Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunday with Grandpa

We all went to church on Sunday and it wasn't too bad. We have Jared's dad here to help us with the girls and the girls are so glad to see him! I had to post this sweet picture and also brag about my Abigail. So during Sacrament meeting Abigail starts blurting out "Mamamamamama" hahahaha I was so Excited! People were turning around to look at us and just smile cause Abi was just a callin for her mama. It was priceless and precious! I was a beaming mama. GO ABIGAIL!


  1. Oh Ashley! I love their cute sunglasses!

  2. Yay! Their grandpa loves them soooo much! And go Abi!!!

  3. Such cute little girls, I loved being with them and you!
    I hope that you are sending me some of these pictures.

  4. We hope to see you on spring break, Ashlee!!!