Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day for me

I had such a special weekend. On Saturday I was able to go to the temple and actually go SHOPPING by myself! haha Yeah Me! I even bought myself a new Sunday outfit (and of course outfits for the girls and some shirts for Jared). It was so nice getting out of the house solo. Jared made breakfast IN BED for me Sunday morning and that was so sweet. He woke up extra early so he could surprise me which is huge! We don't usually sacrifice sleep around here. Very sweet. We all enjoyed our family time on Sunday at church and at home. I just had a wonderful Mother's Day with my wonderful family. 

Mother's Day really made me miss my own mother so much. Since she broke her foot, my parents haven't been able to make a trip out here in a while and I just miss my family so much. I know most everyone thinks they have the greatest mom and Im no different. Just an example of how wonderful she is, for over ten years she took my sister and me to church without fail AND served as Primary President or Young Women's President all by herself. I credit our family being together today to her faithfulness in the gospel. She's such a tower of faith and strength. One of my other favorite memories of her is back when I told my parents I was pregnant.... with triplets. I was still in complete shock and in a state of desperate sickness as I had only known myself for about an hour. When we told the news, Jared and daddy shook hands and high fived. But mom just looked at me for a good ten seconds until she hugged me and we both started sobbing. She knew exactly how scared I was, she knew my fears of carrying three babies, delivering them, the risks, the defects, the statistics, everything without me saying a word.... because she was thinking and feeling the exact same things. She knows me probably better than anyone. She's my best friend. I adore her so. Happy Mother's Day to her. And to all the moms who devote all they have to their family. 

Our attempt at a Mother's Day photo with the girls before church... They were NOT having it.

My mother's day outfit. I love how much it doesn't match, but does (I hope). Turquoise sweater, yellow and pink skirt and purple bracelet. I LOVE it. Jared wasn't sure about it though. HA!

I can't believe Im a mommy to three beautiful angels. I'll never have a more important purpose in life. Im so blessed.

And because I have to have some videos of my babies, enjoy:

This video is a little long. They love this book that we read every night to them. I remember reading it to my niece when she was a baby. Time flies.

They have been the cutest little mommies lately. I had to get it on video.


  1. SUCH a cute outfit! i HAVE that skirt and havent been sure what to wear with it! the turquoise looks GREAT! way to be BOLD! :) and happy late mothers day to one of the most awesome mothers i know :)

  2. Ashlee, you are one hot momma! you are just so incredible!! I'm glad you had a great mother's day. You do have a sweetheart to spoil you. Thank you, Jared, for being so thoughtful.
    We love the videos of the little mommas. Darling! Grandma and Grandpa