Friday, August 20, 2010

The Real Due Date

Daddy sleeping with sweet Mia!

Well its August 20th... Today is the girls' official due date. haha they are almost 7 weeks old and TODAY is the day they were supposed to make their first appearance. (On my sister's birthday too! Happy Birthday Ran!) Its just a miracle that we have the technology and medicine today that was able to keep my babies alive and healthy. Im so grateful!

Well obviously I have very little time (and motivation) to blog every day or even every week like I used to. Im sorry about that. These girls keep us all very busy and any "down time" is used up for sleeping. But it is just the greatest time of our lives! I am loving every single drop. I changed up the girls' feeding/sleeping schedule a week ago. The NICU had them on every 4 hour feedings but that didn't seem like enough to me so I moved them to every 3 hours and have been following the Baby Wise schedule religiously. It was pretty brutal at first. (I pump every 2 hours and then they eat every 3 so it is pretty rigorous.) But for the last two nights they have actually slept from 11pm until 5am!! A miracle. Now they do need to be picked up every once in a while during that time but its always gas. Poor girls have THE WORST gas and its so sad. They are in so much pain with it. Anyway, we were very excited to see the fruits of our labors pay off and see the girls get 6 whole hours of sleep at once. Its awesome!

They are just plumping up too. So cute. They are just filing out and looking adorable. Ive been getting them on video and Jared takes pictures on his camera so we are documenting every single step of this. My sister and niece came and stayed for almost 2 weeks and now my grandparents are here for two weeks. It has been a life savor having help come in. Jared and I are able to get some sleep during the night (never together though because we are on different shifts. Jared goes from 11-330am and I go from 330 until the rest of the day really. Jared works all day though) Very soon though these girls will be sleeping through the night and wont need someone up to keep watch over them constantly. And the "shift" just means someone is sleeping in the living room (because the girls' nursery is in the formal dining room) listening for them while the other person can sleep in the bedroom without any interruptions. It is a great system really.

Next week is our 4 year anniversary!! Mom, dad and the grandparents have VOLUNTEERED to watch the girls so that Jared and I can stay the WHOLE night in Nashville. We are going to the Grand Ol Opry and the temple on Friday and I plan to SLEEP IN on Saturday. I am so excited! Jared and I are just so blessed with wonderful family. It helps that the girls are so freakin adorable though too! haha

**Cute things going on with the girls** They are awake so much more now and open their big gorgeous eyes at us. They will just look and stare at you. Its amazing. They smile at us and really seem to interact much more. They make the cutest noises. Seriously, they grunt ALL the time its so funny! I will get Jared to record it so we can post that. The twins make this dolphin noise that just cracks us up. Charlotte doesnt do it, but she burps like a man. HA! They are the best sleeping buddies as you can see from the picture of Jared. Its the greatest moment having your baby on your chest sleeping in perfect peace. Jared and I are so happy and SO in love with our girls. Its going by WAY too fast....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Time Flies....

My oldest child (by about 15 seconds) Charlotte...
My middle child Abigail
My youngest child Mia
All three of my girls sleeping so peacefully.... Couldn't you just EAT THEM UP!!!! haha

I am already a mom to one month old triplet girls! My goodness! I can't believe its already been a month. I am loving every single second of my girls. I just breath them in. It's going by so fast, it almost makes me sad to see them grow so fast.

We went to the doctor on Thursday for another weight check. Charlotte is 6 lbs 7 ounces and the twins are both 5 pounds 6 ounces. So big.... They are on a consistent schedule of every 4 hour feedings and they are doing really well with it. About 30 minutes before they eat they start stirring and grunting wanting their food. haha its so cute. They grunt all the time. I just laugh, its the cutest thing ever. I pump every 2 hours still and its pretty time consuming. But totally worth it. They are each getting 80% breast milk and only 20% formula (i dont make enough for everyone to have just breastmilk.) Im just grateful they are getting as much as they are. It took a long time for my milk to come in and the nurses weren't very encouraging that I would make enough for it to be worth the time to pump every two hours. But I stayed diligent with it and SO glad I did.
We've only had one night so far where the girls were just inconsolable for hours. They had serious gas problems and Mylacon just made it 10X worse. They were all screaming for about 3-4 hours straight. It broke my heart that I couldn't do anything for them except hold them and just try to soothe them. So sad. Other than that though, they sleep really well in between feedings. We have a pretty good system going with nighttime feedings. We have the girls sleeping in the living room in their cribs. So at night Jared, my mom and myself take turns sleeping on the couch for a few hours at a time. We just rotate shifts so we can have uninterrupted sleep for a few hours at least. Makes a huge difference. When the girls first came home from the hospital we let them sleep in our bedroom but we would wake up with every groan and grunt. So we decided to keep them in their cribs so we could get a good nap at least. *I could not survive without the amazing help of my mom and dad. They take over and let Jared and me get some sleep and it just could NOT be done without them*

My sister is flying in today with my niece to stay for about a week and a half. We are so excited too! First time seeing the girls for her. Then it will be my mamaw peg and papa skip. We have company coming for the next 2 months to help us with the girls. We are having family pictures taken on Wednesday and I am so excited to see how they turn out. It will be so nice to have amazing pictures of my girls! Jared and I are exhausted but I am blissfully exhausted. I love my girls and just want to be close to them all the time. They are just little angels and I am so blessed to get to be their mom. My life is so good.