Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mia Heart Sophie!


Mia has finally met Sophie. Even though Sophie was here long before Mia, she has just now realized Sophie is there. And its so cute. She laughs and stares at Sophie. The other girls stare but Abigail has just now started laughing at her and Charlotte still isn't sure if Sophie can be trusted. Sophie is so good with the girls though. She sits still so they can pet her and look at her and she doesn't try to bit or play rough with them. Im so impressed. She DOES try to lick them but I think Mia would also try to put Sophie in her mouth if she could. (She's in that stage where she wants to put everything in her mouth.)


Left: Mia Right: Abigail

Is is bad I still sometimes think "There are 3 babies on their tummies right now, and they are all mine....."? Cause I do. And I still freak out. I guess I will for the next 50+ years.

Church Time!

Charlotte is the only one who hasn't grown back her hair yet so she still has to wear the bands. And she hates them. HA! But she's so flippin cute!
Abigail looks mad in this picture but is really just working on her angry model pose! haha
Mia getting a little tummy time with Sophie before we head out.

So church is now always difficult to get to and from. We have ALL been going for a few weeks now but I leave with the girls after sacrament meeting. When we have my grandparents here it goes pretty smoothly. When we don't.... it doesn't. The girls are pretty good during the meeting but its in the middle of their naptime. Therefore, their sleep schedule gets thrown off a bit and they are a bit cranky by the time they get home. And Im exhausted.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 Photo of the Year!

Our girls WON! Thanks everyone who voted for our sweet girls! We won a FREE photo session and Im so happy! It got a little dicey after all the drama of the contest and I was ready to pull our girls out of the competition altogether. But Jared and Gwen (sister in law) rallied together and got a ton more votes. So then OF COURSE my competitive nature kicked in and I could NOT loose! haha

September 1 really put up a good fight but in all fairness you can't compete with TRIPLETS! haha No seriously, they have a precious looking baby and I wish them well. And I told Jared last night, if I hadn't known ANYone in the pictures I would have voted for March. Nothing is sweeter than a mother with her baby. *Thanks Amy for including our girls in your contest and I hope you won't let this particular contest keep you from doing it again in the future.*

Thanks again everyone! I will let you know when we get our photos done!

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte....

I got so frustrated with my Charlotte this morning. She is SO finicky with her bottles. Every feeding is such a struggle. She gets it all down until about the last 3 ounces of her bottle and then she wants to play. She laughs and talks and looks around. So you burp her and warm the bottle back up and practically hold her down.... (not really) and THEN she finishes, sometimes. Then we got the solid food. At first she will put it in her mouth and then blow her lips together so that it goes all over me... and her. She sticks her fingers in her mouth and by the end of it we are both covered in pears.

But after I wiped her up and changed my shirt she looked up at me and just gave me this huge ear to ear grin. It was precious. And I just laughed with her. Such a "Mom look at how cute I am" moment. Anyway, to say the least I got over my frustration. But I still dont understand why every feeding is a chore with her. I guess I should be grateful the other two aren't like that. In fact, they are the complete opposite. They actually cry when their food is all gone. haha its so cute.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Down Time

Just wanted to write real quick how great this night is going. I am laying in bed with my hunny watching Wipe Ou,t which we recorded on DVR. The girls are asleep and we are able to just RELAX. Life is so good. I love this show so much. I ALWAYS laugh my head off. Its such a cheesy show but those announcer guys are hilarious to me and I just laugh till I cry. Its great. Life is good.

Friday, January 14, 2011


For some reason this stubborn video took me FOREVER to upload. Anyway, it finally made it on here. Its Mia LOVING her jumperoo Aunt Ran got her for Christmas. SO CUTE!


On a few side notes, the girls ended up loving zucchini. All of them. Today I gave them sweet potato. Abigail and Mia loved it. They would giggle every time they got a spoon full. Charlotte however wasn't sure about the texture. Its a lot thicker than she's used to but she still ate it. So Im sure by the end of this week she will be lovin it to.

Also, I bought this really cute bath tub for the girls. Its a blow up tub that fits in the bathtub. It is so cute! I was SO excited to try the girls out it in..... so i did last night. And oh dear. As soon as I put Abigail in it she started crying. And it was a scared cry. So sad. So I had to get her outta there ASAP. Charlotte like it a lot better but I found out the tub is really for babies who can sit up really well. I thought they could lean back and relax but its just too scary for them. So it was a total bust. We are back to our infant bath tub. But I think I will start bathing them in that, in our tub. I used to do it on our kitchen table so its easier on my back but they have started splashing and kicking so much and making a HUGE mess EVERYWHERE! This way when they splash, its in the tub. haha

The grandparents will arrive today! YEAH! We are so excited. I need a shower! HA!

**Keep voting everyone, the girls are barely in first place right now! But voting doesn't end till January 24th. We can do it!!**

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please Vote!

I know this is super cheesy but PLEASE help my girls win! Its super easy!

Just go to this website

Then click on August 1 and hit VOTE

We are in 4th place so we need all the votes we can get! Please! We get a free photo session if we win! Love you all!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catching up on photos and videos

Snow Day! These are some pics from the snow we got at Christmas.

Above is my monkey of a nephew, Nicholas, trying to rip out our tree. And little Nathan exploring the snow!
Here's Natalie all bundled up ready to play!
Nick trying to make a snow angel.
Nathan wondering how deep is this snow! None of them had been in snow before so it was an extra special treat visiting Mimi at Christmas time.

Above is Abigail showing off her new trick. Since this was taken Mia loves to do it to. Charlotte just likes to talk by bursting out these loud screams every once in a while. Its pretty funny.

Here's Abigail talking to herself.... so adorable.

Lots going on with triplets!

Mia on the left in brown and Charlotte on the right in blue. Got to get our tummy time cranked up!
Abigail on the left in cream and Mia in brown. Roll over girls!! PLEASE!

This week was a big one for the girls! They turned 6 months old! I still cant believe it. SIX MONTHS OLD! Wow! They went to the doctor this week AND had their first experience with food.

We had Grandma Toone here this week to help us out with the girls and looks like she brought the snow all the way from Utah with her. Ha! We got a ton of it but we've enjoyed it, especially mom because she has gotten some freebie days from work off. The girls have so enjoy spending time with Grandma and we appreciate ALL her help! Looks like we gave her a cold this trip too. Sorry!

We went to the doctor on Friday and everyone is doing great. Abigail is my chunkiest at 17.11. Mia is right behind her (as always) at 17.6. And Charlotte is the most proportion at 17.1. They are in the 97th percentile for weight. haha Good eaters! For height they are in the 75th percentile so doing great there too. They checked out ok, everything looked great and got their 6 month shots as well. The only thing that is giving us concern at this point is the fact that they still are not rolling over at will. The doctor is suggesting physical therapy which he says is typical of premies. The thing is I know they COULD roll over if they wanted to. They just honestly don't have the motivation to. HA! When I work with them on the floor I start it off and they do the rest (90%) of the work. So if they would just initiate it, we would be okay. I will give them a few more weeks and then start worrying about it. They just need more floor time I think.

The doctor also gave us the go ahead to start real food this week! I am actually making my own baby food. I already made zucchini, squash, sweet potato, peas, apples and pears. I froze them so that I would be ready to go when I got the go ahead from the doc. (They stay good for 2 months in the freezer.) This has been so fun for me to do for my girls. My mom bought me this awesome baby food making kit for Christmas and I've just loved it. Its healthier than jarred food, tastes better AND MUCH CHEAPER! haha I can make it ahead of time and freeze it or refrigerate it. And it will be so much easier to get the girls to eat the foods Jared and I eat as I can just puree and grind up whatever we eat at the table for them when they get older. I really feel like this will help them eat healthier and not be such picky eaters. And will really push me to stay out of the fast food lanes as much as possible.

Anyway, I chose zucchini as our first experience. Its mild in flavor and fairly runny without adding milk to it. It was a little sketchy at first. They really didn't like the flavor initially. It set off the gag reflexes. But Mia and Charlotte ended up finishing all 2 ounces of it. Abigail only ate about half. The next day we tried it again but this time Charlotte and Mia seemed to really enjoy it. Abigail still isn't sure about it and is only eating about half. They get it again today and I think our next veggie will be squash since its so similar to zucchini, it will be an easier transition. So all in all, doing great so far. Now they are getting an 8 ounce bottle in the morning. 7 1/2 ounces at noon with the 2 ounces of veggies. 8 ounce bottle at 4. And 7 1/2 ounce bottle at night with rice cereal mixed with apple juice. We tried the baby oatmeal and it was NOT a good experience. So we went back to the rice cereal. They are growing up so dang fast!

Here are some pics and videos to enjoy!

Here is Abigail NOT enjoying her first taste of zucchini:

Here is Mia not sure about her zucchini:

And Charlotte gaging on zucchini:

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok so every new year people are always talking about their new years resolution..... I hate that phrase. Know why? Usually it coincides with their appearance. Lose weight, get in shape, ect ect. Gym memberships rise like 100% in January.... but heres the funny part: they decline like 70% in February. HA!

So anyway, I am going to call this my Personal Improvement Goal (P.I.G. if you will haha). It came to me watching a classic movie about a month ago: "It's a wonderful life." Most of you know how the movie goes. George Bailey wants nothing more than to leave pitiful Bedford Falls and see the world. He however falls short of that dream and gets married and has a bunch of kids. So of course mortgage, bills, debt ect get in the way of that dream. His guardian angel helps him see things from a different perspective and in the end, his friends and family show him love and charity people only dream about and he understands that his life is truly wonderful the way it is. Anyway, the part in the movie that set off a light bulb for me was in the very last scene. Clarence, the guardian angel, gives George a book and inscribes this message inside of it "No man is a failure who has friends."

That was it. How true is that statement. Anyone who has ever had a really bad day or even something super funny happen to them knows that a friend is the best person to tell about it. Life is more full with friends and family. Life has meaning, purpose. More than that, it is fun. It is reassuring. It is DO-able. So that is what I will try to improve on this year. My friendships. I have said so many times.... "I just don't have that best friend so many people have that I call and talk to once a week or trust to divulge certain problems in my life or just need to talk to when I need "girl time." I had a "woe is me" mentality. (Too be fair I had pretty rough grade school experiences with my "friends" so Im a little weary.) But to have best friends, you need to BE the best friend. Right?

I mean, haha nothing too creepy or anything. I promise I wont be calling my current friends in the middle of the night to talk about what I ate that day or anything like that! But I need to UP my role in friendships I have. The problem will be time. I have VERY little of it. With the girls constantly needing my attention and so many things that need to get done when they are asleep..... so I will have to get creative. But its worth it. I feel like a failure in this aspect of my life and my friends are important to me. They deserve to know and feel that by my actions.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birthday, New Years

So for my 26TH! birthday we (meaning my mom) decided we should all go out to dinner. Maranda and her family were still in town and her husband Geoff and I share the same birthday. So we loaded EVERYONE up and headed to a restaurant. It was a hibachi restaurant and it was really yummy. However, I had to hold a baby the whole time and so did Jared and so did my mom. They wouldn't stay in their car seats so by the end of the meal my back and shoulders were killing me! haha Then we came home and ate so super yummy ice cream cake my mom picked up. Its really not that bad going out with the girls as long as you have PLENTY of adults. And just like Christmas, it seemed much more exhausting this year than last so not as much fun. Theres just not time to say "ok, its my birthday, i think I will go to the mall and shop." or "I feel like singing super loud in my room and dancing like a crazy person." Theres always something to do baby related and it has to get done. Which is awesome but takes some adjusting and sacrifice. I cant wait until holidays and birthdays become more fun because the girls are old enough to enjoy it. That will be so much fun.

Same scenario for New Years. My mom, Jared and I watched a movie on PayPerView. Which took almost 3 1/2 hours after stopping the movie a million times to play with the girls, and feed them, and get them to sleep, ect ect. By 1130 I was EXHAUSTED.... but I made it! I made it to midnight and was asleep by 1205! hahaha So having the girls really changes things. But again, its not TOO overwhelming as long as you have enough people to RELIEVE the parents every once in a while. Which is why Im so grateful for all the help I have. There are just no words to explain how wonderful it is. Im so blessed.

Again, I am so far behind in posting I am forgetting all the details. Im just trying to get the bulk of it out so that my brain can TRY to remember the little things! haha

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our White Christmas in Alabama

Mamaw Peg and Papa Skip enjoying their Christmas presents.

I am so far behind in postings. Agh... I hate being behind because I forget so many details that make the blogs interesting. Since the New Year has rung its bells Jared and myself have had VERY little sleep. The girls have been battling colds and adjusting to new foods and have not thought it necessary to let us sleep. Very very....

I will start with Christmas in this blog and will continue with the rest later with other blogs. I am so tired so I hope this all makes sense. (haha I just typed "since" and realized it was the wrong type of sense... haha)

It was a white Christmas for us this year in Alabama. So exciting! We got a TON of it (for the south anyway). It was so beautiful. Maranda and her family came up to stay with us and it was such a treat for her kiddos because they have NEVER been in snow before! And her oldest is almost 9 years old. So they really enjoyed it. Christmas Eve wasn't a good night (no need to go into details) but Jared and I tried to salvage it by reading the Christmas story in our scriptures and then opening up each others presents. It was peaceful and sweet. Christmas Day was better. We had snow and food and gifts for all. Again, I don't remember the details very much but it was nice. We spoke to my dad in Afghanistan and Jared's parents over Skype.

The girls made out great! They got a lot of clothes (I cant believe my babies are already in 6-9 month!) They also got great books and toys from the grandparents. Their favorite present though seems to be the jumperoo that Aunt Ran gave them! They love it and take turns using it. I did pretty good myself. Jared bought me new sheets and an ice cream maker that attaches to my KitchenAid. I also got super cute cowboy boots and a watch. From the inlaws Jared and I got an awesome camera/recorder. So we all got great stuff this year. Christmas seemed to go super fast for me. With the girls being here this year it was much busier and harder to just relax and enjoy the season but was such a treat sharing our first Christmas as a family.

Heres a video of little Mia and another of our Christmas morning. More to come later. I wasn't able to take very many pictures on Christmas because well Im ALWAYS holding or close to a baby so it makes it very hard to do 400 things at once! haha