling but I wasn't sure what it would be. I honestly thought they would stick us in Primary since thats what we've done in the past. Imagine my shock when we were called to be Seminary Teachers!! I just looked at him with my mouth open...... I have to say I did NOT like Seminary as a kid. Its much different than the Utah clan having in school as part of class.... haha NOT EVEN CLOSE! I got up at 445 every morning to be at seminary at 515 every morning to leave by 615 to be at school by 730! For 4 years!!! It was a sacrifice I am happy that I made, but I was extremely happy to be done with it. Im trying to be happy with this calling. It will be good. I really don't understand why they called us though knowing we will only be here till March... cause Seminary teachers are usually called for 4 years.
My really good friend, Jenifer, just found out she's 5 weeks pregnant. Im so happy for her!
Jared is applying for tons of jobs so I know he will hear something soon. We are really praying to end up in Texas. We applied for a lot of jobs there. We still have a back end check coming up in January so thankfully we have a bit of a cushion. March will be our deadline. By then we will have to have a job of some sort. We may even have to resort back to selling, just so we have some money coming in. But I feel good that Jared will have heard something by then.
Thats whats new with us so far. Busy Busy Busy! I love this time of year!! Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas is here baby!

Mistletoe is fun! hehe

This is our gorgeous Christmas tree!! Mom and I decorated it and it was alot of fun. Its nine feet so we had to use a ladder. We had alot of fun combining our ornaments and making it special for everyone.
Closer up of the tree. I made the bows and the ornaments are so cute! Theres even a Texas Longhorn Snowman on there. hehe awesome!
Our tree topper is so cool I think. We went to the Christmas Place in Nashville and all their trees had all these really neat inserts coming out of the top. So instead of a traditional topper we tried this and we all really liked it. Jared is still getting used to it but he thinks its different. I love Christmas. I love being here with my family and Jared. We are having so much fun!


The Toones took Jared and I out to dinner to The Roof and it was amazing! Then we walked around Temple Square to enjoy the beautiful lights. We didnt stay very long though cause it was very cold! haha
Where's Ashlee? haha freezing her nose off!! Thats where.
We had so much fun with them! Thank you Toones for the visit! We had a blast and really appreciate you guys so much!

We also went to a wedding. One of Jareds companions from his mission got married at the Timpanogas Temple. I wasnt able to go inside because I forgot my recommend! I know I know.... but the bride was beautiful and it was FREEZING!!! haha Glad to be back in the south!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cousins (once removed ones too)

Believe it or not that gorgeous girl is my cousin. She is a sweet heart. Jared and I were able to meet up with Karen, Jace and little McRae.
This is their precious baby girl McRae. Doesnt get cuter than this folks. We figured out that my relation to my first cousin's baby is first cousins once removed..... haha whatever the heck that means.
I just wanted to eat her up. She was so freaking adorable!! I was tickling her neck and she was just laughing. Priceless.
Cant wait for one of my own!

My other first cousin, Karens younger sister, Kelsey was there too. Shes a hoot. not liking Utah right now cause of the cold, cant say I blame her!


These are the Stanleys, two of me and jared's favorite people! We always have such a wonderful time with these crazy guys, we even met up with them TWICE on our trip. Cali and Geoff and such fun great people. I met Cali working in Utah and thank goodness all four of us hit it off so well cause I really adore these people. They are the greatest!
Geoff and Jared and into hot sauce. This is Geoff showing off his supply.

We went to the Christmas Tree Festival. These tree was pretty cool. Its a Harley Davidson tree. haha so all the presents and stuff under it was REALLY expensive.... Cant imagine how much someone paid for it, but my dad would have loved it!
Even the ornaments were Harley! haha


I was able to meet up with one of the greatest friends ever, Rachel. She is such a doll. We met for lunch and talked for hours. I adore her so much and am so glad I got to see her. We were roommates back in college.
These two pictures are insane if you know what youre looking at. This is an In and Out burger joint. Just a burger joint and these crazy people were waiting in a 3 hour car line to get up there. CRAZY!!!!! Ive had these burgers and they are OK but not anywhere near worth a 3 hour wait.... one of the reasons I hated Provo; the people are SO WEIRD!!!
This line went all the way around a strip mall.
This is my awesome friend Misty. We used to work together for this very strange lady... hahaha we immediately hit it off and I think she is awesome. She actually twisted her ankle the day before and was in alot of pain but still came out for ice cream with me. What a pal!
Can you see those two little red marks on my hand? haha well that was from hanging out with Josh and Denise. We went shooting at a range and I was reloading my gun clip and when I slamped the clip up my hand was in the way. OUCH! It hurt pretty dang bad. That happened on a Tuesday. Its been over a week and those dots are still there! haha

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Continued.

After our Thanksgiving in AZ (did I mentioned Jared and I got put at the kids table.... haha whats up with that?) we had a dinner with the other side of the family. They are so sweet. This is Gwen, Jareds other sister, Tyler, Jareds stepgrandmother and grandpa and Chris.
In clockwise order here is cousin Joseph, Aunt Becky(sitting), Uncle Dennis, Aunt Jill, Uncle John.
Here is Grandpa and Grandma Arlene again. They are so cute!
Chris and Cindy and Jared back there giving the bunny ears..... mature huh!? haha it was fun though..... more to come later. Im sleepy

Thanksgiving Day

I love pie.... haha what can I say....
this is Jareds sister Lisa. Shes great.
Our yummy feast for Thanksgiving. I missed my southern food, but everything was very delicious. I will never understand why people choose stuffing over dressing though.... no contest.
Jared and his brother Chris. So good to be able to see him this trip. He lives in Rexburg right now going to college.
Jareds Nana and Papa. They are so cute. Glad we got to see them as well. Since they live in Arizona, we dont get to see them very much.


This was a sight seeing place that Jareds parents insisted we see. It was pretty cool. Its the corner of Winslow Arizona from the Eagles song. "Standin on a corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to see. Its a girl, my Lord, in a flat bed ford...." Ect. These were the pics from that.

Thanksgiving in Utah

I know I have so much to catch up on. We went to Utah for 2 weeks to visit Jareds family for Thanksgiving. We had a ton of fun visiting them and our friends. And it didnt even snow on us, well only once! So thank goodness for that.
I have tons of pics so Im going to do this in shifts. haha well posts really. I will do some at a time cause my computer is slow loading them for some reason. These pictures are of Jared and his nephews. Tyler is such a smart kid. He reads so well. And Ethan.... well he is just a wild man.
The other pictures are of me and Kimberly, one of my really great friends. I drove up to Logan to see her so that we could see New Moon together. We had so much fun chatting and laughin it up. Luckily New Moon was a little bit better than Twilight so even that turned out ok.