Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 28.... 8 more to go!!

Above is baby A. She wouldn't be still enough to get a good pic but this is her looking at you.
Profile of baby C.
Profile of baby B.

I thought this might be something neat to do so you guys can see exactly how the babies are positioned (as of now; they move a ton). Baby A is face down and the other two are breach. Baby C is very high up. I couldn't really tape the picture exactly where she is or my boobies would be showing in the pic! haha Her head is literally in my sternum as we saw during the ultrasound on Thursday. And yes, it is as painful as it sounds!

Holy Moly! Only eight (at the most!) weeks left to go. This is flying by. But guys and gals, this is some tough work. People keep asking me "how you feeling?" All I can say these days is "very pregnant with triplets." haha

On to the good news! I had my doctor's appointment on Thursday and it went so great! My dad got to go with me this time since Jared was out of town. He really likes the ultrasounds so it was really neat. Again we got nothing but a great report. The girls are just growing like weeds. Baby A is 2.12 pounds. She is almost three whole pounds already!! Its insane. Baby B is 2.8 pounds, which is exactly on track for ANY baby at 28 weeks, much less a triplet! And baby C is right up there with her at 2.6 pounds. Incredible! Heart rates are perfect at around 150 BPM each (anything between 120-180 is good). My blood pressure is perfect. My cervix is hanging in there at 3.54 cm (anything above 1.5 cm is good news). And I gained 3 pounds in two weeks. I've gained a total of 30 pounds this pregnancy so far, so no complaints with that. In the two months I have left I will probably gain another 10-20 pounds.

The doctor is still in awe at how well we are doing and is just as excited as I am to get these girls to 35-36 weeks. The girls are so active in there and its not fun for mommy anymore. haha Its a ton of pressure in my stomach and back. Instead of tiny kicks now and then I get butts and heads trying to find more room. All you can see is this huge bulge coming out of my tummy and it looks weird. Usually I get two at once trying to readjust. It looks crazy and feels worse.

On a fun note, I had maternity pictures taken on Monday and they turned out so beautiful. I think most of you have seen some of them on facebook but her website has a few more.
After I got home I realized I forgot to have her do any "bare belly shots" so I was a little bummed about that. But she offered to come to my house on Thursday to take some for me. So sweet!

Its so nice to have Jared back in town. In fact, the night he got back he gave me a MUCH NEEDED back rub! What a guy huh?! Im pretty blessed! I got my hospital bag together while he was out of town. Since I will have a C-section I will be in the hospital for about 4 days so they told me to have a bag ready to go. Especially in my situation when I could really go into preterm labor any day now. My next doctor's appointment is June 11th. We're at the finish line everyone!!


  1. I still can't believe you have THREE GIRLS growing in your belly...I could NOT imagine...hats off to you!! And you've ONLY gained 30 LBS with THREE babies put me to shame!!! Your pregnancy pics are BEAUTIFUL---I think my favs are all the ones in the field on the chair! little glowing pregnant chick you!

  2. I love what you said about what the doctor said - "The doctor is still in awe at how well we are doing". She is in awe because God's work is amazing! You are so blessed, Ashlee! Keep up the good work and prayers!

  3. Ashlee I hadn't seen those pictures before. You look absolutely beautiful. I am glad everything is going well and the four of you are so healthy.

  4. Mammaw Peg is so pleased!! Keep up the good work and we can't wait for the finish!