Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Painting and FHE

Ok, yes I might have had a rough weekend and Im sorry if I bummed anyone out. I felt so much better after I wrote it all down, got it out of my system. I had a great nights rest and the next morning felt... lighter, if that makes sense.

So back to happy things. I found this activity on Pintrest and was so anxious to try it out. I knew the girls would love it. Painting! You combine flour and water and food coloring and you have paint thats safe to go inside curious little toddlers mouths. They did love it. And boy were they messy! We had to go straight to the tub and change up the routine a bit but it was worth it. They loved doing something different and messy and colorful. Might be a bit before we attempt it again because it was so messy though.

Finally FHE on Monday was really good, I think. HA! It was about how Jesus created a beautiful world for us. I showed them a picture of different animals and trees and flowers, ect. And the song of the lesson was "I know Heavenly Father loves me." Instead of just singing it I thought the girls would love a slideshow with the song and pictures. I was right. They loved it! Abbi signed "again" when it was over. haha so we watched it again. Ill have Jared figure out how to post it so you can all see it. It was great. Love Family Home Evening. Love my family.


  1. Their daddy used to play in mud. It's great to see them getting messy and loving it; just like their daddy. Grandma