Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Photos/Commentary

I found Charlotte doing the cutest thing. She was collecting all the orange shapes and putting them in her stroller. I dont know why I thought this was just the most precious thing ever. She would pick one up, place it in the seat and walk/push the stroller a little ways until she saw another shape. I just had to take a picture of it.
All her treasures she wanted to push around the living room. So adorable!

Mia likes to crawl under the jumperoo. I think it feels like a tent to her. She got so tickled when I took her picture.

These girls are so freaking cute. This is them watching one of their videos. They get so involved. Precious.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I just had to post about the AMAZING day the girls, Lisa and I have had! The last 48 hours have been so fantastic. They slept so great last night. I laid them down at 7 and didn't have to go in there all night long. They woke up at 715 happy baby girls. Charlotte and Abbi have been waking up around 530 or 6 every morning lately so that was such treat for Jared and myself. And then today! My goodness. They had such wonderful naps (yes we went back to two naps a day). They slept from 10-1145 this morning! And I didn't have to go in the nursery once! (usually Im in there rocking someone back to sleep from 1030 until everyone else wakes up.) And then again at 220 until about 4. And I didn't have to go in there once. Amazing. I cant remember the last time they did so well. And because they were so well rested they were just happy energetic babies. Such a treat. OH MY GOODNESS! I just LOVE these girls so much. I could just eat them up. I got lots of kisses and snuggles today. My life is so very blessed with beautiful perfect angels.

Also, I started putting whole milk in their bottles yesterday. Well 3 ounces each of that and formula. The girls don't even seem to have noticed. HA! So thats good.

And finally I have to share this video and two pictures. The pictures are of Mia and her crazy funny hair. Its getting so long lately that is just flips out. Anyone seen "That Girl"? Its totally what it reminds me of. So cute. And the video is of Abbi. Lisa and I had music playing on the tv during playtime and Abbi stood up in front and started dancing. It was hilarious. Luckily I got a sneak peak on video. ENJOY!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Videos for your viewing pleasure

Here the girls are enjoying playtime in the bath. A great way to keep them happy during those witching evening hours when my girls can sometimes be..... cranky. HA!

Here are Mia and Charlotte playing. Charlotte was in the jumper and decided she was tired of just going up and down. So, she started turning in circles. It was hilarious. And she got very dizzy. HA! And Mia was jealous of the attention I was giving Charli and tried to steal my camera. Diva...

And since Abbi didn't want to be apart of the other video, I gave her one of her very own. The girls want to walk so bad and love it when you help them walk around the room. Here's Abbi getting some help from Aunt Lisa.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I hadn't been to a Weight Watchers meeting for 4 weeks with moving and everything. But I went today and got GREAT news!!

Current weight 145.6!!!!!
Total lost 22.8 pounds!!!!

Im so excited! I did it! I got down to my wedding weight. Very exciting. I want to stay in the 140-145 pound range. Im totally happy with that! YEAH!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shoes and head bumps

Mimi got the girls shoes for their birthday. So for church on Sunday I thought it would be cute if we let the girls try them out. Our first pair of shoes!

Charlotte was very apprehensive.

As you can see, Abbi immediately took off one and started working on the other. Needless to say, by the time we got to the church parking lot, the shoes were history. By sacrament, no one had any on. ha! Maybe next time.

Our sweet Charlotte took a tumble the other day. She fell head first right on the corner of our new entertainment center. It was awful! The worst bump or bruise any of the girls' have gotten yet. She cried so hard and loud. Broke our hearts! So sad.

Here's a side angel. It raised up pretty big.

My poor baby. I will be purchasing edge protectors this week! This will NOT be happening again.

This is the bump a couple of hours later. The swelling went down and it didn't look near as gruesome.

She still has that red mark but it looks much better.

Nap time

HELP! I have been trying to adjust the girls' naps. They usually get a nap around 1000 am and then again around 200 pm. Both around an hour in length. However, I felt like it was time to condense it down to one nap. Honestly, nap time is the most stressful time of the day (ironically). I cant get too busy doing something because if someone starts crying then I have to be close so that EVERYONE doesnt wake up. And if they do, then I have to get someone to help and then its just hectic.
Anyway, so ive been trying to get one 2 hour nap around 1130 (because thats as long as the girls can make it. They are SO tired by then.) But it has NOT been working out. They wake up about an hour into it and are MAD about it. They are cranky from 930 until I lay them down and then when they wake up and then again in the evening. Man, it has just been a nightmare! Please help! Any suggestions!? Tips?! (Besides to stop complaining and count my blessings.) I think I may just be done with trying to get one nap out of them. Its worse than it was before.....

Friday, July 8, 2011

For Poppy

And I just had to add this picture of Charlotte because its hilarious. TEHEHE

Then and Now

I've been working on this post for a little while now. I still can't believe my baby girls are one year old already. They are officially toddlers. It went by so very fast. When Jared and I made the decision to start having children we never dreamed about what we could possibly be in for. When the ultrasound tech told me she saw two babies, I was hit with a flood of fear and anxiety. When she told me 3 seconds later that she saw three babies, I just put my hands to my face and sobbed. I went from being nervous about having 1, to terrified about having 2, to completely overwhelmed and "soaked to the bone" with true fear in every sense of the word about having 3. But with the help of the amazing family and friends that we have been blessed with, we made it to year one. And we now have 3 beautiful, perfect, healthy, adorable little angels that have just consumed our world and our hearts.

At 6 weeks old:




This past year has been such a busy one for me. Learning to be a mother takes patience, practice and time. Learning to be a mother to three babies takes patience, a miracle, practice, and a lot of support and help. Thankfully, I've been blessed with all these things. The girls have developed so much physically and personality wise this year. Its been amazing to watch. Here are some of the highlights.

9 months old

My ham. She is definitely the youngest child, if only by 15 seconds. She has always been a pretty good baby. Her personality now though is just precious. She loves attention. If she wants a toy, she grabs it, even if her sister has it. If she wants in my lap, she crawls in, even if her sister's already there. Her smile is radiant. Her laugh is infectious. She was the second one of the girls to crawl and learn to stand. She has always had the longest hair. She loves to watch her DVDs the most. She giggles and squeals every time the beginning starts. As of now, she's the best napper. She has 5 teeth. She loves her sippy cup. I can always make her smile. She has the most beautiful pictures because she just loves smiling. She loves her sisters. She will chase Abigail around and they will be just laughing. And when Charlotte is standing solo against the couch, Mia will crawl up to her and stand up beside her. Kinda like saying "Hey whats up sis?" She gives the best hugs and snuggles. She can squeeze your neck so tight, it just melts every inch of me. And she just LOVES it when I saw "mama mama MIA!"

My sweetheart. Abigail started out being the biggest handful. There were times I just couldn't handle all the screaming and fit throwing she could dish up. That all seems like a completely different child now. My Abbi now is precious. She is patient. She LOVES to eat. She gets so excited when we put her in her booster chair for snack time. But then when there's just two people at feeding time, she will wait until Charlotte and Mia have had their cereal before she gets hers without complaint. Precious. She loves kisses and hugs. She actually minds me when I say "No." She loves to squish up her nose and snort. Hilarious. She has 4 teeth. She was the last to crawl and stand but now does both perfectly. She is so laid back that she's just happy all the time. She loves to learn. She will point to things and I will tell her what it is and she will watch my mouth so intently. She soaks everything up. She's not the best napper but I think its because she just loves to snuggle. She will stay so perfectly still when I rock her but as soon as I get up, her head pops up like "Wait mom!" Ha!

My adventurer. Charlotte has always been so independent. When she was a newborn she was such an easy baby. Never cried, just slept and ate. Angel. Her temperament has done a 180 since birth but she is still very independent. She struggles with finishing her bottle, sleeping and teething. She doesn't want you to help her when she stands. She doesn't have any trouble entertaining herself. In fact, sometimes I have to encourage her to join in playing with me and the other two girls. She isn't a fan of all the kisses I like to take from her. She doesn't like to snuggle either unless she is sleepy or doesn't feel well. She certainly doesn't obey yet. I will say "No Charlotte" and she will look at me and smile that sweet innocent smile, then turn around and continue on exactly what she was doing that I just forbade. Turkey. But she sure does love her mama. She loves to play "Patty Cake." She was the first to crawl and stand. She has 9 teeth. She is so brave, I swear this girl is afraid of nothing. She loves to dance. I will chant "Go Charli, Go Charli" and she will throw her hands up and move those hips. Hilarious!

I dont know why I got so blessed. I know I certainly don't deserve it. Even now when I think about them, my heart and eyes swell up. Im so in love with these girls. My life will never have more purpose or meaning than it does right now. I thank God for the three precious miracles He has loaned me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So here are the Birthday posts! I did a ton of them so its best to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.

**Also, as a side note, if you enjoy adorable photos of my girls you should check out my sister in law, Lisa's, blog. She is keeping one going while she is living here and takes great shots of the girls. She's the best. **

Last of pictures

Opening presents!

Enjoying the new toys with cousin Natalie

Abigail enjoying her new doll with Aunt Lisa

I seriously was so excited to find this book. Natalie LOVED it when she was a baby and now my girls will too!

Charlotte checking out what's going on.

Charlotte preferred to chew on the toy boxes to playing with the actual toy...

Love our new toys! Thank you everyone!

Finishing up the night in our new pajamas watching our new dvd! Perfect day!!

Cupcake time!

Abigail started out timid and slow. However, she quickly became a mess. And everything around her.

Charlotte took a huge bite at first and got a lot of icing. She wasn't sure what it was after that. But then she got to the cake and got messy!

Mia LOVED her cupcake. She was the first to really dig in and enjoyed every second!

Birthday pictures

The cousins. (Left to Right) Nick and Mia, Natalie and Charlotte, Nathan and Abigail.

Abigail LOVED seeing her cousins. She wasn't shy AT ALL. She crawled right up to Nathan and went in for a kiss. Ha!

Super yummy chocolate cupcakes.

All the girls' loot!

Presents and balloons!

My cousin, Lisa, told me how to make this "birthday wreath." I just love how it turned out!

Table decor

Birthday Videos

Mimi and birthdays

Mimi came to visit! I was telling the girls all day "Mimi's coming! Mimi's coming!" They were SO excited when they saw her too! They recognized her and just got all excited. Just precious. She flew in on the 30th and left today (5th). We all had a blast with her here. I was so sad when she left....

Also, the girls had their 1st birthday party!! We decided to do it on the 4th since Jared was off work the whole day and it was only 2 days before their actual birthday, which is really tomorrow. It was a such fun day! We had a pink/green/white color scheme. Very pretty. My mom bought the girls super yummy chocolate cupcakes from an amazing bakery in town for their birthday cake. My sister and her whole family drove up from Austin so we had a house full. Mimi, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Ran, Uncle Geoff, Natalie, Nathan, Nicholas, and our family. I just LOVED having my family there. (We so missed you poppy! and the Toones of course).

We started our party off with cupcakes first. HA! The girls usually get a snack after they wake up from their morning nap at 1130. So we decided to let the cupcakes be their snack. It was hilarious! After we sang Happy Birthday and blew out their candles we let them just dig in. They were all timid at first but when they realized how yummy it was... whoa! Chocolate was EVERYWHERE... literally. Im still finding chocolate in random places. So it was off to the tub AS SOON AS they were done eating. It quickly became a chocolate bath. We cleaned everything up (babies included) and ate some grilled burgers and hot links. Then it was present time! The girls got some seriously great loot. Aunt Ran got them an awesome blow up panda that is like a punching bag, seriously a ton of fun. Also she got a pop up thingy (hard to explain) and a jack in the box. Mimi got the girls SUPER cute clothes including pjs, their first pair of sandals, a book each, a dvd each, AND the DVD player that saved our lives on the trip up here. Grandma and Grandpa Toone got the girls a baby doll, a toy cell phone, a toy old fashioned phone that you drag and money. Mommy and daddy got the girls 2 more baby dolls and a book called " Head to Toe". LOVE THAT BOOK!

After presents it was time for a nap. The rest of us played games and watched movies until they woke up and then played with the birthday girls and their new toys. It was a perfect day. The girls so enjoyed seeing their cousins. It was a great memory. It was sadder than I thought it would be to "let" them turn one. I can't believe we survived and surpassed their first year. It went by so fast. Im so blessed. The pictures are next!