Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 28.... 8 more to go!!

Above is baby A. She wouldn't be still enough to get a good pic but this is her looking at you.
Profile of baby C.
Profile of baby B.

I thought this might be something neat to do so you guys can see exactly how the babies are positioned (as of now; they move a ton). Baby A is face down and the other two are breach. Baby C is very high up. I couldn't really tape the picture exactly where she is or my boobies would be showing in the pic! haha Her head is literally in my sternum as we saw during the ultrasound on Thursday. And yes, it is as painful as it sounds!

Holy Moly! Only eight (at the most!) weeks left to go. This is flying by. But guys and gals, this is some tough work. People keep asking me "how you feeling?" All I can say these days is "very pregnant with triplets." haha

On to the good news! I had my doctor's appointment on Thursday and it went so great! My dad got to go with me this time since Jared was out of town. He really likes the ultrasounds so it was really neat. Again we got nothing but a great report. The girls are just growing like weeds. Baby A is 2.12 pounds. She is almost three whole pounds already!! Its insane. Baby B is 2.8 pounds, which is exactly on track for ANY baby at 28 weeks, much less a triplet! And baby C is right up there with her at 2.6 pounds. Incredible! Heart rates are perfect at around 150 BPM each (anything between 120-180 is good). My blood pressure is perfect. My cervix is hanging in there at 3.54 cm (anything above 1.5 cm is good news). And I gained 3 pounds in two weeks. I've gained a total of 30 pounds this pregnancy so far, so no complaints with that. In the two months I have left I will probably gain another 10-20 pounds.

The doctor is still in awe at how well we are doing and is just as excited as I am to get these girls to 35-36 weeks. The girls are so active in there and its not fun for mommy anymore. haha Its a ton of pressure in my stomach and back. Instead of tiny kicks now and then I get butts and heads trying to find more room. All you can see is this huge bulge coming out of my tummy and it looks weird. Usually I get two at once trying to readjust. It looks crazy and feels worse.

On a fun note, I had maternity pictures taken on Monday and they turned out so beautiful. I think most of you have seen some of them on facebook but her website has a few more.
After I got home I realized I forgot to have her do any "bare belly shots" so I was a little bummed about that. But she offered to come to my house on Thursday to take some for me. So sweet!

Its so nice to have Jared back in town. In fact, the night he got back he gave me a MUCH NEEDED back rub! What a guy huh?! Im pretty blessed! I got my hospital bag together while he was out of town. Since I will have a C-section I will be in the hospital for about 4 days so they told me to have a bag ready to go. Especially in my situation when I could really go into preterm labor any day now. My next doctor's appointment is June 11th. We're at the finish line everyone!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 27.... 9 more to go!

These are the tutus my sister made for the girls! hehe so cute!
She also had these burp clothes made and monogrammed.
These are the boppy covers she had made. Go Longhorns!!

As if she hadn't done enough, she also bought me this maternity shirt to wear for my maternity pictures! It was so cute I had to wear it to church Sunday. Thanks Ran!! I love it!

Let the countdown begin! Only 9 more weeks to go and we can do it! This has been one exhausting week for a pregnant lady. But so much fun too. My sis came into town for about a week and we were actually able to run around town a little. We went to the mall and the movies even. It tuckered me out but it was worth it. Also, a few of my sweet friends from church threw me an AWESOME shower on Friday! My aunt Sherri and cousin Karen (along with her SO CUTE one year old McRae) drove all the way from Atlanta Georgia to be at the there. It was so great to see them. Thank you guys for coming!

I couldn't believe how many people came to the shower and the wonderful presents they brought for my girls. Some of these ladies had HUGE gift bags just FULL of all kinds of things. It was unreal! I was able to cross a lot of basic things off my "need to get" list. But the girls also got some fun things like Texas Longhorn onesies, bodysuits that read "BTBFF: Born Together, Best Friends Forever," handmade receiving blankets and burp clothes that were OH SO CUTE! So many thoughtful gifts. As you can see from the photos, my sister went way above and beyond! Especially since she already threw me a shower and got the girls gifts. To top everything off she secretly paid for my maternity pictures I am having done today! And my mom paid for the girls' first photo shoot. They completely surprised me. It was a great night, I even got emotional a few times by how thoughtful the gifts were. My girls and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

On a different note, Jared left last night for Atlanta Georgia. He has this training thing he has to do for work and he wont be back till Thursday night. So he's going to miss the maternity pictures and our doctors appointment. Needless to say, I did not sleep well at all last night. I miss him already so much so Thursday better hurry up and get here.

This week (and the next 8 weeks for that matter), I plan to take it very easy. This is a crucial time for the girls since they are running out of room and I need to make sure they don't try to make an early exit. I do have the maternity pictures today and a doctors appointment my daddy is taking me to on Thursday but thats it. I cant even sit through three hours of church anymore. My body is getting tired and complaining a lot these days. It is getting so close to time and the nerves are really kicking in. The surgery, the recovery, the breastfeeding, oh yeah and the raising of three babies all at once.... whew. Im feeling the pressure of the upcoming days.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 26

HA! I just noticed that you can see my maternity 'underwear' bunched up! HA! Thats funny!

It took longer than I thought to get this posted but it has been a pretty crazy week. My mom was in a car wreck on Saturday. She's ok and the other person is ok too, thankfully. Some crazy lady pulled out in front of mom crossing a four lane highway and mom clipped her. Luckily though everyone is ok and I was not in the car with her (I almost went with her that day too).

Also, my sis is coming to spend the week with us! She will be here today actually and leaves on Sunday. Im pretty darn excited! Everyone works during the day so she is going to keep me company. Don't get me wrong, Sophie (my parents dog) is very entertaining but not much on conversation. Some super sweet ladies in our church are throwing me a shower on Friday so Im so happy Ran will get to be here for that too.

I also had a doctor's appointment on Friday. I am thrilled to report that the girls are doing great! Baby A is (was) 2 pounds exactly. Baby B is (was) 1.13 pounds and Baby C is (was) 1.12 pounds. They have great fluid around each of them and my cervix is holding them in beautifully. The doctor is just astonished at how well they are progressing. She even said "Let's shoot for 36 weeks! Think you can do it?!" haha of course I can!! Please understand the AVERAGE pregnancy for triplets is around 30-31 weeks so I was super excited to hear that my girls are such troopers. That would mean VERY little or NO time in the NICU and the girls would probably get to come home with me when Im released!! So YES! Of course I can hang in there another ten weeks baby!

So the girls are doing great but Ashlee's body is starting to complain a teensy bit. Seems I've picked up a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome. It's not too painful just yet but then again Im not even in my third trimester yet (that's next week). Also, I asked my doctor about that awful pain in my abdomen and turns out its probably my gallbladder and/or gall stones. It's either that or my ab muscles are literally ripping and tearing as the girls get bigger. Not sure which one to root for. We are keeping an eye on it because I obviously cant have surgery to take out my gallbladder right now. Its really just something to endure right now and hope it gets better once the girls are out. It's definitely the most pain I've had to handle up to this point.

So kidney stones? Check. Gallstones? Check (possibly). Carpal tunnel. Check. Guess now its just a wait game on the appendix. HA! Seriously though, putting everything in perspective I only have ten weeks at the most left and as long as my cervix holds up, everything else can too. We can do it right!!! The doctor told me before I left "Whatever it is that you're doing, keep doing it!" Jared and I looked at each other and smiled because we know its all the prayers and thoughts our loved ones are offering for our girls' behalf. Thank you all! And keep it up!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 25

Ok my friends, I think we are hitting the "gut check time" of the triplet pregnancy. Man, this is getting tough. First of all, Jared and I are both sick. We got a pretty awful head cold around Thursday/Friday. I literally can not breathe at all through my nose, which is normally just an inconvenience, right? Well not when you can hardly breathe in the first place. I walk around here sounding like an overweight chain smoker who desperately needs a CPAC. Then there's the sort throat and congestion and sneezing and headache and earache. Im trying to wait it out and see if it will blow over before I start hitting the medicines. I don't have a fever and am staying hydrated so the girls should be ok. I might call the doc today anyway just to be safe. Its miserable though. Oh so miserable.

Then the night comes. I just want to sleep. So sleepy. I cant sleep because I cant breathe. Jared is freezing, Im sweating. I cant roll over and I have to pee every hour. I don't like the night time anymore.

But here is the kicker. (Mom and other fainters skip to next paragraph.) I believe, yes this is a self prognosis, the wonderfully rapid growth of the girls and my lack of real estate in there has lead to my abdomen muscles TEARING. Oh yeah, thats right. It is by far the most pain I have felt this pregnancy, landslide. It is an excruciating burning that literally feels like Im shredding my muscle with two forks. And having to blow my nose every ten minutes or sneeze is just... oh.... pain. Thankfully I have a doctor's appointment on Friday morning so I will be sure to confirm what is really going on with this pain.

Well thats all the bad stuff I think. Friday Jared and I and my mom and dad went to see the new Iron Man movie and then go out to eat. We finally got to eat at the Melting Pot! I've wanted to eat there since I lived in Utah. We were gonna eat there for my birthday and other occasions but I was too nauseous. Well we finally went and well.... it was ok. WAY overpriced and food wasn't that amazing. I would go back for dessert but not for the meal. It wasn't worth the money in my opinion. As far as the movie, the girls did not like how loud it was. The first Iron Man was better but it was still ok.

Neat things this week: my belly is starting to look like an alien attack. You can SEE the girls moving in there. Its way cool. Also, I made an appointment to get my maternity pictures done on May 24th. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do these or not but the photographer is giving me such a great deal. I'm excited about it. Tonight, I have a breastfeeding class to go to. Hopefully Jared will get to go with me but he starts his new job today so he may not be able to. Well thats about it. I need a nap or something so until next week.....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 24 Photos

And it keeps growing and growing and growing..... haha
Big Belly Baby!
Sunday before church in the dress my sis gave me.
I had the idea of using these closet storage hangers for diapers, blankets, ect. We got a curtain rod and used up the doorway to the nursery. VERY HANDY!
My crib mobiles and bumper pads. They are so super soft. I wanna crawl up in there! hehe
My new diaper bag. Sophie had to be in the picture too though! haha
Closer picture of the diaper tote. Its so cute and matches the orange I got going on in different places of the nursery. LOVE IT!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 24

***There is a problem with the blog and its not letting me upload pictures. I will keep trying. Sorry***

Six month mark baby!! We have about ten to eleven weeks left! I bought my diaper bag this week. I went with a Kalencom tote and it is so freaking cute! ha Yes, I spent a little more than I maybe needed to but I love it and even got it 15 % off from a Mother's Day sale online! hehe Its huge and matches my purse really well so that I could use it as a secondary bag when needed. I also bought my baby monitors, bottle warmer, wipe warmer, bumper pads and crib mobiles this week. I used some left over money from my Texas baby shower for all that though. But I still have SO much stuff to buy! I get a couple presents in the mail every once in a while so I hope those keep comin! hehe

Another new development: Jared and I decided that we are going to use cloth diapers for the girls. More for economic reasons than anything else. I have my mom on board with the idea and dad will still do peepee diapers but says he is OUT for poopie ones! haha all well. Now I'm just trying to decide which ones to get. There are SO many confusing options to pick from. Im thinking I actually might get a few different kinds instead of investing in just one option. Any advice?

Hit a few discomforts this week. My fingers and feet started to swell after I ate at PF Changs on Friday. bad! Wont do that again. Also, my ribs just ache all the time with NO relief. Where that "six pack" should be its just so tender to the touch. Probably has to do with Baby B lodging her head up there. Also, sleeping is becoming quite difficult. Im not supposed to lay on my back so I lay on my sides, right? Well as soon as I get comfy on my left side, baby C gets mad and starts kicking since Im laying on HER side. So I roll over to the right side and then baby B starts kicking me. I just cant make them ALL happy at once cause mom has to actually lay down to sleep. HA! So I rotate a lot at night which is no easy feat. It kinda reminds me of seeing a turtle on its back trying to roll itself onto its front. Thats how I feel trying to roll over in the bed. Good thing I have a big strong man to flip me over.

We are all four very squished. Simple things like breathing and sleeping are a chore these days. I spend half my day RUNNING to the toilet because I think I might pee on myself, only to get there and pass about a tablespoon of urine- thank you Baby A. I'm as big as I would be if I were nine months pregnant and having one baby at this point... But my girls aren't, so that's what Im focused on. Getting them as big as they can be. And to be frankly honest, as uncomfortable as I am, I am in NO hurry to go under the knife at needle point! Until next week!