Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our weekend...

Just a quick recap of our weekend. Im exhausted. We took family photos yesterday (saturday) and this really great national forest. It had this cool old barn and just great places for cool shots. But oh my heck. This has been the most difficult photo shoot we've done. The girls did NOT want to sit still for 2 seconds and certainly wouldn't all at least look at the camera at the same time. Oh me... we were chasing babies left and right and front and back for about an hour and a half. They loved every second of it though. If I wasnt so stressed trying to make the most of each pose, ect.... I could have enjoyed it. But I stress... its my nature... haha Anyway, hopefully we got some good shots. I should be able to look at them tomorrow (Monday). Thanks mom for the photos! Youre the best!

Also, I just want to add that church today was a total craze fest. I would say one of the top 3 worst behaving in sacrament meetings ever! We had the primary (young children) put on a program for us and I think the extra energy and excitement made my girls nuts! Charlotte would just scream as loud as she could, not cry just scream like she was trying to sing with the choir kids. And they were all so wiggly. My goodness we were ready to get out of there and put them girls to sleep for nap time. A couple two rows behind us even took Charlotte for a few minutes so we could have somewhat of a break, so sweet. Whew.... I know they are learning. They are learning sacrament is for being reverent and still. But Im afraid we have a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go....

Splash pad

We were able to go to the splash pad last Saturday with Jared and the girls once again LOVED it! They are so cute in their swim suits and just tottering around. I love these girls and i love to see them having so much fun.

Mia's running for her daddy!

Brave Charlotte. She loves going through the "scariest" looking fountains.

All aboard!

Charlotte, my little engineer.

Hold it! I wasn't ready!

All my ducks in a row. Abbi in lead, then Mia, and then Charli.

Mother Hen gathering her chicks. (thats how I feel all day seriously)

Whoa! That was close!

Family photo!

Under the sprinkler with daddy

When in doubt call for daddy! (Abbi is doing the "sign" for daddy)

Every man (woman/baby) is an island.

Abbi getting her nerve. haha


I love this picture. It tells the story of my life really. You have Charlotte playing and entertaining herself with her Pop-up-Monkey. You have Mia climbing all over me trying to get my attention. And then you have me looking at Abbi very seriously, telling her we shouldnt get angry when we don't get our way. And she's looking back at me very intently, either understanding and agreeing or plotting her revenge... not sure. BAHAHA! LOVE IT either way!

Charlotte loves reading books. Her favorite "sign" is Story.

Charli in a box... teheh

Charli getting book time

How's that pretty girl in the mirror? CHARLI!

Play time with mommy!

Helping out the Boss

Sharing our toys

Abbi contemplating stealing that purple ring back.

Me in the back giving Hudson a puppet show. I think he enjoyed it! TEHEHE
Hudson LOVED this leapster toy. Christmas present idea Karlee!

Oh Dear! He found Charlotte's fort!

Sweet little guy.

So Jared's boss happens to live just three doors down from us, which is quite convenient (hopefully for both of us) in case I need random things and vise versa. Karlee, boss' wife, went out of town for a week and left Kent, boss man, alone with 2 kiddos. Brave girl. Anyway, we had the pleasure of watching little Hudson for a couple of hours so Kent could do some work stuff. The girls actually handled everything pretty well. Abbi was a little jealous when he would play with her toys but mostly just curious. We got some great photos of the sweet guy enjoying himself with all the ladies. tehehehe (future arranged marriage?.... possibly!)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is my new favorite of all three of my girls. Chillin at the splash pad.

This is my new favorite of Charlotte. Doesn't she resemble Dori from Finding Nemo just a little bit?! HA!

And this is my new favorite picture of Abbi. Maybe of anyone. BAHAHA I still laugh when I look at this picture!

A video of Charlotte. Pretty darn cute.

I still have lots of pictures to post but for now, I need to shower while the girls' are taking a nap. Until then.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

15 months

I can not believe these girls are 15 months already. My goodness time really does go by fast. Well of course we had a doctors' appointment, every time we reach a milestone "birthday" we're at the doctor seems like. They had to get 2 shots each, which they were NOT happy about. Plus it was right during their afternoon nap so they were extra.... sensitive. Poor babies. Luckily they only have 1 more shot at their 18 month checkup and thats it until like age 4 or something like that... So YEAH!!!

Here are their stats:

Weight 24 lbs and 14.8 oz (80th percentile)
Height 31.5

Weight 27 lbs 3 oz (95th percentile)
Height 31.5

Weight 26 lbs 4.8 oz (90th percentile)
Height 31.5

So they are all the same height but different weights which I think is very interesting considering they eat the same things at the same times... haha But all well. The doctor says the girls look "fantastic." The only negative comment was that Mia and Abbi's teeth had some buildup on them. Charlotte's looked great. I brush their teeth every night but I will go up to morning and night now. Mia and Abbi give me about 15 seconds to brush and then they are DONE so I guess I will have to get a little more forceful with them. Cant be having any cavities! Well thats it really. I have some cute photos Lisa took today that I will add later so keep checking!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Greats are great!

We were incredibly blessed this week with a visit from my grandparents and my great aunt Lavoice and great uncle Dean. They drove all the way from Utah to New Boston to Houston to see these girls. We were honored to have them here and enjoyed every second.

Charlotte recognized Papa Skip right away. She reached out for him and it was so sweet. The other two warmed up pretty quickly as well. They loved all the attention they were getting from all the sweet grandparent kisses. Thank you so much you guys for driving out here to visit our girls!! We love you!

Mamaw Peg with Abbi

Uncle Dean with Mia

Enjoying the great grandparents.

Uncle Dean with Charlotte

Abbi getting Uncle Dean's nose and Charlotte checking out Papa Skips' camera.

Abbi and Uncle Dean

Abbi teaching Papa Skip how to sign "Daddy" haha

Papa Skip reading to Abbi

Papa Skip getting a book for Charli

Aunt Lavoice playing with Charlotte

Getting Charli loving

Awe... Aunt Lavoice and Charlotte

Aunt Lavoice getting Abbi loving

Reading to Charlotte

Getting loving from Mia

Here's a video of play time with everyone. Its pretty boring unless you know the people in it.

Mimi's visit

While Mimi was here the girls had their very first park experience. (I know I am totally lame). But honestly, it has been so bloody hot here I haven't wanted to take the girls out in the heat. But we got some rain this weekend so it was actually pretty perfect. The girls LOVED it and they were the only ones there so that made it much more fun! They climbed through the tunnels, down the slides (with our help) and went on the swings. Charlotte would go limp as soon as she was in the swing. It was hilarious. Her arms and head would just dangle. HA! That girl is crazy. They all were just squealing with delight.

After the park we were able to borrow my neighbors entrance card into the community splash pad. Once again, we were the only ones there so the girls could run around and just enjoy it. Oh my goodness they just LOVED it! Charlotte was FEARLESS! She was the first one to just run through every fountain. Mia followed behind and Abbi was much more apprehensive. She needed some encouragement. But she loved it too.

Video Time:
Mimi playing patty cake with the girls.

Having fun at the splash pad.

The girls LOVED the music to Rio. They were dancing up a storm. This was the next day so they weren't dancing AS much. But its still so cute.

Im so sad my girls wont eat avocado anymore. But they wont. Mia was making the funniest face when Mimi was trying to feed it to her so we HAD to video it.

Picture Overload:
Abbi being unsure about it.

Charli is so brave and fearless.

The girls loved being in the fountains. They had so much fun.

Mia is in the purple, Abbi in the pink. Look at those thighs!! tehehe LOVE THEM!

Mia walks with her arms up like this cause she's still not steady on her feet. I love it! Its precious.

Enjoying the water.

Abbi wants her daddy's help!

Mia is in yellow. Abbi in the orange.

Playing with our sisters.

Mia's gonna get you.

Charlotte in the green.

Mimi and Abbi

Yeah mom! THis is AWESOME!!

Beautiful Abbi

Im surfin'

They just go limp. It was hilarious.

Go Abigail!

YEAH Charlotte!

Wahoo Mia!