Friday, February 12, 2010

Surprise Anniversary Party Pics!

Here are a couple of the pics from the party that Ashlee and Maranda and Natalie planned out for their parents. It was a really fun time! Heard a lot of funny stories, watched em cut the cake, and watched a little slideshow. Maybe I'll put the slideshow up on youtube and put it on here sometime later on.

This was while one of their friends was up talking about some of their past memories with them, and they thought it was pretty funny!

This was when they cut the cake, and then fed it to each other. They tried to smoosh it into each others faces, but I didn't get any good pics of that.

This was while another friend was talking. Not sure which one.

This is a picture of the cake that Glenda provided for the party for them.

And here is a pic of a bunch of people who came to the party. You'd have to ask Ashlee or someone else as to who they are though...

Well that's all for this post.


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