Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Grandma reading to the girls.

While my parents were here we wanted to go to the Houston Zoo. So we got ready and went on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Traffic was INSANE! And when we got to the zoo parking lot there was not ONE spot to pull into. So after the 45 minute drive there, we decided to abandon the zoo (I was SO bummed) and found this awful park for the girls to get out of their car seats and run around. They didn't seem to mind that it was the worst park ever and that they didn't get to see the animals Mom promised. All well. Guess Im "thankful" they're too young to know the difference.
Abbi on daddy's shoulders.

Abbi sitting with Aunt Lisa.

Daddy throwing Charli.

Poppy taking Mia's picture.

Thanks to my wonderful mother who packed up all of her Thanksgiving place settings, our table was gorgeous for the big day. I just loved it! Thanks mom!

Lots of videos to enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving

The holidays just started and Im already behind in my blog posts. So here is my attempt at catching up! ha

From the last time I wrote we have had visitors in town and its been so awesome. I love having family here! First was Grandma. Jared's mom came to visit for a week and the girls loved having her here. Its so cute to watch them wake up from a nap and look around for Grandma. Sadly, she wont get to come back for a few months but the girls will be so excited to see her again.

Next we had Mimi and Poppy here. They stayed for a week as well and were here for Thanksgiving. We just loved having them here. I swear these girls LOVE having company in the house. What was a big treat was what they brought with them.... SOPHIE!!! The cutest dog ever! I love/miss that dog. The girls went nuts for her and wore her smooth out. Poor Sophie was looking for a break whenever possible. HA! My sis with her kiddos came up for a day so we got to see them a little bit this trip. Hopefully we will see more of them for Christmas.

Thanksgiving was so great. My grandmother made her amazing stuffing and sent it up with mom. YUM! Thanks mamaw! My parents bought an indoor turkey fryer so we were able to have fried turkey... YUMMO! It was delish. And of course we had tons more food that lasted for days. I just love Thanksgiving. However, this year we had a bug going around the girls. Mia was sick while Cindy was here and then Abbi and Charlotte got it when Mimi and Poppy were here. Abbi had a real hard time with it. In fact, Friday night she cried and screamed for hours. We tried everything we could to calm her but she just sounded like she was in so much pain. So in a exhausted panic around 2 am Jared and I loaded up and went to the ER with her. They ran a test for RSV, checked her ears and did a chest xray for pneumonia. Luckily all those were negative but they did see some bronchitis. So they gave us some nose drops to help her breath and sent us home. We got home about 4 and had to get up around 630. We were so exhausted. It was a rough weekend with no sleep and Abbi sleeping in the bed with us. Thankfully last night she slept the whole night through in her crib! YEAH!

It was a great holiday filled with family. If the girls hadnt gotten sick it wouldve been perfect. Thankfully they are recovering and so are we and gearing up for Christmas visitors! Grandpa will be here the 15th of December (but sadly to take Lisa home) and then Natalie (my beautiful niece) will be here to help me with the girls for a week and then Mimi and Poppy will be back with Sophie! YEAH! Like I said, I love holidays. I love families. I have videos and a few pictures to post but they are still uploading. Soon to come!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Morning Walks

I try to take the girls on a walk everyday. They love getting out of the house and fresh air is always good! So we usually go on a stroller ride and then I let them out to walk around the side walks for a bit. Thats their favorite part. I just love how each of them walks. So cute. Mia's dainty and girlie. Abigail has more of a strut. She sticks out her chest and marches around. Charlotte's I guess is the most "normal" walk. But she likes to walk like shes going downhill sometimes and gets ahead of herself. Anyway, here are some random videos of us walking around.


HORRAY!! We FINALLY got a triplet stroller! And its AWESOME! I bought it in pieces so it took a while for everything to get here. But its here. What it is is a double stroller with an attachment called a "joey" seat. I got the idea from another mom of triplets who raves about this stroller. With Lisa leaving in a month I felt like I absolutely had to have a way to be able to push everyone at once. And as expensive as it was, Im so glad we did it.

Saying Prayer

We say prayer as a family every night and recently Charlotte has really taken to it. Its so cute. When she's super sleepy, during her movie before bedtime she will fold her arms and look at me. As if to say "Im ready to go to bed now, mom. Can we say prayer now?" So stinking cute. During prayer she will sit really still, arms folded until prayer is over. Next thing I know she will be saying "Amen." Its just so cute. Sorry for the crumby video quality but its too sweet not to post. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sell Out

This time last year I wrote a post about how I was going to keep Santa Clause out of our Christmas traditions. Since then, I have had a change of heart. No it wasn't all the wonderfully "supportive" comments I received that convinced me. But having the girls at an age where they are aware of whats going on has made me realize that its not just about the over commercialized jingle crap. Yes, I am beyond sick of all the marketing junk towards little kids and the tearing away at the true meaning behind Christmas. But there is a reason why people listen to Christmas music as early as June and light up when they see a growing Christmas tree farm in September. Because there is a special spirit that is only around during the Holidays. Its kind of magical. And where I treasure principles of honesty and truth, there's something to be said about imagination and magic. And I just cant take that away from my girls. So call me a sell out if you will but I just have to leave Santa in Christmas for my babies.

Also I am looking for tradition ideas. What does everyone do for Halloween? Christmas? Thanksgiving? New Years?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here are all our photos from our photo shoot about a month ago. Theres about 40 of them so Im warning you now **Extremely gorgeous babies**