Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't you wish you were me...

Just another night putting the girls to sleep.... No. Honestly, they don't always act like this when I lay them down. They don't do this for their two naps during the day. Only at night. Tonight, however, they were cuttin' up pretty good. I must say though, within the next 5 minutes two of the three babies were asleep. Charlotte took another 45 minutes but she had a 10 minute cat nap around 430. So she wasn't as sleepy. Anyway, watch..... feel sorry for me..... (haha jk!)

Bad week for Abigail

Poor Abigail has had a rough week. First of all, both of her front two teeth are cutting through at the same time so she is very sensitive and sore. THEN, she bumped her head on the hard wood floor. I was letting all three girls stand up against the couch. Charlotte was leaning over so I grabbed her with both hands and as soon as I did that, BAM! Abi slipped through and her head hit the floor. I felt so sick about it all day. Poor baby cried SO hard! Agh I felt awful for her. THEN, during the morning feeding I saw bite marks on her arm. It was a perfect impression of TWO FRONT TEETH.... the only baby I have with both her front teeth is Charlotte. So.... not sure why Charli is biting her sisters but I will be doing some investigating. Poor Abi...

If you look closely you can see a red/blue mark on her temple...

Bite marks on her forearm....

Crazy Sleeper

Mia Bia likes the blankets over her head. She was like this at 700 am. No tellin how long she was like this... haha

Look at these chubby LEGS!!! HAHA

(Literally 3 minutes after I took this picture, Abigail fell to the left and landed head first on the hardwood floor. See "Bad week for Abigail" post.)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Movin' and Snarlin'

I told you I would get a video with Abi doing one of her cute things. Well, here you go! She loves to squish her nose up and just blow out. It is hilarious. See for yourself.

Here is another one of Abi making her face, but it also shows Charlotte doing her FREAKING hilarious crawl. She refuses to crawl like a normal baby. She crawls like she's an injured solider. You'll understand after you see it.


Somehow, someway Jared and my mom convinced me to load up my three kiddos and make a 2 hour drive to Chattanooga and visit the Tennessee Aquarium. Let me just emphasize what a home body I am and how much stress ANY excursion puts on me.... So again, Im not sure how it happened but it happened. Overall, the trip was a success. The girls loved seeing the fish and all the people everywhere. They were able to stay on their same eating schedule. The naps in the car didn't go as well as I hoped, and they were incredibly tired when we got home just in time for baths and bed, as was Mimi, Jared and I. But it was fun to take the kids out and let them experience something as cool as an aquarium. However, it was over 90 degrees. Incredibly crowded due to Memorial Day visitors. And I felt like a pack mule as almost everything I owned was in the back of our pick up truck. I was prepared for ANYTHING! I was tired, sweaty, sore, hungry, and ready to pass out anywhere. But I honestly dont regret going. The girls had a ton of fun and we were able to take a trip with Mimi before Jared leaves on Wednesday. It was a great memory. Thanks Mimi for talking me into it!

Here are pictures of our trip and a video! Enjoy!

Let's go mom!

Cutest little twins around!
Whoa! What is that?!
Charlotte thought the fish swimming around was the most awesome thing!

Family Photo

First Mia was out...

Then Abigail... So cute.

We wore them smooth out! (And they wore us out too!) = )

Charli the Sailor Girl

Charlotte has been making the silliest face lately. Whenever she is in the sun she squints up her eye and it is hilarious. She wont leave her sunglasses or a hat on so the poor girl just has to endure the sun. Well it makes for a funny picture anyway.
*As a side note, she has been making the same face indoors lately. So it now kind of has me worried that something is wrong with her eye. I'll be asking the doctor about it soon.*

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I want....

  • I want to wake up every morning to laughing babies, not crying ones.
  • I want to move into my own house, not a rented one.
  • I want to know exactly how to soothe my girls every time they throw a fit.
  • I want to feel, for at least 60 seconds, like I'm actually capable of taking care of three babies.
  • I want to get along with my husband every single day.
  • I want to not have to ever worry about anything and everything.
  • I want to be a culinary genius.
  • I want to never ever for one single moment begrudge my calling as a mother to triplets.
  • I want to have time enough to breathe in really deep and let it out. Then do it again.
Ok. Im done whining.

I got sunshine.

They love playing outside. We lay out a blanket and their toys and give them a snack and water. They just have a ball. Its the simple things.

Me and Mama Mia
I just have so much fun with these three. Today I was on the floor with them and they just launched themselves at me. They were pulling my hair and climbing over me. They interact with me and each other so well now. Its a blast. They mimic what I do and they pull at each other's shirts to get whatever design is on them. Its just priceless.

Well it happened. I knew it would one day. And its here.... today. Charlotte stood up. Thats right folks. She can now stand herself up in her crib. I was just getting used to them crawling around and now she's standing up. I can not believe how fast this goes by.

Monday, May 23, 2011

almost there

Just had to post very quickly that I lost 1.6 pounds this week! YEAH ME!! That means Ive lost just under 14 pounds!!! 16 pounds is my next goal, its 10% of my body weight. Then just a few more pounds to finish it off! Only 9 pounds total more to go! Sorry im just so excited Im getting so close to my goal weight!!!!

As a side note, can I just say this is what I looked like this time last year?! Very pregnant with triplets and only a little over a month till delivery. Now I have 10 month old triplets. Good grief. Time completely changes with a year.


Last night Jared and I watched a program on the discovery channel that was all about the tornados that swept through the south in April. I was brought to tears a few times just thinking about how close we came to having our lives completely destroyed. We actually had an F5 tornado behind our house. The meteorologists actually call that the finger of God. There was a story about a woman who was home alone and her three children were taking their afternoon nap. Her house was literally picked up and swirled around and dropped off a block away from its origins. Miraculously, she and her children were still alive.

It made me think about the awful feeling I had in my gut when Jared drove off to DC not two weeks before the tornados hit. It felt so wrong and I was just so depressed when he left. He was having the same feelings and decided to come home just a week after being there. He came back on a Sunday. The tornados came on Wednesday. Heavenly Father watches out for His children. There is no other reason to explain it. I was just so humbled watching this program thinking about how we had literally been spared. So very grateful for prayer and for the power of the priesthood. If an experience like that doesn't prove God exists.... nothing will.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweet girls

Charlotte has learned to sit up in her crib. Its so sweet and yet frightening. Another thing to worry about... her falling out of the crib. She is also chewing all over her crib. Looks like a rat got a hold of it. HA!

Charlotte is also the best crawler of the bunch. She is so very mobile.

Mia is doing the cutest thing lately. She will ball her fists up and just grunt. She loves it when you do it back to her and it becomes the funniest game. This is Mimi doing it with her.

I have to get Abi doing her cute stuff on video too. That is my goal this week. HA! I seem to always have Charli and Mia on camera, but not Abi. Poor girl.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ramblings of an exhausted mommy...

Oh being a mother to three beautiful girls is NEVER a dull moment. Lately, the girls are rioting their naps AND aren't wanting to watch their movie they get in the morning after breakfast and in the evening during baths. Let me just say, before the judgement begins on putting my kiddos in front on the tv.... they are educational videos and they only serve a function so that I have time to eat breakfast myself AND keep the other girls entertained while I bathe someone. Now that they are boycotting these two activities I have just about zero time for myself or for rest. I think its just a phase, well HOPE it is anyway. Charlotte now has 6 teeth! Four on bottom and two on top. AND you can see that a third top one is coming in very soon. Unbelievable. She is also by far my most mobile. She just pulls herself around the entire room. Also, strangely enough, she has been rejecting the foods Im giving her. Starts gagging and everything. I think its official.... I have toddlers. Or at least pre-toddlers. Good grief. Mia and Abi are starting to get just as mobile. Mia and Charlotte can both sit up on their own really well. Abi still just doesn't care enough. They are starting to really play and interact with one another and ME. Its just the sweetest time. I can't believe we have almost survived the first year!
Im so tired right now I don't even know half of what Im saying so I will just let you enjoy the photos. Videos to come and hopefully more coherent writing. HA!

Charlotte just laughs when you tickle her belly! The best sound ever.

I love these two photos. Sweet Abigail wearing daddy's hat and just beaming at him. Precious.

Again with the flash, I know. I so don't get my camera AT ALL. But I just love these two girls. Abi is on the left, Mia is on the right CHEEZIN' it big time!

So funny but everyone wants to crawl under this chair in the living room. Like it has hidden treasure under it or something. We have pulled every one of the girls out from under it several times. Pretty cute though.




And finally, I came in the nursery around 630 and found Abigail like this. I just laughed so hard. She is one funny chick.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vid-De-Os!! tehehe

**Warning! Excessively ADORABLE girls following!**

Week something or other...

Not sure what week im on and Im too lazy to look! haha I missed last weeks' weigh in due to the near death experience of the tornado and all. But I went today thinking I had gained for sure. I mentioned we scarfed down everything in our fridge and freezers to save what food we could and we ate out a ton because we didnt have electricity for 8 days. So I was expecting the worst.
HOWEVER! I lost 2 pounds!!! WHOA!!! I couldnt believe it! WHEW!

So Ive lost 11 1/2 pounds so far. 11 more to go! Half way there! Im TOO excited!

More beautiful girls.

I know this pic of Abi is really bright cause of my flash but look how happy that baby is! I just love this picture. I must be doing something right.... haha

Ms. Mia Bia showin off her two teefers!

Charli was dancing and banging her hands on the tray for more food. She was being very silly at snack time today.

My girlies playing together. Notice Charlotte in the back in the crawling position. She's SO ready to get moving! She's almost there!

Beautiful girls!!

Sleepy girls! We put Abi in Mia's crib that morning to play. Mia wasn't sure she liked it. HA
Abi-left Mia-right.

Mia is trying to crawl in her crib. They are all SO close! She has the craziest morning hair too by the way. HA!

Charlotte getting Poppy lovin.

Abi is really into fish faces these days. We read "Brown Bear" to the girls a lot and make a fish face when reading about the goldfish. Abi just loves it! She is pretty much always making the fish face! haha

So much to catch up on

A lot has happened in the past week or two. Let me catch you up.

My dad left on Sunday for Iraq. He will be gone until September or possibly as long as December. It was so sad to say goodbye to him yet again.... Sophie is seriously in depression. She mopes around all day and just sleeps. So sad.

Also, the girls are getting so much more mobile. They "crawl" all over the place. Charlotte even has 4 teeth now. Two top and two bottom. And Abigail has one of her top ones coming in. They are just getting too big so fast!

And finally, the big news, our family is on the road again. This time, we are heading to Houston! Jared was offered a great job from our amazing friends as a branch manager for Stampede Pest Control. Good things: Im only 3 hours from my sister! Jared gets to do what he's been wanting to do! In 2-3 years we HOPEFULLY will be able to transfer to San Antonio and buy a house! I will be back in Texas! Bad things: we have to leave our home here in Alabama with my parents. We have to move EVERYTHING and three babies 13 hours away. Jared will be working full time and he won't be able to help very much at all with the girls anymore. So Im scared. I so wish Jared would've been able to find a job here in Alabama. That for sure would have been my first choice. But something about moving to DC just didn't feel right to me. Houston feels much better. We both agreed it was just the better situation for our family at this time. I hope all goes well with this new adventure. Im trying to find a place to live right now and then we will be on the move. Im thinking about 2-3 weeks we will be in Houston. SCARY!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One week and counting.

At exactly 1130 this morning it will be one week without power here in Alabama. The first couple of days we didn't have ANYTHING! Now that we have a generator we have most stuff. Except we don't have heat or AC, the use of the oven or microwave and our dryer. So we can't wash clothes, cause we can't dry them. And we are cooking everything on the grill, which is actually very tasty (and healthy).

Monday was super hot. In the 80s and muggy cause it was getting ready to rain (you southerns know what Im talking about). And without AC it was INCREDIBLY miserable! Yesterday and last night it was freezing cold. In the 40s. So now I have jackets on the girls and in my sweats. Crazy. The news said last night that 95% of residents will have power by this morning. The other 5% won't because they were the closest to the tornado damage.... guess what percentage I fall under.... Yep! That 5%. Hopefully it wont be too much longer. Im running out of clothes.

Also, unrelated, my girls' pictures are finally ready from their 9 month photo session. Just go to this link www.amybostonphotography.photoreflect.com and click on Ashlee Toone at the top.

Monday, May 2, 2011


In the midst of the storms down here, we are all celebrating the death of this awful man. Usama Bin Laden is DEAD! HOORAY! Its a historical day and a wonderful omen to the progress we are making on the war on terror. He masterminded the September 11th attacks and was the most wanted man in America. And we finally got him. Great day for America!!! Hooo Raaa Seals!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


*If you click on the pic, you can enlarge it.*

Entire homes, gone. Our road, Capshaw, was hit the worst in this county. If you leave to go to the store or anything, when you come back you have to show your drivers' license that you actually live on this street to a policeman. They are guarding the entrances so that spectators can't look around and hinder the clean up crew. Its insane.
Why we wont be getting power back anytime soon. This is everywhere.
Funnel clouds.
This sight will seriously put the fear in you.
Our tree line today. About half of it is gone.
Our neighbors. You can see the trees that blocked the street all the way up.
So many trees down. You can see that they are still leaning in one direction. Toward the tornado.
This guy got a tree into the back of his house. Luckily, no one was hurt and its still livable conditions.

The Day of the Tornados...

You have all seen the news by now and know about the insane bout of tornados Alabama experienced on Wednesday. This is what happened at our home (its a long one).

We knew we would get some pretty good storms that day and possibly a tornado. The weather was windy and dark from the start. Around 11 am I thought I better put the bottles on to warm in case the electricity goes out. We carried the girls outside to see the crazy weather rolling in and play with Sophie a bit. They loved the wind blowing. It was fun. We went back inside because we could see the lightening over the trees. I was playing with the girls on the floor and Jared went back outside to take pictures. At 1130 I could hear..... nothing..... silence. But the coloring was off. Green. I had seen it before. And lightening was everywhere. I told Jared to get back in the house. From the window we watched. Then, you could see it. You could see the black spot behind the trees. Jared said, I think we need to get into the hallway. Then you could hear it, the hail, mother natures last warning that a tornado is eminent. I said, yep its here. Jared grabbed two babies. I grabbed the other and sophie and ran into our hallway. Lights went out. Sophie was freaking out but the girls were more confused than anything. You knew exactly when it was here. The pressure in the air changed. Even though every window was shut and the doors were closed, wind came gushing under the doorway. It was cold. The hail sounded like a hundred men with nail guns on our roof. The wind noise was like being surrounded by those huge fans you hear in gyms. I started questioning if we picked the safest place in the house. Jared must have too cause he suggested we run to the half bath in my parents hallway. I agreed and we picked up our most precious possessions and made a run for it. Closed the door and played patty cake with the girls......... It was over.

It was almost exhilarating. Jared's first tornado. Gives you an adrenaline rush. Then we looked outside. Our patio furniture (heavy iron) knocked over. Trees completely uprooted. People's random things in our yard. And that was just 1130 am.

Electricity still out. My parents came home at 400 pm. It had been raining on and off. Mom says, its no where near over. She was right. You could hear the tornado sirens going off at different times throughout the day. Turns out those were all tornados near the area. Dad and Jared were outside surveying the sky and boiling water to warm the bottles on the grill. Mom and I were grumbling about how we would probably miss American Idol tonight. The sirens go off again. You could see it. You could hear it. Another one was here. We grabbed the girls, blankets, pillows, and put on our shoes (always put your shoes on, you could be walking on glass when its over.) All 8 of us (sophie included) huddled into the tiny half bath. Dad said, if the roof goes put the girls on the floor and huddle over them. It was the first time I have ever seriously panicked about having three babies and only one of me. I didn't have enough arms to hold onto them. Luckily, this one didn't sound as bad as the first. But the damage was clear. More trees gone. Shingles from roofs falling from the sky. Telephone lines down. And that was only the second one.

We barely got our bearings from the second one when the radio (battery operated) was telling about yet another one heading toward Limestone County. This one was two little cells that formed into a "supercell." It will be a big one. 600 pm. We saw this one forming. From a very short distance you could see debris whirling around in mid air. Huge, heavy things that looked like bits of roof and walls. Dad came running inside saying Its here! Again to the bathroom. This one was the worst. Our home withstood the insane punishment. I held my baby tight and prayed.... It was over. This one landed less than 1/2 a mile from our home. The tree line was cut in half. Entire subdivisions and neighborhoods disappeared. Trees on top of neighbors' roofs. There were no words.

The tornados were gone; it was completely black. The stars were out so bright that night though. You could hear chainsaws everywhere. People trying to claim back what was left of their home. Ambulance sirens. Police sirens. The mass devastation was palpable. The next day we were able to survey our own damage to our home.... Nothing. Not one shingle was missing. >Humbled Silence< Not one window was broken. It was a miracle. Nothing short of a miracle. Just a block from our home was an entire neighborhood that no longer exists. Its just gone. Alabama lost over 250 people that day. Looking around at entire homes that vanished, its obvious that if the last tornado had shifted its tracks even the tiniest bit, that humble little bathroom we hunkered in wouldn't have had a prayer. My family was protected that day. My home was too. We still don't have power. But thanks to our amazing family in Georgia we were able to get a hold of a generator (yes we had to go to Georgia to get one. There are none left in Alabama or Tennessee). So we have hot water, lights, even tv if you can believe it. But just look out the window and you can see my neighbors still trying to literally find and pick up their lives. Its truly humbling.

If you get NOTHING ELSE from this post! Please! please! please! get prepared! Start getting your food storage. Start stocking up on things like toilet paper, paper towels, water, propane ovens, ect ect. Because you cant get your hands on those things when the devastation hits. I promise you that. It will happen again. To someone. Be prepared. Get prepared!