Thursday, January 28, 2010

Number 2... No not THAT #2!

Yesterday started out so nice. Jared and I woke up early and made the 1 1/2 hour trip to Birmingham for a temple trip. It was so nice. We got there early so we had time to do Inititories and then a session. I felt ok the whole time. I mean I did sleep the whole way up and back but all was well. Then we got home and my tummy was acting weird. I wasn't very hungry but we decided to order pizza. And thats where we all went wrong. I only ate one slice cause it was not very good at all. Mom took one bite and couldn't eat anymore. Jared ate FOUR slices! What a nut. And dad didn't even eat any. The rest of the evening I was down for the count. I just got worse as the night went on. Long story short, I only made it to 11:00 that night. It was awful. So thats the second time I've thrown up. Jared was sick all night too but he hung in there. I just couldn't.... oh it was awful. So of course I woke up this morning feel puny. Agh.
The specialist doctor rescheduled my appointment for tomorrow at 11. So I should have a report from that soon. Tomorrow also marks week 11 for the babies. We are moving right along. Mom and I are leaving for Texas on Sunday. Im so excited. I get to spend the week with my mamaw peg and papa skip. Then my sis and her family comes in for the weekend for Natalie's baptism. I can not believe she is EIGHT! My goodness. It goes so fast. So anyway I am so excited, I just hope I feel good this next week. I will pretty much NEVER eat pizza again, so that should help my chances huh? HA The last 4 out of 5 times I've thrown up have been pizza.... that should tell us ALL something.... Think about it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 10

Had a small setback this week. I threw up for the first time. Brushing my teeth in the morning. I hate toothpaste. I felt fine afterwards and haven't done it since but I was really bummed about it.
So other than sleeping a lot and trying to eat more so that I can gain the weight I need to, not much else has changed. The specialist I was supposed to see on Tuesday had to cancel that appointment so my next doctor visit is February 8th.
This week the babies will grow to the size of a small plum. So Im pretty sure I will start to show this around this week, maybe next. The eyelids are formed and the eyes are closed now. Also, the end of this week will mark the start of the fetal stage. We've been in the embryonic stage up till now. So that's very exciting.
I started craving candy lately. Starbursts, Mike & Ikes.... which is weird. Strangely enough, I have been "craving" the beach. HA I am having serious cabin fever thinking I will basically NEVER have another vacation and this cold weather is getting really old. I miss warmth. And Im getting excited about Valentine's Day. I love that holiday. Its usually a lot of fun.
Jared has gotten a couple of bites with the job front. Its more like he's made it through the first stages of certain jobs and has to complete tests, ect. to make it through the next round. Our families have fasted and feel sure we will hear something soon. We are also making room and rearranging things to get ready for the babies. Getting everything in the attic so we have as much space as possible, while I still can get around. Lots to do, Not a lot of time!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The After Shock

So I wouldn't say that the news of having triplets in my belly has "sunk in" yet. I still think about it pretty much every second of my day and have to brace myself on something. Triplets! I just still have no words to even begin to express....
Am I happy? Absolutely. Jared and I are ecstatic to welcome any and all children Heavenly Father blesses us with. Its going to be a blast to have that many kiddos running around. There will never be a dull moment in our house. Thats already more siblings that I had and almost as many as Jared had growing up so it will be so much fun raising these babies.
Am I overwhelmed? On Monday when we found out, I was all tears and stress. Tuesday wasn't much different. Wednesday got better and by Saturday I didn't feel that desperation feeling in my gut anymore. My family has been beyond amazing at getting a plan together, brainstorming and helping us grip reality and embrace it. So though I know this is going to be insanely hectic, Im not overwhelmed anymore.
Am I scared? To death. How selfish is that! I have always been terrified of being pregnant and giving birth. I was that kid at 4 and 5 years old who WOULD NOT CLIMB THAT TREE! because I was NOT breaking an arm. I would ALWAYS brush my teeth 2x a day because I wasn't getting a needle in my mouth. So I've never broken a bone. Never had a cavity. Had my wisdom teeth and tonsils out(couldn't prevent either one of those!). Other than that, Im needle free. I'm terrified of the things this pregnancy and C-section will involve and the load it will put on my body. And I think I will be until its over. How sad is that.
Well we are well into week 9 and the babies are progressing. I can feel my belly getting "fuller" on the inside. They should each be around 2.5-3 CM. They have ears and toes now too. Basically they are starting to look much LESS alien. HA! My least two favorite things everyday are things I HAVE to do more than once. EAT and BRUSH MY TEETH! I hate toothpaste and I gag so bad every time I brush. It sucks. I haven't thrown up yet! YEA! I have, however, looked into several toilets and almost surrendered. But I closed my eyes and said "NO! Im NOT throwing up!" I barely eat as it is and these babies NEED what I put in there!
Also been trying to wrap my head around how much weight I will actually be gaining. Around 50-70 pounds is recommended for triplets. So yes, I will be fat. Crap... Another "gasp" fact of triplets I read about this week: diapers. The average baby will go through 10 diapers a day. Times that by 3 and you get 30. Thats over 200 in a week. And yes thats almost 1000 in a month. Feel sorry for me yet?! HA! I feel sorry for the environment. Diapers don't break down.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There are no words...

I think most of you know about our recent news and the outpouring of love has been truly amazing. It's true... Jared and I are expecting 3 little ones. I still feel like Im having an outer body experience and that yesterday didn't really happen. It all feels like a whirlwind; it happened so fast.
As soon as I got to the clinic yesterday they had me take off my clothes and lay down. I was terrified. I had no idea what procedures they were gonna do and I just wanted to throw up. They started with the ultrasound, but not on the belly (if you know what I mean). Literally 5 minutes after I got naked for a stranger, she told me I was having two babies. I sat up and said "WHAT!" "YOUR LYING!" "NO WAY!" and I laid back down to get my nerves under control. Not even 30 seconds later, she said "Oh my Gosh!" "There's another one!" I didn't even have words by this point. So she looked at me and said "Three. Triplets." I just started bawling. From about 1:45 yesterday till I fell asleep, I didnt stop crying.
Im terrified. There are no words to describe what Im feeling. Im just so scared. We didn't even use fertility drugs and we'd only been trying for a few months and now.... overwhelmed. Im using that word ALOT these days. Im scared of the tests and procedures and C-section and needles and blood and IVs... I just feel like this tiny little person now expected to climb Mt Everest. Am I strong enough for this? There are a lot of tiny people relying on me to be so there's your answer.
My Aunt Jackie brought me to the reality of this. She said "Heavenly Father will take care of you. You and those babies will make it just fine because He will be there to help you all through this. No problem." I wish I had her undaunted faith on this, but Im just gonna lean on hers for a little bit while I come to terms at what this is all going to entail. The toll this will take on my body, our finances, our plans, our life is just almost too much to take in. Im scared. But Heavenly Father has called on me and I will go and do. He knows something I don't. I trust in Him, I do. But Im just so scared. All my babies have to be ok. They have to be healthy. Thats what is most important.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 7

I thought it might be neat, for those of you who are interested, for me to post the weekly progress of the baby growing situation. HA! Some of you have already had babies and know what's going on but its still kinda neat to get a feel of what happens each week as it happens.
So for week 7 "Little Bit" has a very big growth spurt. Right now its about the size of a beebee gun pellet but will double in size to about 1/2". Right now it has an appendix and a pancreas. The heart chambers have been divided. It is also growing stubs this week where its arms and legs will grow from. It pretty much looks like an alien right now. HA!
My calcium intake is very important right now so I am keeping track of that making sure I hit that amount. Jared is upset with me that I haven't been doing my exercise lately (but he should try feeling like crud and see if HE wants to walk 2 miles!) so I am going to try really hard to make that a priority this week.
Thats about it right now. I will do this every week so you guys know what's happening with me and the baby according to my pregnancy book. Thank you all for the prayers!


I made it through week 6. Friday marked week 7 for "Lil Bit" and I hope its a little better than last week, especially since my mom has to go back to work and cant take care of me anymore during the day. (she's the greatest!) I actually lost 2 pounds this week due to eating no more than peanut butter and crackers along with ginger ale. However, I feel like I gained 5 because I'm so bloated. Gross huh! I would be more proud that I haven't thrown up yet if I didn't wish for it most days. So, no, I haven't thrown up yet. But, yes, sometimes I wish I would just do it and feel better. Next Monday is the doctors appointment and Im pretty nervous about it. OBGYN visits have never made my "YEAH!" list.
With all the complaining I forgot to brag about my Christmas. I really only got one present from everyone and then another one from my sister. I pooled everyone's money together and got some beautiful diamond stud earrings. I've been wanting some for a while and I love them! I'll post pics later. Don't have any right now.
Jared and I are officially starting up with food storage. Pretty exciting I guess. We just felt with the baby coming its time to get serious about it. Also, we start Seminary next Monday. AND are both giving a talk in church next Sunday. So we have a busy week ahead of us preparing, ect. Jared has been so great in helping me feel better. He is even planning the first few seminary lessons since I feel awful. He's a great husband and I love him dearly.