Monday, April 4, 2011

These girls just make me smile inside...

I cant believe I haven't posted the most awesome thing thats happened. My dad came home last week! We tried to surprise my mom but she of course found out the day before he got home. (He used his debit card in DC and she saw it on her statement....) haha Either way, we are SO happy to have him home safe and sound! He may still be going to Iraq toward the end of April until December. But we haven't heard anything for sure on that yet.

The girls did well seeing poppy again for the first time. They didnt cry. They were very curious about his beard and played with it for a while. Ha! It was cute. They warmed up to him pretty quick. Good thing they got to see him on Skype while he was away. Anyway, we are grateful to have you home daddy!!! The girls missed you! And so did I!

I think Sophie (the dog) was happiest to see her poppy!

The girls, warming up to sweet poppy!

Bahaha.... Abi was having a "im not going to smile" moment.

But Charlie Bean will smile for you!

Mia Bia.... she makes me melt.

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  1. We are glad that your dad made it home safe, and the girls are little dolls they are so cute Thanks for the post