Wednesday, February 29, 2012

no words

Monday started out as such a great day. The girls and I played so good, they took a good nap, we went for a walk and then watched a movie, then 4 pm hit. They started getting so fussy, especially Mia. I put on Sesame Street so that I could start dinner. But Mia was starting to attack her sisters. (She bites.) So to keep a closer eye on her I let her in the kitchen with me to play with cups while I made dinner. When Abbi saw what was going on, chaos ensued. I either had to let all of them in or put them all out and let them scream. All I had to do was boil the ravioli so I thought I could let them play with the pots and pans for 6 minutes....

It happened so fast! I just needed to put a jar in the fridge when I saw Abbi by the stove. I didnt want her to get splashed with boiling water (never even crossed my mind that she could even REACH the stove top!) so I thought to myself I would put the jar up and then move her (I was even doing that as I was thinking it) and before I could close the fridge door Abbi was screaming. I thought she had in fact been splashed by the hot water, no idea her fingers had just been on the burner. Until her crying became harder and harder and she held up fingers. I could even smell it, burnt flesh. I panicked! I thought I would throw up I felt so sick about being such an idiot!

Thankfully Jared was just pulling up the driveway and I ran out side and told him what happened, holding my screaming child. She of course wanted Jared over me (dont blame her) and he did his best to calm her. We put her hand under water, put ice on it, borrowed burn cream from our neighbors, gave her tylenol, put on her favorite sesame street song, everything. Nothing worked. She screamed for an hour straight. All this was going on while I still had 2 other babies to feed and then bathe and getting ready for bed. It took EVERYTHING in me not to loose it. The sound of your child screaming in sheer pain and confusion is the MOST horrendous sound in the word. Jared and I finally decided to call the doctor and they said to take her to the ER. We were weary because we still havent paid off the last visit from Thanksgiving. But Abbi's screams made up our minds. Jared drove her while I bathed and put the other two girls to bed.

After I laid them down I lost it. I called my mom and told her what happened, just sobbing. I was horrified that I made such a stupid rookie mistake, but also because I actually felt that with three babies I was completely over my head. I feel unqualified for this job all the time but this was a new low. A new feeling of complete inadequacy. When the parent makes a mistake, it shouldn't be the child's finger that gets burned. It wasn't fair.

Well Abbi is fine now. She is such a trooper. The doctors basically didnt do anything for her but give us more burn cream. We keep it covered and she just holds that hand out all the time. We are giving her tylenol but she just acts like her normal self. My sweet Abbi. It will take a while for me to forgive myself for this one....

Triplets are work!

This child is more interested in climbing EVERYTHING than anything else. Ive had to move these chairs, no telling what else Ill have to remove to keep her from breaking a bone...

Poor Mia's head after Charlotte threw her sippy cup at her. (oh yeah, someone was in time out for that one!)

Just a lazy day...

My sweet Abbi. I love her pointing her toes in this picture! haha

My girls have been talking up a storm this past week. Mia will try to say just about anything now. Cracker, water, daddy, momma, poppy, mimi, grandma, grandpa, dog, bath, bed, love, Jesus.... the list goes on and on. And this week Charlotte and Abigail have caught on as well. They say Mama and dadda well. The rest of the words are just kinda mumbled jumbled... haha but they are trying which is progress.

We've had some rough patches this week. One day Jared actually came home too ALL of us crying. They were so fussy all day and no matter what I did I couldnt keep them happy. It was awful. They were just crying so much from crankiness and I still had to get dinner ready and the house was destroyed.... all the angles of the Bermuda Triangle aligned and I lost it. LOST IT. Holding one baby, one hanging on my shirt and the other at my feet (all crying) and I decided to join them.

Another day they slept a total of 40 minutes during their nap! So knowing I would not be able to handle them like that, I called Sarah up and thankfully she was available within the hour. We took them to the park and saved the day. (She leaves for Idaho in April by the way so Im starting to panic.) Another example, we were all having a great day and Mia and I were laying on the blanket being silly when Charlotte throws her FULL sippy cup at my head. Hit me on the eye bone and it hurt so bad, it brought tears to my eyes. As I was catching my breath that child grabbed ANOTHER FULL sippy cup and threw it at Mia's head! AGH!!! I dont have enough eyes and arms for this job! Its just too much sometimes!

I just hate having days like that much less a week. The girls are usually so good up until about 4 pm. I have been begging and begging Jared to start coming home an hour earlier and he said he would talk to his boss. We are still waiting to hear back about it. But this would make my life a million times easier. MILLIONS!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

False Alarm

I think its been long enough for me to finally take a deep breath and step back and be grateful for the land mine I almost stepped on. A couple of weeks ago Jared and I had a pregnancy scare. No details necessary, but the bottom line is we thought our birth control failed. And it was an excruciating two weeks waiting it out. I honestly wasn't THAT worried about it until the second week of waiting. The closer "it" got here the more frantic I became.

You girls who've had babies know and understand that right before you start your period is actually a lot like when you first get pregnant. Some of the same signals happen. Your mood changes, your appetite changes, you're more tired, cramping a little, maybe headaches or body aches. (yeah we as women totally put up with ALOT!) Anyway, so the more signals that appeared the more I started freaking out that I was actually pregnant! And, no kidding, by the end of the week for two whole days (thats 48 very long hours) I thought I WAS pregnant, not that I MIGHT be or MAYBE, I thought I was! And holy moly.... talk about depression.... I couldn't sleep, I felt sick, I would just sit down during my shower and cry like a baby (don't worry the girls were taking a nap). I mean it was a bad really bad 2 days for me. Jared was worried and concerned we could be pregnant but he said he never thought that we were. But to KNOW I was going to have another baby (and possibly two or even three more) was almost more than I could handle.

That would mean I could have 6 children under 2 1/2 years old! That would mean I would be living in this horrible town home with all these kids. That would mean I would seriously have to hire help. I just went down a dark road with all these thoughts about what this pregnancy would mean and it was sad how much I did NOT want to face it. I think/hope the mothers of multiples understand more why I would freak out so much....

Well after 2 days of what can only be described as hell, I waited until the girls were asleep (I didn't want them to see me upset) to take a pregnancy test. It was negative and I got my period that night.... whew! Like I said, land mine averted. After all was said and done, I breathed a huge sigh of relief with tears and everything. The next morning Jared said, "Well I know now that I really want another baby sometime in the future." BAHAHA! WHAT?! I replied with "Yeah, and Im more convinced than ever that im good with my three girls..." hahaha Now that was more relief talking than anything else. We probably will have another one (when I have a house next door to my parents that is....seriously). But for now, I couldn't be more relieved and grateful that I can just focus on staying sane through triplet toddlerhood.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mimi and Poppy

I just love seeing them sit in their chairs watching a movie. So cute.

Ab. I. Gail. This child... Wont leave a bow in her hair to save my life! Frustrates me so much.

Before church. Love these dresses! Rainbow girls.

It was so warm outside, mom INSISTED we feed the girls outside. HA! They seemed to enjoy the change. Maybe one day when i have a house with a beautiful back yard they will have more to look at besides yucky neighbors and concrete...

Abigail woke up from a nap with the most hilarious bed hair! It was so funny. We all died laughing. Caught her in a yawn on this picture.

Abi signing "Mom" I guess to help brush out that crazy hair... haha

Mimi spread out the soft blanket and they LOVED touching it and sitting on it. So cute. Poppy playing on the floor with them.

While Mimi was getting Mia loving!

Abigail missed daddy the most and was attached to Poppy the whole time. She loved playing with his pocket watch.

Charli covering Mia with the animals.

Awe... "Sorry Mia for covering you up. I love you!"

What a week we've had! Jared left on Thursday for Utah and got back on Sunday night. Luckily my parents were able to come into town on Wednesday and stay until Monday night. The girls missed their daddy for sure, but they LOVED having Mimi and Poppy here, so did I! I just love love love having my family here. We had a blast with them. We went to the park every day that we could; it rained a couple of days. The girls love the park. They sign "swing" over and over and just scream with excitement when we pull into the parking lot. Its hilarious! Mostly we hung out around the house or the park. But the girls just loved having all that attention and love.
I was so nervous about nighttime though. Usually Jared is "on duty" and goes in the nursery if one of the girls wakes up crying so I can have a break. But since it was all on me I was pretty anxious about it. To my surprise and delight, they did phenomenal. Except for maybe once or twice I didnt have to go in there at all! It brought out a possible theory: we think the girls wake up at night so they can have more time with daddy. Very possible... and kinda sad/sweet.
It was so sad to see Mimi and Poppy leave. As much as I love having them here, I HATE saying goodbye. Thank you both for coming and being such an amazing help for me. They left exhausted I know! Always playing with the girls or helping me clean something. Two of my favorite people.

With the constant rain last week, I had to get a bit creative. We played dress up in our tutus from Halloween and watched clips of Disney princesses on YouTube. They got to be princesses for the afternoon with crowns and everything. HA! I think they liked it.

Unfortunately I missed the first reaction Charlotte had to the scarf around her head. It was hilarious. She kinda leaned forward and just froze with her eyeballs looking around like "what do i do now." It was so hilarious! But here was her second reaction. Still cute!

Mia started talking up a storm this past week. She will try to say almost anything once and if you praise her enough she will try again and again. So cute. She said Poppy so much while they were here. Started Mimi, mama, daddy, bathroom, bobo (I freaking love my moms reaction in the video when I try to get Mia to say it on camera! hahaha), bedroom, bath, ect... like i said, she will try to say anything once and its jus so cute to listen to. My babies are getting so big!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our week

We've had a pretty good week this week. On Monday, Jared was able to take off work a little early and we took the girls to the park, since it was raining on Saturday. They loved it! What a treat for them. And we had the entire park to ourselves. It was awesome! Great day!

My studious little Abigail. When I get the books out for the girls they usually just sit in the middle of the floor and basically take each others book over and over. Well Abbi had the brilliant idea to take her favorite book "Away in a manger" to a secret location. She wasn't disturbed the whole time! HA! She's a smart one!

We bought the girls some crocs from Target on Saturday and oh boy am I glad we did. They are getting tired of their tennis shoes because they are a little small, plus they hate socks. So these shoes have been awesome! They love having them on. And theyre so cute!

We also got these dresses for the girls on Saturday. Jared saw them in the store and said "we HAVE to get these!" haha They are so cute and these girls turned some heads at church. They were just precious looking. I put their hair up with bows and everything. (Abbi fought the bow but we compromised with a rubber band.) We even let them play in the nursery for about half an hour. They loved it.

And finally today I got brave, or stupid, and took the girls to a bounce house. I dont know why I did it. Im sure I will regret it in about 48 hours when I wake up to crying and find out that they are all barfing in their cribs. Guaranteed. But I thought it was time to let them out, little by little of course. Charlotte and Abigail were in heaven. They loved it. Mia, on the other hand, I guess was too overwhelmed. She would NOT let me put her down. And she would throw down every time I HAD to. Wore me slap out. To top everything off I locked my keys in the truck! I called Jared so frustrated but thankfully he told me that he had put a HideAKey under the truck. Thank goodness!! Thats my baby. The bounce house wore this mommy out. I just hope I dont regret it, with an incoming sickness. In retrospect it wasn't a terrible experience. It would have been a lot easier with Jared there though. I'll remember that for the future. Here are some videos from our adventure. Enjoy!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Feeling a little self indulgent....

I read a blog from this triplet mom pretty much religiously. Her kids are almost a year older than mine and its fascinating to me to see what I have to look forward to in the future and see how she handles certain situations. Anyway, I was reading up on it today and she posted all these yummy recipes that she had made that week. She loves to cook and I dont know how but she still manages to create these awesome meals.

So that all seems pretty random, I know. But it got me thinking about the parts of me Ive "given up" or put on hold since the girls have come into my life. Im a natural home body. I am perfectly fine renting a movie and ordering take out as a date opposed to getting dressed up and fighting crowds. Ive always been that way, except during that Robert phase, but anyway. So not being able to go out now doesn't bother me too much. My parents have been my best friends most of my life so Im not missing out on "hanging with the girls." Never really did that growing up either. I dont miss school, which took up 90% of my life before the girls. So it would seem nothing has changed with the girls being here.... hahaha

But I miss cooking. I love(d) to cook. I loved making different things with all the clean up. I would find all kinds of recipes for different occasions. Now, I hate cooking.... Hate it.... I hate the clean up, the prep work, the grocery store, planning a weeks worth of meals. I am so exhausted by the time I get the girls down at 7, then I have to make dinner for Jared and me. Then clean it up. After Ive been cleaning up all day long. Anyway, thats my life now and whatever. But I just hate that I dont like to cook anymore. I miss that freedom and TIME when I had to spend hours in the kitchen doing something fun, and not scrubbing peas off the wall. This girl whose blog I read puts her kids to bed around 5 or 6, so she still has "daylight" I guess to play in the kitchen, but at the end of the day I would rather sit, relax, and watch something pointless on tv instead of being in the kitchen creating another mess.

I love my girls more than anything. I know a lot of moms worry about losing themselves or aspects of themselves being so involved in motherhood. I've never had that fear. I guess there's not much about me that I thought would change once I became a mom. But this, I didn't expect. And I honestly think once the girls are a bit older they will be able to be in the kitchen with me, making messes together and learning and oh Im so excited for that stage. But right now, I hate being in that kitchen making 6 meals a day (the girls get their own separate meals) and then cleaning them up. AGH! It just made me sad thinking about something that I used to enjoy is now my least favorite thing to do.

Moving on now...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My baby girls

*Please dont let your child play with plastic bags!* haha She is only allowed to do that under my strict supervision! I promise.

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day. Little Mia Wants to Play!
We've had a whole week of rain. And its not like the girls go out and play in the front lawn or anything but it sure has put a halt on our daily walks around the neighborhood. We've ran a few errands so we've gotten out of the house a little. Surprisingly, they've acted ok. Ive tried to keep them entertained as much as I physically can. They loved it when I put on a video of theirs, pulled out their special chairs, popped popcorn and make a soy/fruit smoothie. Loved it! haha They thought that was such a treat. First time they've had popcorn as a snack. In the meantime we run up to the windows when the rain is coming down and watch it for a little while. Then we hide in our tents so we dont get wet! haha They are so much fun (as long as they aren't biting each other or hitting each other in the head with legos....)

Oh Charlie Bean.... this child is so much work. She is by far my most "into everything" child. Recently they all have learned how to climb on the couch whenever they want. Which is fine, really. Except for this Bean. Now she wants to climb on all the limbs and the back of the couch, which she KNOWS is NOT allowed. In all honesty, it took everything I had not to bust out laughing during this whole episode though...

She climbs on the couch, so proud of herself, smiling. I smiled back and said "good job Bean!" She then, with her smile and eyes still on me, stands up and straddles the arm of the couch. I said "No baby, dont sit on the couch that way." So she stands up again, and (with smile and eyes still on me) proceeds to climb up the back of the couch and then HANGS OFF THE BACK! I look at her, holding in my laughter, and said "You're going to fall Charlotte and it will hurt. I told you not to do that" She's looking at me and all i can see are her eyes and fingers hanging on. It looks like she's hanging on a cliff. She KNEW she had gotten herself in a pickle. So being the sweet, rational mom I am, I grab the camera instead of her. I wanted her to figure this one out hoping it would deter her in the future.... she landed in the box of stuffed animals. She just laughs like "Oh yeah!" Little stinker!