Monday, August 22, 2011

Mia Bia

Mia does the cutest thing lately. We have a family picture hanging on the wall and she LOVES to look at it. When I ask her "Wheres a picture of your family?" She just LAUGHS and looks up at it. I got it on video a little bit. She doesn't laugh quite as hard here in this video, but you can see how much she lights up. What an angel.


My favorite picture of Abbi, maybe of anyone. She's looking up at her daddy. It was a precious moment.

Charli don't eat the ball... tehehe

Charlotte in pigtails.

Abbi in pigtails.

Mia in pigtails.

Mommy and her girls before church. Mia, Abbi, Charli

Charli Bean

No smile Mia?!

Abbi, my sweet angel.

The girls watching Music and the Spoken Word. How sweet?!

Aunt Ran's 30th Birthday

So on her way to Galveston for her cruise my sister was able to stop by for a couple of hours. So i decided to throw her a quick impromptu surprise party. I got her a "Old Woman Starter Kit" complete with Poise pads, Ben Gay, Polygrip, ect. I also got her a REAL present.... gift card to Barnes and Noble since she's a book-aholic. It was nice for the girls to see their Aunt Ran again. Happy Birthday big Sis! 3-0 isnt TOO old... tehehe

Ran with Mia

Ran with Abbi

Ran with Charli

Opening presents

Peanut Butter Cupcake, HER FAV!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mimis visit

We love our Mimi and are so excited that she's coming back in two weeks WITH the POPPY!!

Mimi, Mia Abigail Charlotte
Come on Abbi you can do it!
Loving on sweet Abbi
Get her girls! Dont let her leave! tehehe

Trying to get caught up

I have been so busy lately. The girls had a pretty crazy reaction to the MMRV shots they got. We had fever and red dotted rash and very cranky sick girls. Also, I gave a talk in church today and so I was preparing for that during my free time. Also, my mom came into town for a few days! It was so awesome. I so love being with my family. I just hated her not staying longer (or forever!) ha. Plus, my sister dropped by for a couple of hours yesterday on her way to Galveston to set sail on a cruise (jealous... yes!). Also, my anniversary is coming up on Friday AND my mother in law is coming for a visit on Tuesday so lots to still do. Anyway, thats whats been going on and why i have neglected my blog this week.
I do have lots of pictures to post so that should make up for it.

Looking for her belly button
Cool clapping photo


Aunt Lisa and Mia
Plaid girls Charlotte, Mia, Abigail

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cuteness that couldn't wait

I took these videos today and after watching them I had to post them tonight instead of waiting. I am so in love with these girls, its ridiculous. I just eat them up everyday and I soak up every moment I can. I love, love, love these girls. I know ten years from now I will watch these videos and just cry missing my chunky babies who would crawl around and chase each other, and throw food on the floor (after I've mopped for the 2nd time that day), and who would give me the most excited look when they see me. My heart just physically jumps. Im so in love. Here are two videos to show you the preciousness I get to be around all day everyday.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh my heck

I am EXHAUSTED! Oh my goodness... Im not sleepy I just feel like I've ran a marathon. Let me explain.

Today is the first day we went without bottles. I was so excited/nervous and a little sad surprisingly. I got up this morning and made the girls yummy oatmeal (the real kind, not the instant) with a pear puree and scrambled eggs and sippy cups of milk. They loved it. Eggs all over the floor and chairs. Then for lunch we had ham, cheese, bread, banana, gerber puffs, more sippy cups of milk and water. Ham everywhere. Spilt milk on the floor. Then for dinner I made a rookie mistake. I made pasta and coated them in marinara sauce and sprinkled with cheese. Sounds yummy right? MARINARA SAUCE EVERYWHERE... pasta everywhere. They wouldn't even eat the pasta, just suck off the sauce and throw the noodles. So I made a grilled cheese (cause sauce WASNT going to fill them up.) Charli doesn't like grilled cheese and that went everywhere. So thats 3 times I was cleaning up the girls, the kitchen, the floors. Three mop times. Three sweep ups. Three booster chairs to clean up three times. Oh my heck. Is this what it will be like everyday?! Cause if so I WILL TAKE THE BOTTLES PLEASE! I've been cleaning all day it seems and it stinks!

But the girls did ok with it really. Before bed I gave them some rice cereal with a 3 ounce bottle to make sure they were full and Abigail had a hard time understanding where the rest of her milk was. She was pretty upset there wasn't more. But hopefully she will adjust soon. Anyway Day 1 of Operation no bottles went well.... but i'm seriously considering hiring a maid.... Not really but wouldn't that be HEAVEN!

Videos to Enjoy. The girls were very happy today.


Mia Left. Abigail Right.

Charli, Mia, Abigail

These girls LOVE their daddy. I love that they love their daddy. He is a wonderful father and loves to read to them and sing to them. Its such a joy and blessing to have and watch their relationships. Here are some precious photos I took just the other day of them loving on their daddy and listening to his story.

Yeah for Grandparents!

Mamaw Peg and Papa Skip came to visit us this weekend. We LOVED it! They stayed at a hotel but came during the day and played with the girls. They love our girls so much and they warmed up to the grandparents quick. They love visitors, especially ones that give them so much love and kisses and attention. Thank you grandparents for making the long drive to see our babies! We love you soooo much.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

12 month check ups

We took the girls to the doctor today. The poor girlies had to get 4 shots a piece AND have their thumb pricked for a blood test. Agh! Check ups are the worst. Absolute worst! I asked every nurse that came in if it was possible to put those needles in mommy's arm and spare my poor babies... turns out, can't happen. I tell you what, if it wasn't for a darn good reason (like my kid NOT getting mumps or rubella) then I would NOT be getting those shots. But since it is, we went.

First time meeting our new pediatrician and I really like her. She's super nice, smart and a cute little lady. I asked her about Charli's eye. She said we will just watch it. There's not much else we can do right now since the MRI came back normal. So hopefully thats a good thing and it will just take care of itself. Maybe my Charli Bean is just extra talented. I was also going to ask her about the feeding schedule that I have for the girls but wasn't able to. She beat me to it. She said "I want the girls off bottles." I was slightly shocked. But she said no more bottles. And to cut back on milk. Alot. I give the girls 6 1/2 ounces 3 times a day. And she told me to only give them around 12 ounces a day and up the meats/veggies/fruits. I had mixed feelings about it because that means the girls will be eating like a real person. ha! Like 3 meals at the table. No more bottles... no more babies... I was relieved because it will be easier for us but surprisingly sad because that means they aren't my babies anymore. They are little people. Anyway, we will get that started this week.

Here are the stats:
Charli- 24.7 lbs 30.5 inches
Abbi- 26.5 lbs 30.75 inches
Mia- 25.7 lbs 30.5 inches

Here is sweet Charlotte cuddling with Aunt Lisa on the couch. The nurses said they would be cranky and/or sleepy after their shots. Charlotte was sleepy, Abbi and Mia were cranky. HA! This is a perfect example of why Lisa is a Godsend.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Before church... and "say hi"

Here are some photos of us getting the girls ready for church. I hoped the girls would be good since Jared was giving a talk in church (it was very good by the way) but I had my doubts because they took a very poor nap that morning. I was right. Abbi especially was very cranky, Mia was just having a hyper time and Charli was actually very good. But by the end of sacrament my arms were exhausted and my nerves were shot. I was ready to go home!

Mama Mia

Abbi (already in a good mood, cant you tell)

Charli wanting NOTHING to do with that headband.

Mia in her wonderful mood did NOT want her picture taken. HA!

Sleepy girls (who just woke up from their "nap")

Abbi, Charli, Mia (look at Abbi's and Mia's face. BAHA!)

Such pretty dresses.


Abbi and Mia (not happy girls.)

Mia gives me a look that promises to be a wonderful sacrament meeting.

But on to a sweeter note, Abigail has learned to say Hi! Very exciting. She just did it this morning. I quickly had to get it on camera cause these girls do things one day and never again. So here are two ADORABLE videos of my super smart baby girl Abbi!