Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ramblings of an exhausted mommy...

Oh being a mother to three beautiful girls is NEVER a dull moment. Lately, the girls are rioting their naps AND aren't wanting to watch their movie they get in the morning after breakfast and in the evening during baths. Let me just say, before the judgement begins on putting my kiddos in front on the tv.... they are educational videos and they only serve a function so that I have time to eat breakfast myself AND keep the other girls entertained while I bathe someone. Now that they are boycotting these two activities I have just about zero time for myself or for rest. I think its just a phase, well HOPE it is anyway. Charlotte now has 6 teeth! Four on bottom and two on top. AND you can see that a third top one is coming in very soon. Unbelievable. She is also by far my most mobile. She just pulls herself around the entire room. Also, strangely enough, she has been rejecting the foods Im giving her. Starts gagging and everything. I think its official.... I have toddlers. Or at least pre-toddlers. Good grief. Mia and Abi are starting to get just as mobile. Mia and Charlotte can both sit up on their own really well. Abi still just doesn't care enough. They are starting to really play and interact with one another and ME. Its just the sweetest time. I can't believe we have almost survived the first year!
Im so tired right now I don't even know half of what Im saying so I will just let you enjoy the photos. Videos to come and hopefully more coherent writing. HA!

Charlotte just laughs when you tickle her belly! The best sound ever.

I love these two photos. Sweet Abigail wearing daddy's hat and just beaming at him. Precious.

Again with the flash, I know. I so don't get my camera AT ALL. But I just love these two girls. Abi is on the left, Mia is on the right CHEEZIN' it big time!

So funny but everyone wants to crawl under this chair in the living room. Like it has hidden treasure under it or something. We have pulled every one of the girls out from under it several times. Pretty cute though.




And finally, I came in the nursery around 630 and found Abigail like this. I just laughed so hard. She is one funny chick.

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  1. From another mom of triplets - the first year is the hardest!!! It gets much easier and they have built in playmates (a huge blessing). I find that I don't remember a lot of that year and am so glad we took a lot of pictures and documented it - as you are doing. Lack of sleep and just the business of every day made me forget. But these are precious moments with your girls - enjoy them :-) My triplets will be turning 10 in August and I can't even fathom where the time has gone.