Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We took the girls trick-or-treating last night down our block, really just to introduce ourselves and show off our gorgeous triplet girls! haha They were skeletons and if I may say so myself the cutest dang skeletons EVER! Here are some photos:

Above: these are the pjs the Toone grandparents got the girls. We called them their prison outfits haha because of the strips but they were so cute and comfy. The girls loved them! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! *Dont mind Mia (in the middle) throwing a fit there.... she was upset. haha

Here's Mia the skeleton with her trick-or-treat bag.
And Charlotte.
And finally Abigail!
And another of the PJs.

This is a video of right before we went trick-or-treating. Please ignore my annoying giggling. I was just so freakin excited! haha


  1. Every time I see the girls I think, "They cannot get any cuter!" And then you go and prove me wrong!

  2. So cute!! I bet that was so much fun! I love it!

  3. the girls are so cute I like their skeleton out fits, How fun.

  4. Holidays are 100 times BETTER when you have kids! Those little girls are so precious in their skeleton costumes!!! SO cute!

  5. Oh goodness, they are adorable! I love that their costumes glowed in the dark.