Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I love love LOVE Fall!

Last Friday we had quite the excitement going on at our house. My Charli Bean started showing signs of Hand Foot and Mouth which she contracted from nursery on Sunday. I had heard that it was going around in our church so I was very hestitant about sending my girls in there. However, I was assured that everything had been cleaned and sanitized so we braved it. Mistake. By Tuesday all the girls were sniffling and getting fussy. By thursday Charlotte was pretty darn sick poor girl. In fact, Thursday night she was up almost every hour. By 3 am Friday morning she was weezing pretty hard. When the others woke up around 8, she was laboring to catch her breath so I immediately called the doctor and got her in first thing. Turns out she had strep, broccilotis, AND Hand foot and mouth. COME ON! She had to be nebulized and given steriods to open up her lungs at the doctor's office and every four hours for about four days. Not to mention antibiotics for the strep for ten days. My goodness we had some sick sad girls. Jared and I decided to nix nursery for a few weeks, at least until the sicknesses got under control.

Well with all that I wasn't sure if my neice was going to be able to spend the next weekend with us as planned. Luckily, by then Charli wasn't contagious and they were all feeling much better. Thank goodness. And we had a great weekend with her! The weather was absolutely fabulous. Cold even! I got so excited that I played Christmas music for two days! HA! I had things planned for every day to make the most of our time together. She got here late Thursday and so first thing Friday morning we went to Oil Ranch Farms to pick out some pumpkins and a slew of other fun activities. (pictures, ect coming soon). Saturday was full of Halloween crafts and the park as well as Sunday.

That brings us up to today when my sweet Nattie boo is back home and the weather is getting hot again (Houston weather stinks).BUMMER! I will be posting pictures and videos very soon with details about our wonderful weekend!

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  1. We're so glad they're feeling better. There is nothing worse than a sick baby... unless that is 3 sick babies!