Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We took the girls trick-or-treating last night down our block, really just to introduce ourselves and show off our gorgeous triplet girls! haha They were skeletons and if I may say so myself the cutest dang skeletons EVER! Here are some photos:

Above: these are the pjs the Toone grandparents got the girls. We called them their prison outfits haha because of the strips but they were so cute and comfy. The girls loved them! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! *Dont mind Mia (in the middle) throwing a fit there.... she was upset. haha

Here's Mia the skeleton with her trick-or-treat bag.
And Charlotte.
And finally Abigail!
And another of the PJs.

This is a video of right before we went trick-or-treating. Please ignore my annoying giggling. I was just so freakin excited! haha

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh dear

So we took a little adventure yesterday to the Madison Mall. I wanted to get the girls' ear pierced. We loaded in the car after their 300 feeding and heading out. We went to Claire's and I picked out the earrings I wanted. I grabbed Mia and sat down in the chair with her and the lady said her ear lobes were too small! haha What? I looked at them and sure enough they were barely even there. haha So we loaded back up in the car and came home. So I guess we will discuss it in a few months but we might decide to wait until they are a few years old to do it. We shall see.

I regret my decision to stop pumping. Oh what a stupid decision. If I could go back I would..... I think. My girls are SO constipated its miserable for them. I am giving them some apple juice every other day to help out but that gives them cramps and gas. They spit up the formula so much more now that there isn't any breast milk in it. Yes, I regret it. agh so much. Every time they scream from being constipated I just want to cry.....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010





All three:

I'd have to say my girls are pretty darn cute. I am loving every second they are in my life. Jared moved back into our bedroom so that's great news. We moved the monitors into our room so I actually get less sleep these days but its worth it to have Jared not have to sleep on the couch. The girls are still doing great: sleeping through the night and taking naps during the day. When they are up they smile and play. Its so adorable. Now don't get me wrong Abigail can scream and cry until you feel every hair on your body has gone gray. HA! But they are all so freaking CUTE!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sad day...

So I weaned off pumping this week. It was surprisingly sad for me to give it up. Everyone has been telling me "Wow, Im so impressed you did that for triplets for three whole months." And I am proud of myself for sticking it out that long. Pumping for 20-30 minutes every 2-3 hours (even at night) was very time consuming and hard on my body. I was always starving and always had to carry a pump around with me if I planned on going anywhere. I have a car adapter so that I could pump in the car for long road trips. But when I finally made the decision to stop, I actually was very sad. I didn't think I would be because I wasn't technically breastfeeding. But I still felt that lump in my throat. It was like I had the food for my girls and I was denying them that. I know it sounds silly and I didn't get depressed over it. I just went through withdraws I guess. I was just exhausted you know? And they are starting to eat 5 1/2 ounces each time and i was only making enough milk for 3 of those ounces.

I feel bad because I know I could have gone longer and I choose not too. Jared really wanted me to stop and so did my parents. I think they saw how much time and energy I was using up. In the end I felt like the girls had the best food for three whole months and I am satisfied with that. I feel like Im rambling haha.....Bottom line: I was very surprised by how the sadness hit me when I stopped pumping.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I just had to write really quickly about how AWESOME the girls are doing!!!! We decided to ditch the 1130 pm feeding and just see how long the girls would sleep. We used to feed them at 1130 pm and then they would wake up around 430-500am for their next feeding. So I was SURE they would be up at 200am or something crazy wanting a bottle. NOPE!! haha We fed them at 900 pm and they slept till 630 am!!!! W-H-A-T!!??
I was worried it would be a fluke but for the last 3 nights they have been fed between 900-1000pm and slept till 600-630am. I am so happy! Jared is still sleeping on the couch though to listen for them at night so that is our next goal. To get Jared back in bed with me! Im not sure if the monitors reach that far into our room so we might have to get creative. But Im so excited the girls are doing so well! And they sleep more restful during the day as well since they get such a great nights sleep. Everything is going so great.
I am so in love with these girls. They are laughing and giggling all the time (so I guess we are doing this parenting thing pretty good!). haha its very exciting! Ok I gotta go.... someone is ready for a bottle.