Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 27.... 9 more to go!

These are the tutus my sister made for the girls! hehe so cute!
She also had these burp clothes made and monogrammed.
These are the boppy covers she had made. Go Longhorns!!

As if she hadn't done enough, she also bought me this maternity shirt to wear for my maternity pictures! It was so cute I had to wear it to church Sunday. Thanks Ran!! I love it!

Let the countdown begin! Only 9 more weeks to go and we can do it! This has been one exhausting week for a pregnant lady. But so much fun too. My sis came into town for about a week and we were actually able to run around town a little. We went to the mall and the movies even. It tuckered me out but it was worth it. Also, a few of my sweet friends from church threw me an AWESOME shower on Friday! My aunt Sherri and cousin Karen (along with her SO CUTE one year old McRae) drove all the way from Atlanta Georgia to be at the there. It was so great to see them. Thank you guys for coming!

I couldn't believe how many people came to the shower and the wonderful presents they brought for my girls. Some of these ladies had HUGE gift bags just FULL of all kinds of things. It was unreal! I was able to cross a lot of basic things off my "need to get" list. But the girls also got some fun things like Texas Longhorn onesies, bodysuits that read "BTBFF: Born Together, Best Friends Forever," handmade receiving blankets and burp clothes that were OH SO CUTE! So many thoughtful gifts. As you can see from the photos, my sister went way above and beyond! Especially since she already threw me a shower and got the girls gifts. To top everything off she secretly paid for my maternity pictures I am having done today! And my mom paid for the girls' first photo shoot. They completely surprised me. It was a great night, I even got emotional a few times by how thoughtful the gifts were. My girls and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

On a different note, Jared left last night for Atlanta Georgia. He has this training thing he has to do for work and he wont be back till Thursday night. So he's going to miss the maternity pictures and our doctors appointment. Needless to say, I did not sleep well at all last night. I miss him already so much so Thursday better hurry up and get here.

This week (and the next 8 weeks for that matter), I plan to take it very easy. This is a crucial time for the girls since they are running out of room and I need to make sure they don't try to make an early exit. I do have the maternity pictures today and a doctors appointment my daddy is taking me to on Thursday but thats it. I cant even sit through three hours of church anymore. My body is getting tired and complaining a lot these days. It is getting so close to time and the nerves are really kicking in. The surgery, the recovery, the breastfeeding, oh yeah and the raising of three babies all at once.... whew. Im feeling the pressure of the upcoming days.


  1. I think you are doing a fantastic job! Those sweet girls couldn't ask for a more caring mother. And you look fabulous! Good job so far and good luck with the rest of pregnancy. I'm looking forward to seeing snaps from the photo shoots!

  2. Hey! I think about you a lot Ash! I'm glad everything is going well!