Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here is Alabama's education system at work my friends:

HA! I was at Wal-Mart and they had about 6 carts lined up side by side and every single one of them had this sign on it. BAHAHA! I laughed so hard and thought.... Yep! Thats the public school system hard at work. Thought I'd share it...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love x 3

So I have a little time this morning (very rare) and I wanted to mention all the wonderful things going on with the girls lately! Im such a proud momma!

Rolled over yesterday!!..... and I missed it. I was pumping in my bedroom but mom told me all about it. She laid Mia down on her tummy and had to tend to another baby that was fussing and then Mia started crying. When she went over to check on her Mia was on her back! Apparently she scared herself by rolling over so she starting crying pretty hard. haha My first baby to roll over! And at 10 weeks old!! Gooooo Mia!
Mia is definitely the baby (youngest) of the group. She loves attention and loves someone to always be holding her. She still makes the cutest dolphin noises but sadly not as often. She is usually the first one to want her bottle and the first one to finish her bottle. ha
She is smiling and really alert lately. It just melts your heart to see her smile up at you. Also, she has a cowlick on the top of her head. haha a good way to tell her and Abigail apart since Abby doesn't have one.

Oh Abigail.... haha my drama girl Im afraid. She is usually my fussiest baby. When she gets on a rampage, watch out! It takes a lot to get her to calm down and usually ends up with you holding her for the rest of the time until its time for a bottle. She is so funny when she is awake though. She loves to stare at the ceiling fan or chandelier and she can get so tickled. haha She seems to be one extreme or the other (really content and happy or really mad and fussy). She may look just like Mia but by now I can tell them apart in personality. She has a freckle on her forehead which seems to be one of the only physical ways to tell her and Mia apart.

My sweet Charlotte. She is by far my easiest baby. She is so laid back. She sleeps so well and usually has to be woke up to eat. She is the slowest in finishing her bottle too, even though she has the faster nipple and is the bigger baby. HA! She loves to snuggle though. Oh my word.... she is such a snuggle bug and you just WANT to hold her all the time. She really favors her sisters but is definitely different. She doesn't require much work at all and has NEVER had a real fit throwin. She is alert much more than the other two and for much longer (probably because she doesn't wear herself out from screaming all day). She loves her play gym and staring at things. She is cooing and you can see her trying to form her mouth to mimic you talking to her.

They all love tummy time and raising their heads up high. They are all smiling and laughing at this point too. They love to stretch and get massages. They love to hear this huge industrial fan we have in their room while they sleep. They also have music playing most of the time too. They go through about 10 diapers a day a piece and are drinking 4 ounces (70 mL breastmilk and 50 mL formula) every 3 1/2 hours. We are still trying to get them to sleep longer at night time though. Their last feeding is at 1030 pm and they are awake usually around 4 am screaming to eat again. They have been sleeping in their own separate cribs but we put them together in one crib for a few minutes yesterday while they were still awake and they just loved it. They touched each others face and were just so content to be close to one another. I still look around the room at feeding time when their is one adult per child and think "wow, this is insane!" hahaha Its so exhausting and can be such an emotional drain but I WOULD NOT TRADE THIS FOR A SINGLE THING IN THIS WORLD! I could not love these girls any more than I do or I would just burst.

Pictures to come later...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm so tired....What day is it?

My days walk (not run) together. They cry.... so much. Here are the pictures. Enjoy.

This is a photo of the doctor that delivered the girls. Doctor Callison at Women's Pavillion in Huntsville. She's awesome and probably saved all our lives as I would not have consented to have the girls come as early as they did if it weren't for her. I trust her completely and just adore her.
Our LITTLE family.... ha
All the ladies holding our "namesakes."

Sunday, September 5, 2010

GIrls Girls Girls

We are blessing the girls at church today. Its very exciting and Jared is super pumped about it. Its not everyday you bless three babies at once! haha I cant believe they will be 9 weeks old on Tuesday.

We've already had to separate them in their cribs. They are each in their own because the twins (we call Abigail and Mia twins since they are identical and mainly act JUST alike) scream so loud they wake each other and poor sweet Charlotte up all the time. So the doctor suggested separating them. I dont think its made too much of a difference. They are still in the same room so they still wake each other up. I dont know...

I am so sleepy. These girls are not sleeping. I have been trying the Baby Wise scheduling thing and its not working. I am feeding them every three hours still and trying to let them wake up to eat after the 11 pm feeding.... no luck. They wake up at 330 ready for more food. The book says they should sleep till 5 or 6. HA! Thats what I say about that! I took the girls to the pediatrician because they will just SCREAM at night for HOURS so I thought they might be sick or something. NOPE. He said "Sorry, they are just fussy girls." Nice....

Its just seems sad to me that they are either sleeping or screaming. Its just so much hard work right now, its not very "fun." Does that make sense? I love doing what Im doing but its not fun yet. Anyway, I dont feel like Im making sense... being as tired as I am. haha

On a non baby note.... I cant believe summer is gone already. Im totally bummed about it too. I hate the winter (I didnt always hate it but Utah will do that to you). On the flip side football season started so that always helps cushion the sadness. Not that Texas will have a quarterback worth a darn AGAIN this year! Just another McCoy... Agh....

I will post pics of the girls blessing later.

I want sleep.