Friday, December 9, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So our halls are decked and I wanted to document the decorations. Tehehe
Up first is our "downstairs" tree. My girls pretty much have the downstairs to roam free (except the kitchen of course) so putting a tree down there was out of the question. But I still wanted to feel Christmasy so we put a cheap table tree and decorated it. haha pretty tiny, but i love it.

Our stockings are hung!

Boughs of holly

Presents are wrapped. I always like to put something with the wrapping like a candy cane or cinnamon stick. This year I did a cute little ornament. You can't really see it in this picture. Sorry.
And the grand finale is the real tree. Its upstairs and it blocks Lisa's door, but hey we made it work. Its the only place really to put one and up here the girls cant get into it at all and they love waking up seeing it all lit up. Its so cute. They are a little scared to touch it but love to look at it. They do the sign for "tree" after they wake up EVERY time. So funny. And yes I get crazy every year making a ton of bows. So thats my handy work atop our tree. hehehe

These last few days my sweet Mia Bia took a vacation. Yes she is no longer with us. Instead, we have grumpy Mia. Not as much fun but I love her just as much. I honestly dont know whats going on with her. Anyway, she decided she wanted her "babies" in her tummy, so we squeezed 3 in there. It was hilarious and made me think (how did i get three babies in MY tummy?! Geez)

Here is the Mia I was talking about.... grumpy and for no reason.

Heres a video of Mia NOT smiling at all which is very UNlike her. But it was just so cute the way she was snuggled up to Lisa. Enjoy!

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  1. you are a brave soul! you are an inspiration to many. i have yet to put up a tree because i have ONE baby and don't want to deal with him destroying it! i know both kids would love it, and i really should do it... but i dont know. if you did it, i HAVE to do it. i have no excuses. thanks for that :)