Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 16 and the Verdict is in.....

Ok I know everyone is dying to know if we learned the babies gender this trip to the doctor. Well, we did. She said she will be able to VERIFY the conclusions on our next appointment but she is very confident in the verdict. ALL GIRLS. Thats right. Three baby girls!!! Jared and I are both very excited about it. I WAS hoping for a mixture and Jared WAS hoping for all boys. Looks like we just cant catch a break with this pregnancy but seriously we are just grateful for what the Lord has decided to give us.
The other good news we received today from the doc is that they are all still growing at the same rate. That is very important because if you have one getting bigger than the others, it will be ready to come out earlier than the others. And you don't want one lagging behind or they will be more sickly. So we are so relieved that so far, is so good. They are all about 6 oz in weight and right on track. The doctor said within the next 4 weeks they will double in size so Im expecting to get pretty big in the next month. My tummy measures 37 and 1/2 inches right now. My mom bought me a body pillow and i am SO excited to use it! My body aches all over all the time and I hear these are great things so im so excited! Thanks mom!
We got nothing but great news today. She said "good incubating!" HA! so Im glad Im doing good so far. We had the ultrasound lady record our sonogram but when jared got home with it to download it to the computer, it wasn't there. We think it was either already full or she didn't press record. But we are VERY sad about it. We have a few pics but thats it. You could see baby A moving her mouth like she was sucking. They were all just so big I wish you all could've seen it. My next appointment is in 3 weeks, March 31st.
My sweet sister and my mom and others are throwing me a shower in Texas on the 27th so Im busy registering for baby stuff. I hope I don't get a ton of pink stuff now that they are all girls. I hate pink... So lots of good news and fun stuff to look forward to. Until next time!


  1. ASH!! we are so so excited for you guys! at least ONE boy would be nice... but I guess as long as they are all healthy, it doesnt matter! I wanna hear some names you guys are thinking about!! :)Wish I could come to the shower later this month!! Good luck not getting all PINK stuff! EVERYTHING I got was PINK and brown!!! We LOVE you much! ALL five of you :)

  2. Hey- I hate pink too! I'll be sure and keep the Toone side from going overboard on the pink stuff for ya. I, too, am curious about names... Any ideas yet?
    Love you guys!!! All five of you!!
    -Love, Lis

  3. Oh look at their ADORABLE little PROFILES!! Wow, that is amazing! Now the fun part- picking out names! Wish I could be there to give you a bunch of purple stuff for the girls! he he

  4. I'll keep my offerings to other colors besides pink unless I find an outfit I just have to have for these babies. So....I'll keep you in mind. The Dennis' Household is thrilled they are growing well that its 3 baby girls. Natalie is just so excited. She's ready to put them in cute little dresses and bows. She wants a sister so bad. And now she can have 3 surrgate sisters. :) I think Heavenly Father had our family in mind to...J/K! I can't wait for your shower. All this planning and I"m ready to PARTY! So bring your party shoes my friend..LOL!

  5. THREE GIRLS ASHLEE!!! NOW THIS IS CRAZZZY! I mean CRAZY you're having twins but even CRAZZZIER that they are ALL girls!! What are the chances!! I'm excited for you though...you better not have taken all the girls waiting to come down b/c I'm hoping for a girl next time around! ;) Let me know when the shower is...if it works I might be able to try and come over for it...how far away is your sis from houston?? Let me know!!!

  6. By the way, I'm laughing right now b/c you said you HATE pink yet your blog is totally pink and brown!!! haha!