Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 14

Im finally starting to see the growth in myself more this week which is good because the babies are just getting bigger and bigger. This week they are the size of a fist and weigh almost an ounce each. My tummy is pretty darn tight. You can really feel how "full" it feels. I measured it today and its 37 inches around my belly button. The book says maternity clothes are a must for most women at this point so Im surprised Im not quite there yet. I can tell my regular clothes are getting less and less fun to wear. Its strange because I haven't actually gained any weight yet. I've lost 6 pounds.
My ribs are starting to get sore these days, making room for that growing uterus. Its a weird feeling. Im not as sleepy as I used to be but I get tired or exhausted a lot easier. I've only thrown up once this week; brushing my teeth gets me every time. Jared tries to get me to skip it when I feel bad, but I just cant do that. I even had a dream my teeth starting coming out. HA It was scary! Im an avid brusher and flosser.
As far as changes in the babies, this week the ears and eyes are moving to a more normal position and the neck is getting longer. The main thing is that they are just getting bigger. Im able to eat more regularly and more in general so Im really trying to eat all I can. Im PRAYING they each get to be 4 pounds. I would be thrilled! I cant believe Im 3 1/2 months already.
The most stressful thing in our world right now is the fact that Jared still has had no luck in finding a job. We are both starting to panic. We only have a few bills, luckily, at this point but these babies are getting pricey already. Especially with our insurance being so stubborn. We have a great savings right now but we know even that will go very quickly in the next six months or so. It looks like Jared may have to go to D.C. to sell, without me. I cant think about it for very long or I get weepy and Im afraid I wont be able to hold it together if he leaves me for the summer. I know we need money and I know this is a sure way to get it but it isn't fair. I will be huge and miserable and so very pregnant and terrified and alone. I don't understand why we get blessed with three babies and then no way to pay for them. That they only way is for to be separated.... Like I said I cant think about it for too long.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day and such

My Valentine's Day Flowers!

Ready for something Non-Baby related? haha Probably. Looks like i totally didnt post anything about Valentines Day last week. Well my daddy sure came through for me! He ordered the most beautiful roses for me, my sis and my mom. They were delivered to the house the day before Valentines Day and it had a card that said "You will always be daddy's Valentine." So cute! He also bought mom and me each some chocolates. YUM!
Jared on the other hand, Im afraid he got shown up by my dad! haha In all fairness he made reservations for us at the Melting Pot. The restaurant I wanted to go to on my birthday but was too sick to go to. Well I was too sick again this holiday to go. So another missed reservation. I asked myself though why would he plan to take out a nauseous pregnant person to DINNER for V-day. I told him a massage would have been much better suited. HA! All well, he gets points for trying. So V-day itself was a pretty crappy day because I felt so awful. (It wont last forever right...) Next year baby!
Also my cell phone after three and a half years together gave up on me. Yep, it finally died and I was FORCED to renew my stupid 2 year agreement with Verizon and get a new phone. On the up side, the phone was free so thats good. But I really didnt want to have to resign a contract. Not that I would have switched providers, I just hate giving them that power ya know! Cell phone companies and insurance companies..... they have way too much power and charge way too much and for what?! They are both the devil in my opinion.
Ok enough ranting... haha just though a non-triplet post might be refreshing for my 2-4 readers out there! hehe

Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 13

This week the babies are about the size of peaches. I cant believe I'm not fatter than I am. I thought by now my belly would be noticeably pregnant. All well. They are also getting some hair on their bodies. Other than that, their eyes and ears are moving to a more "normal" place. The head is becoming more proportionate to the body. Its about 1/3 of the body's length now. They are now able to urinate out the amniotic fluid they've been swallowing too, so that's gross.
I still can't feel them move around but I can DEFINITELY feel them in there. When I move or sit up I can feel them. I can still wear my "baggy" jeans but Im mostly in my sweat pants or PJs. Im pretty proud of myself for not caving into the prescriptions pain killers. I haven't even had tylenol. The doc told me to take 2 Tums a day for the calcium. I also have to take a prescription Iron pill later on for the babies. I hear that is really gonna stink. She told me to take it once I don't feel sick anymore, cause it tears up your tummy. YEA! Cant wait!
My blood work came back and my thyroid is actually normal right now. It's a miracle. I was so worried I would have to take something to keep it normal but it's doing it already. We will keep monitoring it but so far so good. Thank goodness.
I still feel sick at night and am tired a lot. I don't think I will get to the "fun" part of pregnancy. I guess with three in there I have to skip that. I figure by May I will be on bedrest for the remainder so we are looking at about two and a half months till then. So not looking good for Ashlee. All well. I just want three HUGE babies that are as close to nine months as I can possibly get them before they come. Cowboy Up, as my daddy says.
My next doctors appointment is March 9th. Then I will go every THREE weeks instead of FOUR. YEAH for insurance that doesn't cover maternity!! (sarcasm)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Natalie's baptism!!!

Here is a pic of Natalie after the baptism, isn't she pretty in her baptism dress?

A picture of Mimi and Papi before the baptism.

Sorry it's sideways, this is a picture of Natalie and her dad before she was baptized.

And here is a good pic of them before the baptism. Look how excited she is!

It was a good service. She was really really happy.

Surprise Anniversary Party Pics!

Here are a couple of the pics from the party that Ashlee and Maranda and Natalie planned out for their parents. It was a really fun time! Heard a lot of funny stories, watched em cut the cake, and watched a little slideshow. Maybe I'll put the slideshow up on youtube and put it on here sometime later on.

This was while one of their friends was up talking about some of their past memories with them, and they thought it was pretty funny!

This was when they cut the cake, and then fed it to each other. They tried to smoosh it into each others faces, but I didn't get any good pics of that.

This was while another friend was talking. Not sure which one.

This is a picture of the cake that Glenda provided for the party for them.

And here is a pic of a bunch of people who came to the party. You'd have to ask Ashlee or someone else as to who they are though...

Well that's all for this post.


Pics of Ashlee's Belly!!!

Here are some pictures I took of Ashlee's stomach the other night. She went from not showing at all to this little bump, it's adorable!!!

Here is another one from a different angle!

Of course she doesn't like it, but I do!

oh, and she just tried on a pair of pants that no longer fit her... they were a little tight on the baby bump... guess this is real!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week 12

I have had such a busy week so Im sorry I haven't kept up with the updates. Last week I was in Texas staying at my Mamaws. I wasn't feeling very well most of the week but I was so happy to be able to visit with my grandparents again. On Saturday my precious niece was baptized. I can't believe she is eight years old already. Time sure does fly by. That night I threw a surprise 30th Anniversary party for my parents with the help of my sis and others. I had been planning it since Thanksgiving. I was so tired and stressed that day I wasn't sure how I would be able to pull it off. Thankfully Im surrounded by wonderful helpers. I made up a sort of quiz for each one of them to see how much they remembered or knew about each other. They both failed which was pretty hilarious. We also made a slideshow for them of photos. It was set to music and they both seemed to like it a lot. My mom teared up. The only disappointment was the many people who told me they would come and didn't. I don't understand people like that. Anyway by the end of the day it was all well worth the effort and stress. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful parents, it was a joy to be able to do that for them.
I got back to Alabama on Sunday and had a doctors visit on Monday. Jared and I were able to see all the babies move and bob around. Even heard the heart beats! It was just such a relief to hear that all three are strong and growing healthy. Such a blessing. Jared has been trying to post the ultrasound video but was having trouble so sorry about that. We also got to speak with our doctor, who we just love. She answered our questions and warned me about pre term labor pains. I could start having them as early as 16 weeks. So I am to keep aware of that. We should be able to find out the babies genders fairly soon. I have an appointment in 4 weeks and its POSSIBLE to know then. But more than likely it will be at the appointment after that one. I should for sure know then. Very exciting! Nothing much is going on with the babies this week. Just getting bigger. I am still fighting nausea and fatigue. I do have a little belly now. It came out between Friday and Saturday amid all the stress. HA! The next post will have our pictures everything. Thanks for the support and love you guys! I love the advice I get and am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ok, here is the second half of the first ultrasound. I haven't put this one up before

I guess when I put videos up before I didn't put up this one, it's the second part of the first ultrasound. I didn't realize there were two, I thought there were just one... so yeah, my bad.

Here is the video from the first ultrasound.

The second half to this will be posted soon.

Has anyone been able to hear the heartbeat in any of the videos? I'm curious if that came through or not...
Wouldn't be in this one though, just in the last three videos I already posted.

Ok! All three parts of the last ultrasound are posted!

Here is the last one!

I'm going to upload and post both videos from the first ultrasound. I think I only ever posted one of the two...

Another baby video

Here it is!

Maybe it will work this time

Ok, here's another try

Baby Video

Here is a video of the babies! It is the second ultrasound we have gotten. Hope you enjoy it!


actually I'm really not sure how to do this, but this is the link line from youtube... I was hoping that by copy and pasting it here it would just make a link, or hopefully embed the video.

If anyone knows how to do either of these things let me know!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 11

Last week I had a lot of bad days. I was hoping this week would be better, but its not looking that way. Threw up again yesterday. AGH I was so upset about it too. I ate really well yesterday, every two hours. Good stuff too. I felt good until the night came. I hate the night time. Thats when I go down. I had a bowl of cereal around 8 pm and the milk did me in.
Im so tired of feeling this way. I just feel like poo. Like this morning: my stomach is completely empty since I didnt eat anything after I threw up last night. So Im eating ginger ale and crackers and a clif bar now. And I would rather poke my eye then eat this mess. I dont want to eat anything. Nothing ever sounds good and nothing ever goes down good. Im just so tired of it. Its miserable. 11 weeks of "The Flu".... and counting.
Well this week the babies are about the size of a large lime, each. They are growing their fingernails too. By the end of the week they should each weigh an ounce and I will officially have started my 2nd trimester. I can tell they are growing cause Im getting a pudge on my tummy. Jared is dying to take pics so that will be coming soon. They are sucking the energy out of me like vampires! HA. There are some times of the day when I cant walk or think one step further and have to sit down and sleep. Im starting to get scared about how hard this pregnancy is actually going to be. Im just focusing on already being 3 months down and about 4 or 5 more to go. Not saying I wouldn't do all this over again. I would and will give these babies anything and everything they need from me to grow healthy. If its the last thing I do.... but Im fairly confident I wont be one of those women, like my sis, who loves being pregnant. Cause I dont even like it at this point. And Im afraid the hard part hasnt even gotten here yet.