Monday, April 25, 2011


Here is a video of the girls' snack time!

And here is a really cute one of the girls playing with Mimi.

Hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Home Again...

I think most of you know that Jared left last Sunday for D.C. to sell pest control this summer. The plan was for me to join him in June after my sister's visit and stay up there for a little over a year and then open up our own business. He was gone only a day and a half and started talking about coming home. He missed his girls so much that he was just miserable where he was. I was also having a really rough time. I missed Jared so much but more than that, taking care of three babies without him was close to impossible. I had help here, true, but no one else can get or keep the girls asleep but me and him. And that is one of the most stressful parts of raising triplets (trying to keep one from waking up every one else.) Anyway, we were both miserable to say the least and thankfully Jared felt the right thing to do was to just come home. So Saturday morning he packed up and came home. I am so relieved that he is back.

At this point, we have a couple of different options on the table right now and we are trying to decide on the best one. We could go back up to virginia when we BOTH can go in June and continue on that plan. Or we have a new option that involves similar things but may just be the better thing for our family (more to come on that later). Either way we have both agreed that we wont separate again. Too hard on everyone. That's the latest on us right now. I'll let you know what we choose.

Happy Easter!

My sweet neighbor bought the girls these dresses a few months ago and I thought they would make the PERFECT Easter dresses. I was right! HA! Our church starts at 930 am which stinks cause the girls go down for their nap at 900 am. So since its during their nap, we weren't able to go for Easter Sunday. I am totally bummed about it, but not sure how to get around it. Anyway, I put them in their dresses anyway because Mimi bought them the cutest Easter baskets with their names on them and I HAD to take pictures outside! They aren't professional BY ANY MEANS but I think they turned out pretty cute... considering.

Abigail, Charlotte, Mia (in that order):




Tehehe the sun was really bright and Charlotte wasn't a fan of it!

**A side funny/scary story about Charlotte during our "photo shoot:" While Charlotte was waiting her turn to get her picture taken, she would fall down on her belly and stick her face in the grass. She was trying to eat it. Anyway, while we were doing our group shots she started sneezing and coughing a ton. I thought she was just reacting to allergies, ect. So I took her inside and sucked out her nose and since it was running so much I wiped it down with a kleenex. When I did that the tissue caught hold of a blade of grass (no kidding) 3 inches long and pulled it out of Charlotte's nose! She must have swallowed it and then sucked it up her nose somehow. It was crazy!! I kept the piece of grass too, but thats weird right? I prolly wont keep it but its a pretty funny reminder.

Best People Ever

My grandparents have driven all the way from Texas to Alabama every month for the last 8 months to help me with the girls. They usually stay on average 2 weeks at a time. Can you imagine being away from your home and comforts that long to help your grand-daughter take care of three babies?! I mean, these are the best people I know. They have the most generous hearts. My girls just light up around them, and for good reason. They know charity, the pure love of Christ, when they see it. I can NEVER fully express my gratitude to these two people for all that they have done for my family and my sanity. This will be their last trip on our behalf. I will be so sad not to have this house literally full of the family that I love so much. Thank you Mamaw Peg and Papaw Skip. I know you think the girls will never remember what you've done for them, but their mother will remind them about it for the rest of their lives. Thank you grandparents. Thank you.

Come an' get it...

My girls love their vittles. We have recently added "snack time" to our schedule. So usually between 230-300 they get to sit in their booster chairs and get some yummy snacks. It mostly consists of sippy cup of water, cheerios, Gerber puffs (sorta like cheerios but have a flavor like banana), and some kind of fruit like cut up grapes, frozen peach or blueberries, bananas, ect. They love it. And I love these booster chairs. A fellow triplet mom gave me this idea to buy these instead of bulky high chairs (that cost $100+). These only cost about $25 a piece and attach right to a dining room chair. Very convenient.

We have recently given the girls mango and cantaloupe as a new taste and of course they love it. I swear, they NEVER turn down food... ever. HA!

Charlotte, Abigail, Mia (in that order)


Mia Above

Charlotte Below

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 4

Had a great week this week as far as weight loss. I lost 2.2 pounds and am very happy with that! I have lost a total of 8 pounds in 4 weeks. That is 5% of my body weight. Very very exciting!

Total lost: 8 pounds
Remaining to loose: 20 pounds

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 3

Lost 1.4 pounds this week.
Total lost 5.8 pounds.

Gotta say I was still pretty bummed looking at that number today. I really was hoping to be going on a 2 pounds a week pace. But I am going to make a couple of changes this week that I think might help boost that up. Number one is I am going to incorporate more exercise. I do zumba a couple of times a week but i think i need to do more than that. Also, I bought a weight watchers calculator and I think that will really help me keep better track of my points.

This week my goal is to loose 2.2 pounds. That will put me at a very exciting goal: 5% of my body weight which is 8 pounds total. So wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 9th Month!

6 weeks old.

Couple of weeks ago.

Today my babies are 9 months old! I can NOT believe how fast time is going. They started out so tiny, so very tiny. And now they are seriously chunky monkeys. I have loved every single minute with these girls. I get to be a part of a miracle every day and I am truly honored to be their mother.

They have put me through the refiners' fire these past nine months. I want so much to be the best "me" for them. I have become a much more patient, loving, nuturing, organized, creative and resourceful person in just nine months. I'm not perfect, by any means, and its a constant battle for me. I just love them with all my being. Happy 9th month girls! Mommy loves you Charlie Bean, Mia Bia, & Abragail!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am selling my 3 infant car seats. They are practically brand new as I hardly ever took the girls out in them, just to church and the doctor. I have the boxes they came in. I am selling the for $130 a piece or $300 for all three. I originally bought them for $180 a piece so its a great deal. They are Chicco KeyFit 30. Orange and gray.

Jared is selling his jeep. It is a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport. It has a hard top. Brand new tires. Straight 6 engine. 5 spd. 2 inch lift with 32 inch tires. 121,900 miles. We are asking for $10,500. If anyone is interested let me know!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Where's Mia?

I went into the nursery to check on the girls one day and found Mia like this. She had scooted down and completely covered herself in her blanket. I had to take a pic of it cause it just made me laugh! Love these girls!!

These girls just make me smile inside...

I cant believe I haven't posted the most awesome thing thats happened. My dad came home last week! We tried to surprise my mom but she of course found out the day before he got home. (He used his debit card in DC and she saw it on her statement....) haha Either way, we are SO happy to have him home safe and sound! He may still be going to Iraq toward the end of April until December. But we haven't heard anything for sure on that yet.

The girls did well seeing poppy again for the first time. They didnt cry. They were very curious about his beard and played with it for a while. Ha! It was cute. They warmed up to him pretty quick. Good thing they got to see him on Skype while he was away. Anyway, we are grateful to have you home daddy!!! The girls missed you! And so did I!

I think Sophie (the dog) was happiest to see her poppy!

The girls, warming up to sweet poppy!

Bahaha.... Abi was having a "im not going to smile" moment.

But Charlie Bean will smile for you!

Mia Bia.... she makes me melt.

Love Conference Weekend

Yes I was able to watch all four sessions of conference this weekend. Even though we have triplets. We had to pause it several times to feed, ect but all in all it went great! It was an awesome conference and I still felt the spirit even though I had toys singing and girls crying.

Charlotte on our "conference fort"

We put the girls on my parents bed, because its huge, and made a little fort. They would play there while Jared and I watched conference on their tv.

Abigail just loved it when the choir came on to sing. She would stare at the tv. So adorable.

All our girls watching conference. They loved the music.

**An update to the previous side note. My sister in law had her baby April 2! Shes a precious little thing. Ashland Rae. 8 lbs 9 oz. Congratulations!!**

Week 2

Went to my meeting today. Lost 1.2 pounds. Not as thrilled about that number. I did everything the same as last week and lost only 1 pound? All well. A loss is a loss I guess. Hopefully next week will go better.
4.4 pounds down
24 more to go

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whats that smell?

We have completely weened Charlotte from her binkie. Mia and Abi had theirs gone by 6 months but Charlotte seemed to need it a little longer. However, its now gone and we are binkie free! Good times!

We also added asparagus to our diet. The girls tried it and of course loved it. HA! These girls will eat anything. The cookbook even said, "Try Asparagus alone first, but feel free to add a fruit if your child still wont eat it." Well didn't have to do that. They LOVE their fruits and veggies. Im a proud momma! However, their diapers have recently had an unbearable odor from the asparagus. For anyone who's eaten it before, you know it gives your urine...... a smell. And not a good one. The fumes coming off these wet diapers rival the poopy ones and for this reason, we will be giving asparagus out sparingly. Its pretty gross smelling.

And finally, Gwen is in the hospital right now in labor with her third baby and first daughter. We are very excited to see this little bundle and are praying for a safe arrival and recovery! Hang in there Gwen!! *Updates on this later!*