Monday, August 1, 2011

Before church... and "say hi"

Here are some photos of us getting the girls ready for church. I hoped the girls would be good since Jared was giving a talk in church (it was very good by the way) but I had my doubts because they took a very poor nap that morning. I was right. Abbi especially was very cranky, Mia was just having a hyper time and Charli was actually very good. But by the end of sacrament my arms were exhausted and my nerves were shot. I was ready to go home!

Mama Mia

Abbi (already in a good mood, cant you tell)

Charli wanting NOTHING to do with that headband.

Mia in her wonderful mood did NOT want her picture taken. HA!

Sleepy girls (who just woke up from their "nap")

Abbi, Charli, Mia (look at Abbi's and Mia's face. BAHA!)

Such pretty dresses.


Abbi and Mia (not happy girls.)

Mia gives me a look that promises to be a wonderful sacrament meeting.

But on to a sweeter note, Abigail has learned to say Hi! Very exciting. She just did it this morning. I quickly had to get it on camera cause these girls do things one day and never again. So here are two ADORABLE videos of my super smart baby girl Abbi!

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  1. how darling!! We're addicted to watching these precious precious girls! We love the "hi!!!" pitched so high!