Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My very own special Mother's Day!

I had such an amazing day today with my little family. I FINALLY convinced Jared to take off work so that we could go to the Houston Zoo before the schools let out and it became insanely busy this summer. We planned on waking the girls up earlier than they are used to (at about 8:15 am) but Abbi and consequently Mia were awake at about 8. So only Charli got the wake up call (she wasn't too happy about it until she saw that daddy was here). We got them dressed and out the door since Jared and I had everything already packed up in the car. We drove straight to McDonald's for breakfast and to save on time we just went through the drive thru and I fed the girls in the parking lot. They loved them some MickeyD's pancakes. Tehehe

We got to the zoo at 10 and apparently so did about 50 elementary schools. HA! I thought it would ruin the whole trip but the zoo was big enough where we didn't really run into the groups, thankfully. To top it off, the girls were FREE admission! YEAH! (free under 2, so only for another 2 more months) =(  
We walked around with the girls in the zoo for about 2 hours. We let them get out of the strollers and walk around a few times and those were probably their favorite parts of the zoo. HA! The problem you get when you try to show a baby in a stroller an animal in a fence 50 yards away is that they cant really see it. So as they did have a blast walking around and seeing all the kiddos there and being with mommy AND daddy and see the occasional recognizable animal, they really just had a great day being out of the house and doing ANYTHING different. AND SO DID I!!! Its so refreshing and wonderful getting a break from the mundane cranky toddlers. 

We planned to find a spot to picnic for lunch but the girls were pretty warm and we decided to just eat it in the car on the way home. Worked out great though. We got home only thirty minutes past normal naptime. After their naps, we PLANNED to hit up the splash pad for the rest of the afternoon. However, after getting three toddlers in their swim suits, swim pants, and lathered down with sun block we drove up to an empty parking lot with a little sign saying it was closed for repairs. I was furious! Luckily, I brought their clothes, ect so while dressing them AGAIN we decided to drive out to the mall and let them play in the indoor play area. They loved it! Played there for an hour, I got some random toiletries I needed and we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill for an amazing dinner (with dessert). Came home, bathed babies, and laid them down at 8. And we haven't heard a peep since! HA! They are exhausted. 

Sorry this post is so long, but we just had an amazing day (minus the splash pad incident). I loved being with my family and being able to let my girls have such an amazing time. I hate that I always need SOMEONE there for my girls to get out of the house, but I really appreciate those precious times when we do get to. Great day for me. Great day for my girls. Perfect Mother's Day present for me. Love my family.

Off to the zoo:

Just a random video that was on my camera, but this video makes me laugh so hard. Charli was being so silly with her popcorn bowl. Looks just like a giraffe's tongue. HA! She's crazy.

 Our family photo!

 The girls waiting patiently for daddy to get the tickets.

 Mia being not so patient anymore.

 Abbi, my goodness that child is GORGEOUS!

 HA! Bean with that eye... 

 We let the girls out of the stroller to beat on these drums. They LOVED it!

 Me trying to actually be IN a picture instead of just always taking them... Yeah the girls didn't care! HA!

 Love Love Love this picture of Charli. She is cheesing so big!

There were about 4 rows of buses just like this... yeah ALOT of little kiddos.

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  1. We're so glad you finally got to the zoo! Good for you. We were always exhausted taking our little ones to the zoo; all the heat and walking. I'm sure you were totally beat! What an adventure! We love you, Grandma and Grandpa