Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lots of Pics!

Belly at week 19! Its gettin' crowded....
Put your heads together girls! haha Cool picture huh?!
My Nana and I, love her!
The Cake from the shower. So cute!
These were one of my favorite outfits. Lindi, my best friend from high school had the girl's names embroidered on them. SO CUTE!!

My Aunt Jackie came all the way from Dallas! So sweet!
My cousin Shana with her sweet boy Adrian.
My other cousin Kodie, with her sweet boy Ryker.
This is Lindi holding Ryker but the little girl next to her with the long hair is actually her baby girl Kaylon.
My sweet wonderful Mamaw Peg!

Me opening up the girl's presents! So fun!
Mamaw smelling the baby food! EWW! It was gross! hehe
Me smelling the baby foods. I only got 4 out of 9 right! haha And I cheated on those!
My friend Mary Beth won the "guess how many candy bars" game. She guessed 85 and there were 83!! haha Not bad!
These two girls were some of my very best friends in high school and I haven't seen them in years. It was so wonderful to see them! Thanks you guys for coming! It meant so much to me!

Week 19

Im a little late in the week with this post. On Friday I will be 20 weeks already, so sorry about that. A lot has happened this week and I wanted to wait till all was done before posting. First of all, this weekend mom, Jared and I drove down to Texas for my first baby shower! Let me tell you... ten hours in a truck was not my idea of fun! But after that, it was a great weekend! The party was so much fun and oh so beautiful. When Jared and I were trying to get pregnant, I wanted the baby's color to be tangerine/sherbet. When we heard we were having three I thought I would have to pick more colors but Maranda, my sis who put the shower on for me, indulged my wishes and went with the tangerine. Thanks Ran!! I just hate cliche colors like pink and blue. So boring. And they say orange is the "friendliest" color! hehe Back to the shower.... the food was so yummy!! We had these amazing sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls with a mustard glaze! Oh so good! Plus strawberries with cream cheese and toasted coconut. Also the usual veggie tray, chips/dip and a yummy chocolate cake. So lots of good food! Then I was able to open up the girls' gifts. We really got such cute stuff. We also played a couple of games after that, like guess the baby food by smelling it (almost barfed! haha). Jared was the only guy there, of course, so he was the camera man. Took over 200 pics! haha I will post those next. All in all it was a wonderful party! I was able to visit with friends I hadn't seen since high school and see my family. It was a blast! Thanks Ran for all the hard work! The girls and I SO appreciate it.
Today I had my doctors appointment. Last week I forgot to mention that Jared got a job! He is selling cars here in Huntsville and I am SO grateful that he didn't have to go to Virginia. That would have been so hard for me but it ended up working out. However, he wasn't able to come to the doctor with me today because of work so my mom and dad came with me instead. Today they did the "anatomy ultrasound." She basically went through each child and measured every single thing one by one (ex. Kidneys, Heart, Arms, Legs, Brain, Head, ect). And the girls did NOT make it easy for her either. They were moving all around and wouldn't stay still! haha I had to lie on my back for over an hour and I was SO uncomfortable. Even got light headed a few times. Baby A was yawning and they all were kicking like horses! haha It was such a trip to watch and the grandparents really enjoyed it too. Jared was going crazy because he wasn't able to be there. Poor guy! But I gave him the full report as soon as he got home. He is working on uploading the DVD from the ultrasound but it will be VERY long. Just a warning. Anyway, all the babies are doing great. Growing at the same rate and everything looks wonderful so far. My doctor is very pleased. I requested bloodwork today to make sure my thyroid is still working properly. And they gave me that orange drink for my next appointment to do the diabetes test. So fun stuff! haha I cant believe I only have 3 to 3 1/2 months left and then they will be here! Its gone so fast. This week was also a precursor to how the next few months will be. Meaning, I am having a harder time getting comfortable. My ribs are always sore. I got a charly horse in my calf last night and thought I was dying! haha Not really but it was OH so painful.
Well pics to come next and more updates later. Im sure I forgot something so keep you all posted! Love you all!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 18

This is one side of the room dividers. They are so cool (and were my idea! hehe)
Our beautiful cribs that Jared's parents are paying for (Thank you guys SO much!) We dont have mattresses or bedding YET! Its coming soon!

Its been hard to think about much else besides our government taking over the nation with this ridiculous health care crap this week. I don't want to spend the bulk of this post ranting about that even though I could. I just want to say "Pray for this nation!" cause this is NOT a good thing and with three baby girls coming soon I am worried about what quality of health care I can expect them to have. Its scary and so frustrating that there's not a thing I can do about it. AGH!
Enough on that. I think most of you know that Jared and I have named our girls. My side of the family and friends have been very pushy about naming them, so Jared and I really buckled down to get it done. (Thank you Toones for being so laid back about it!) So we have Gabrielle Mia, Abigail Riley, and Isabel Charlotte. We haven't narrowed down the nicknames yet since there are so many options. We both hate Gabby though so thats not an option. We both love Gia for Gabrielle. And I like Abby and Belle for the other two. But Jared likes Riley and Charly. So we aren't sure what will "feel the best." That part can wait till they get here. We also haven't assigned the names to a specific girl yet; Jared wants to actually see them first which I understand. We both wanted names that were unified together, but that provided nicknames that could be completely different from each other. I wanted to create a "team" feeling for them, but also an outlet to be an individual. So we both love our names and cant wait to apply them to faces!
This weekend I am heading to Texas with my mom and Jared for my first baby shower! I am so excited to see everyone and really get into the "fun" stuff about pregnancy! Thanks to my sis for working so hard to put everything together! She's the greatest! Thank goodness she has help though too. We had to plan the shower earlier rather than later due to things like bedrest, ect that could come up.
I've had a really good week so far. Not a lot of cramping and no kidney stones! We have two of the cribs set up in the nursery and part of the room dividers up. Since the nursery was originally the formal dining room we decided to put up a track system with curtains to divide it from the living room for privacy. It will look so great when we get finished. We have my nursing chair ordered and shutters for the windows ordered as well. Just a few things here and there and we will be in business. Yes I said NURSING CHAIR! I am 1000% dedicated to breast feeding my girls. It will be close to impossible, I know. But it is more than worth the effort to give it a shot at the very least. I live with my parents and help will always be around so MY main job will just be that. So please know that I understand it will be hard, which means I will need lots of encouragement not trepidation.
Until week 19...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 17

That is Sophie on my leg wanting me to pick her up! haha she's just like a little baby! So FREAKIN' cute!!

Well we have had a big week already. What with finding out they are all girls and the kidney stones, lots of things going on. As an update the kidney stones are fine now. I have passed them. We did some research and believe it was caused by all the Tums Im eating now to supplement my calcium intake. So Im now taking some in the morning and some at night, whereas I was just taking them all at night. Jared thinks that it might help to break it up.
Everyone has been asking me about names! names! names! lately. I guess now that I know they are girls, the next day I should know what all the names should be. Well Im sorry but we dont have names just yet. But I promise Jared and I are diligently working on them. Its hard though, 3 girls names is tough to agree on. So give us some time and we will let everyone know ASAP.
Also this week I was able to feel the babies move! It was so strange the first time. I was more than half asleep and not feeling great anyway, then I felt that flutter feeling and it made me a little nauseous. When I woke up I thought "That was my baby moving!!!" The next day I felt another one move and now I feel someone about once a day on average. It feels just like butterflies. Awesome. "Outside people" cant feel them just yet but they are all pretty active so it wont be too much longer. When I went to the doc for the kidney stones, they did an ultrasound and baby A's hand was raised and she was jumping up and down. Looked like she was saying "Look at me! Take MY picture!" haha we all thought it was pretty funny. They are a silly bunch of girls already! Sophie, my parents dog, likes to lay her head right on my belly so sometimes I think maybe she can feel or "sense" them. Its really cute.
We got the cribs ordered and on their way. We choose the Da Vinci Emily convertible crib (3 of them actually) if you want to see a pic just google it. I don't know how to attach a pic from a website on here. Sorry. We are really pushing to get the nursery ready. My shower is in a couple of weeks and Im so excited to see my family and friends! Plus, Im getting bigger. haha its funny. I keep forgetting to take pics when Im dressed cute, so I will try real hard this week to do that. My next appointment is March 31st. We are at every 3 week appointments now, so good times for the wallet. They will be doing the anatomy ultrasound which is pretty thorough to make sure EVERYONE is growing how they should be.
I think thats about it for this week. We are all working like bees to get ready for the babies and the company that will follow. Anyone wanting to visit the girls and provide some service, feel free!!! Friends and family, come one come all! haha I feel we will need it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

False Alarm

I think most of you know that I had to make an emergency trip to the doctor today. I woke up about 9 am cramping really bad. It felt just like I was on my period with the cramps but pretty intense. I ate breakfast and tried to wait it out to see if it was just from sleeping funky or what. About ten thirty there was no change so we called nurse Kathy from Humana and she said it could be dehydration so to drink lots of water and give it a couple of hours. I did that and got some relief until I would go to the restroom. That would start the cramping up full throttle. I texted my mom about being in pain and she INSISTED I call the doctor. So about one thirty I called and they said to get up here immediately.
It was pretty scary for Jared and myself and everyone else for that matter. They were all so worried it was pre-term labor and I would need to be admitted, ect. I didn't think thats what it was but I knew SOMETHING wasn't right because I was in so much pain. They examined me and did ultrasounds.... turns out I have kidney stones. The babies are fine, my cervix (sorry if thats too vulgar) is perfect and everyone is fine. The doc sent me home with percocet and told me to just wait it out. We were all very relieved and so grateful the girls are not trying to make a break for it just yet.
So Im waiting it out. Im refusing the freakin narcotics they are trying to feed my girls but I am in a lot of pain. Daddy and Jared gave me a blessing and I am just taking it very easy. Im not sure how long it will take to pass but its hard to be mad about the pain when my girls are doing so well. Thank you all for the prayers! Faith is greater in numbers I believe! We love you all and will keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 16 and the Verdict is in.....

Ok I know everyone is dying to know if we learned the babies gender this trip to the doctor. Well, we did. She said she will be able to VERIFY the conclusions on our next appointment but she is very confident in the verdict. ALL GIRLS. Thats right. Three baby girls!!! Jared and I are both very excited about it. I WAS hoping for a mixture and Jared WAS hoping for all boys. Looks like we just cant catch a break with this pregnancy but seriously we are just grateful for what the Lord has decided to give us.
The other good news we received today from the doc is that they are all still growing at the same rate. That is very important because if you have one getting bigger than the others, it will be ready to come out earlier than the others. And you don't want one lagging behind or they will be more sickly. So we are so relieved that so far, is so good. They are all about 6 oz in weight and right on track. The doctor said within the next 4 weeks they will double in size so Im expecting to get pretty big in the next month. My tummy measures 37 and 1/2 inches right now. My mom bought me a body pillow and i am SO excited to use it! My body aches all over all the time and I hear these are great things so im so excited! Thanks mom!
We got nothing but great news today. She said "good incubating!" HA! so Im glad Im doing good so far. We had the ultrasound lady record our sonogram but when jared got home with it to download it to the computer, it wasn't there. We think it was either already full or she didn't press record. But we are VERY sad about it. We have a few pics but thats it. You could see baby A moving her mouth like she was sucking. They were all just so big I wish you all could've seen it. My next appointment is in 3 weeks, March 31st.
My sweet sister and my mom and others are throwing me a shower in Texas on the 27th so Im busy registering for baby stuff. I hope I don't get a ton of pink stuff now that they are all girls. I hate pink... So lots of good news and fun stuff to look forward to. Until next time!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 15

What a crazy week its been already. So I haven't thrown up in a little bit but I still have the nausea so I know throwing up is NOT over yet. The newest development I am experiencing is being seriously light headed. Jared and I were taking a shower and all of a sudden I HAD to sit down, even that didn't help. I don't even think I rinsed off all the way, I had to get out of there so Jared practically had to carry me to the bed, soaking wet, to lay down. I was so close to blacking out. If Jared hadn't been there.... It happened again at church on Sunday. It just gets really hot and then I have no strength to hold up my head and I HAVE to lay down. So Jared and I sat in the foyer on the couch and listened to sacrament. From what I've read it seems all the blood my body is trying to make for the babies is taking a toll on me and this is how Im feeling it. Plus I am pretty stationary throughout the day and so when I try to shower (which just wears me out) or go somewhere like church it just catches up to me. Its no fun at all and scares me. What if it happens and Jared isn't there to literally keep me from hitting the floor. Very scary...
On a lighter note, the babies are getting bigger and my body is feeling it. This week they are the size of softballs and are weighing in over an ounce. Their bones are getting harder this week too so calcium is a must! I feel like I am having a little more energy but in spurts cause it goes away quickly. We've all been cracking down around here getting ready for the babies. It is just coming so quickly. Next week I will be 4 months along and that could really be half way for us. So much to do, so little time and money to do it! HA My stomach is still coming in around 37 inches though I feel like its sticking out more. Friday will make week 16 and Tuesday is our next doctors visit so we are excited to see if the sexes can be determined. All that and more coming next time!
P.S. Its snowing like mad out here in Alabama! What the heck! Im so sick of this global warming mess!! (That was a sarcastic joke, for those of you who AREN'T forced to watch Fox News day in and day out!) I think I would LOVE to live in Hawaii!