Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last one of the day... promise

All my girls in their overalls. They really do smile I promise. Its just that they hate the flash on my camera. White is Abigail. Yellow is Charlotte. And pink is Mia. I love my girls!!!


Abigail is in this phase where she just sticks out her tongue all the time. HA! Its really funny but in pictures makes her look a little.... slow. haha but she's NOT! She's super smart and gorgeous. She's just teething is all. HA!

Farmer Abigail
Before church
Mamaw Peg getting Abi lovin!


Farmer Charlotte
Is that not the most beautiful child you've ever seen!? Come on!! It TOTALLY is!
Before church
Charlotte sits up the best. She can play with toys and sit up at the same time. The other two can't really do that too well just yet.


Before church last Sunday
She loves her toes and can sit up so well!
Farmer Mia in her overalls. SO CUTE!
Ghetto Mia with the hoodie. She's chillin. (haha I don't do the ghetto lingo very well.)
Jared's idea of getting the spit up out of Mia's hair. No kidding. She was on the floor playing and when I looked down my child was sporting this hair do. I picked her up and said "Jared what is wrong with this baby's hair?" and he just looked at me and said "she spit up and it got in her hair so I got a wet wipe and wiped it out." Poor girl! I had to take a picture but I immediately brushed it afterwards! HA! Men....

Grandpa Toone's visit

Here are a few more pictures from when Grandpa Toone made his visit. These dresses are just precious. The Toones gave them to the girls' for Christmas and they just look like little princesses in them. Thanks guys!



Story time with Grandpa

We love our foods!

I wanted to give an update on the solid foods we've been eating. Being able to make the girls' food has been so great for me. I love it and I love that they love it.

We've had:

Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash
Yellow Squash

And they love them all. Except avocado and banana. Those were everyone's least favorite, which is weird cause they were the only two that didn't need to be cooked. So maybe that had something to do with it. Everything else they have loved. I have some green beans made up that they haven't tried yet and I'm debating on when to start the finger foods like cheerios and crackers. I can't believe they are almost 7 1/2 months old. Its going too quick!

Bomb Squad, I'm qualified!

I am so behind on my postings, I know. I just haven't had the motivation to get going again. I do have pictures to post and will get to that later.

Just wanted to share a quick thought about triplets.... The most stressful time of any day is when you have a baby crying and you are trying to get three babies to sleep. Now if I just had one baby crying it wouldn't be a big issue. I would soothe her and pat her and tell her "its ok, its just time to go to sleep" and then let her have a moment. But when you have two other children in the room trying to go to sleep and ANGRY about it, well then it becomes stressful. Because not only will they NOT go to sleep that way, but they join in on the crying.

Honestly, I compare it to being a member of the bomb squad. You have to be quick, precise and make CORRECT instant decisions. And if you get it wrong KABOOM! All explodes into chaos and destruction. No kidding. Charlotte is into this screaming phase. She doesn't cry; there are no tears. Its just sheer, ear shrieking, claws-down-a-chalkboard screaming. So that wakes up Abigail and Mia and then you have to start ALL over again.
This is definitely a two to three man job. Sometimes it only takes 10 minutes to get everyone down and asleep. Other nights, like last night, it takes an hour. And that, my friends, is the longest hour in the history of the world. It has to be.

Ok Im done ranting. HA! I will have joyful pictures as soon as I muster up the motivation to upload to my computer from the camera..... hopefully soon. For now, its rest time for the mother... thats me.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunday with Grandpa

We all went to church on Sunday and it wasn't too bad. We have Jared's dad here to help us with the girls and the girls are so glad to see him! I had to post this sweet picture and also brag about my Abigail. So during Sacrament meeting Abigail starts blurting out "Mamamamamama" hahahaha I was so Excited! People were turning around to look at us and just smile cause Abi was just a callin for her mama. It was priceless and precious! I was a beaming mama. GO ABIGAIL!

I go out walking.....

The weather was SO nice a few days ago, we HAD to take advantage of it and go for a walk. And who can go for a walk without their AWESOME pink sunglasses?! Not the triplets! hehe SO CUTE!

The pink ladies!
Abigail: "Lets do it again Mom!"
Charlotte: "Just chillin."
Mia: "You lookin at me?"