Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best People Ever

My grandparents have driven all the way from Texas to Alabama every month for the last 8 months to help me with the girls. They usually stay on average 2 weeks at a time. Can you imagine being away from your home and comforts that long to help your grand-daughter take care of three babies?! I mean, these are the best people I know. They have the most generous hearts. My girls just light up around them, and for good reason. They know charity, the pure love of Christ, when they see it. I can NEVER fully express my gratitude to these two people for all that they have done for my family and my sanity. This will be their last trip on our behalf. I will be so sad not to have this house literally full of the family that I love so much. Thank you Mamaw Peg and Papaw Skip. I know you think the girls will never remember what you've done for them, but their mother will remind them about it for the rest of their lives. Thank you grandparents. Thank you.

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