Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marathon #692 Complete

Jared handed me a dirty Charlotte as I handed him a clean Mia during bath time tonight. She was in full throw down mode. Back arched, red faced, screaming. I felt like I was trying to hang on to a wild rabbit by his feet. When I got her to the changing table and took off her shirt, I saw so much poop that had ridden all the way up her back. I guess I would be a little upset about that too! I got her cleaned up and in the tub but as I kept bathing children I kept smelling poop. Thirty minutes later, girls in bed, I'm cleaning up the kitchen, dishes specifically, and I still smell poop.... What the heck? I raise my shirt to my nose and breathe in. Holy.... heck.... There was a good four inch smear of, you guessed it, poop right where my nose had sniffed.

After I very quickly stripped off that shirt and got my gag reflex under control, I just giggled to myself. Adding that poop incident to wiping three very runny noses all day long I started singing "Im sexy and I know it..." bahaha Everyday of my life is a marathon. Thats the best word I know to describe my day-to-day. So this marathon is complete... and it was a dirty one. HA! Thought I'd share.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is pretty much how we've been all week. Im embarrassed to say that "Little Einsteins" and "Blue's Clues" have saved me more than once a day this week. They didn't want to play or do anything. They just say "Boos Coos" or "Rocket" over and over. So I was inclined to give them what they wanted to save the peace. Desperate measures and all. 

Random, I know but I loved how I did Mia's and Abbi's hair for church on Sunday. So grown up!

 Love it!

Gorgeous (and grouchy) Abbi

My sweet Charli Bean with a runny nose

Pimpin her hat, runny nose and all. Bahaha love this picture!

My poor Abbi after the splash pad on Sunday. This was such a low moment for me. I totally should have put 2 and 2 together and realized she was being so whiny and fussy because she felt like crap. Then I stuck in the freaking blazing sun heat for an hour and she about passed out. Agh... very low moment for me and my sweet Abbi.

This has been our only "outside time" this week. Sit on the step, look outside and watch people. Im ashamed to say I did this a few times with tears down my face because I thought I was going crazy. Such a rough week...

Another trick up my sleeve this week was breaking out our Aquadoodles. They would take them to their chairs and draw and "chat." So precious. Lasted a good ten to fifteen minutes. Ahh peace.

Dressing up little Bean. Love that baby!

And here's Moe and Curly... oops I mean Abbi and Mia. (tehehe) Gorgeous as well of course!

And here's all three stooges, oops I mean girls admiring their beauty in the mirror.

We did capture some fun times at the splash pad. Mia and Charli were enjoying themselves.

Charli looking to squirt someone. Anyone. HA!

Abbi saying "Nope, not going in there and getting wet and you can't make me."

I love this look on Charlotte's face. Its like she's saying "This is TOTALLY awesome, mom!!"

Sorry these pictures are not in order and are just all over the place. But its late, Im tired, the girls are asleep and I am soon to follow. If it bothers you that much just think "church, splash pad, the rest of the week." Thats the order the photos SHOULD be in. Goodnight and here's praying for a better week.


I pulled out all my mommy tricks this week. Dress up was one of them. You can see Abbi starting her fit throwing in this video. A full blown tantrum followed not 2 minutes after this video was shot.

They like to help me put the blocks in the bag and its so sweet. However, you can see Mia trying to hit Abbi by throwing a block at her at the beginning of the video. Pretty funny when it lands right in the bag. Such fussy girls this week. Where are my angels?

Charlotte has actually been a life savor this week. For the majority of the time, its been Abbi and Mia that have been.... unbearable. Charlotte has had her moments, but honestly she has been such a sweet girl. She can entertain herself for a bit, which is more than I can say for the other two, while I diffuse a situation between Abbi and Mia. This was a treasured rare moment of peace in our home this week. Had to post it for that reason alone.

One Hard Week

Holy moly what a week! Just awful. Talk about fussy temperamental toddlers! It really started on Sunday. Before and after the church the girls were so whiny and fussy, so we took them to the splash pad to get them out of the house. But even there, Abigail did not want to play or run around. She just wanted to sit in my lap and whine. We were there for about an hour and when we got home she just laid on Jared and would not move. She was snuggled in a blanket and looked awful. She ended up with a fever (and of course my thermometer broke so I had to borrow my neighbor's). So I had my poor child in HOUSTON HEAT for an hour and turns out she was so fussy because she was SICK... Yeah, Im a genius... 

Well that has just been the start. Turns out the girls have "Fifths Disease." Never heard of it in my life. But apparently Jared brought it home from Utah during one of his visits. Charlotte mainly has had a major cough that is just heartbreaking and now they all have that, plus a super runny nose. But Abbi and Mia have taken turns with fevers and such. Not to mention the rash that comes with this sickness. They have been so clingy and needy and fussy this week that there were times I actually lost my mind. I did. Like I lost all grips of common sense and reality. I had to step outside, shut the door and take deep breaths of fresh air (or semi fresh since my new neighbors smoke like chimneys.... yeah nice huh?) Its not that I don't want to take care of them when they are sick, and snuggle them and rock them and sing to them and cater to them. Because I do. I just physically cant do it to THREE BABIES AT ONCE! I cant. And inadequate doesn't even begin to describe the feeling I have as a mother when I just cant be there for all three... Exhausted. I am so exhausted. Jared is so exhausted. There were nights when they would take turns being up for HOURS! When we literally got a couple hours sleep. 

To top off the nightmare that was my week, my mom had to go to her doctor and turns out she has a blood disorder that attributes to her anemia. And that particular blood disorder can't be around people who are infected with..... Fifths Disease. Can you believe that?! So my months worth of planning to see my family for Memorial Day Weekend and be there for my nephew's baptism down the drain. Gone. I still haven't stopped crying about it.  I was so looking forward to it. Remember we were going to see them at Easter, but my parents were in a motorcycle wreck, now the girls are sick.... 

And if you thought that was enough, hold the phone. My grandmother was having shortness of breath a couple of days ago and we all were just cringing at the thought that her cancer could be out of remission. They went to the doctor within HOURS and had the necessary tests. Thank GOODNESS her cancer is STILL in remission!! However, she needed an angioplasty the next day. So we were praying for her constantly and worried sick about her. Thankfully, she did beautifully and is recovering very well. She was even able to attend my nephews baptism as planned. She's my hero! I adore her so much. I can't hardly stand to think about her in any kind of pain... more tears....

So talk about one emotionally and physically draining week. Just one thing after another. With this sickness the girls aren't supposed to get "hot" and since its 89 degrees by 10 am here, we've basically been under house arrest all week. Sanity check please! Everyday they are getting better though so I have high hopes that this week will be much better than last. My mother in law and sister in law will be here Friday for a week, so thats something to look forward to. The girls will so enjoy that. 

Pictures and Videos Coming

Friday, May 18, 2012

Too cute for words

 My poor Mia fell and hit her head on the frame of the gate on our stairs. She hit so hard, I felt so bad for her. Poor baby.

We have been spending part of our afternoons outside in our backyard lately and the girls love it. I bought some sidewalk chalk and since there isn't a sidewalk in the backyard, we draw on the garage and the fences. They have so much fun! Unfortunately, the wood on the fence is so old, splinters are becoming a problem. I hate renting...

 Abbi and Charli taking a break in the shade. Its so hot in Houston. 90 degrees today, PLUS humidity. Im all about southern heat, but being this close to the coast is a nightmare! Which is why we only stay outside for no more than an hour. They get so red faced and sweat that we HAVE to go back in for some AC time.

Abbi has become my second little songbird (Mia being my first). Her favorite song right now is the ABC song. So cute!

This was SO hilarious!! Charlottejust walks around all day doing the motions from the book you saw in the last post. This was her doing the donkey kicking his leg. I was rolling! She is such a ham!

And here is another video of my little mommies. They are so sweet with their baby ducks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day for me

I had such a special weekend. On Saturday I was able to go to the temple and actually go SHOPPING by myself! haha Yeah Me! I even bought myself a new Sunday outfit (and of course outfits for the girls and some shirts for Jared). It was so nice getting out of the house solo. Jared made breakfast IN BED for me Sunday morning and that was so sweet. He woke up extra early so he could surprise me which is huge! We don't usually sacrifice sleep around here. Very sweet. We all enjoyed our family time on Sunday at church and at home. I just had a wonderful Mother's Day with my wonderful family. 

Mother's Day really made me miss my own mother so much. Since she broke her foot, my parents haven't been able to make a trip out here in a while and I just miss my family so much. I know most everyone thinks they have the greatest mom and Im no different. Just an example of how wonderful she is, for over ten years she took my sister and me to church without fail AND served as Primary President or Young Women's President all by herself. I credit our family being together today to her faithfulness in the gospel. She's such a tower of faith and strength. One of my other favorite memories of her is back when I told my parents I was pregnant.... with triplets. I was still in complete shock and in a state of desperate sickness as I had only known myself for about an hour. When we told the news, Jared and daddy shook hands and high fived. But mom just looked at me for a good ten seconds until she hugged me and we both started sobbing. She knew exactly how scared I was, she knew my fears of carrying three babies, delivering them, the risks, the defects, the statistics, everything without me saying a word.... because she was thinking and feeling the exact same things. She knows me probably better than anyone. She's my best friend. I adore her so. Happy Mother's Day to her. And to all the moms who devote all they have to their family. 

Our attempt at a Mother's Day photo with the girls before church... They were NOT having it.

My mother's day outfit. I love how much it doesn't match, but does (I hope). Turquoise sweater, yellow and pink skirt and purple bracelet. I LOVE it. Jared wasn't sure about it though. HA!

I can't believe Im a mommy to three beautiful angels. I'll never have a more important purpose in life. Im so blessed.

And because I have to have some videos of my babies, enjoy:

This video is a little long. They love this book that we read every night to them. I remember reading it to my niece when she was a baby. Time flies.

They have been the cutest little mommies lately. I had to get it on video.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My very own special Mother's Day!

I had such an amazing day today with my little family. I FINALLY convinced Jared to take off work so that we could go to the Houston Zoo before the schools let out and it became insanely busy this summer. We planned on waking the girls up earlier than they are used to (at about 8:15 am) but Abbi and consequently Mia were awake at about 8. So only Charli got the wake up call (she wasn't too happy about it until she saw that daddy was here). We got them dressed and out the door since Jared and I had everything already packed up in the car. We drove straight to McDonald's for breakfast and to save on time we just went through the drive thru and I fed the girls in the parking lot. They loved them some MickeyD's pancakes. Tehehe

We got to the zoo at 10 and apparently so did about 50 elementary schools. HA! I thought it would ruin the whole trip but the zoo was big enough where we didn't really run into the groups, thankfully. To top it off, the girls were FREE admission! YEAH! (free under 2, so only for another 2 more months) =(  
We walked around with the girls in the zoo for about 2 hours. We let them get out of the strollers and walk around a few times and those were probably their favorite parts of the zoo. HA! The problem you get when you try to show a baby in a stroller an animal in a fence 50 yards away is that they cant really see it. So as they did have a blast walking around and seeing all the kiddos there and being with mommy AND daddy and see the occasional recognizable animal, they really just had a great day being out of the house and doing ANYTHING different. AND SO DID I!!! Its so refreshing and wonderful getting a break from the mundane cranky toddlers. 

We planned to find a spot to picnic for lunch but the girls were pretty warm and we decided to just eat it in the car on the way home. Worked out great though. We got home only thirty minutes past normal naptime. After their naps, we PLANNED to hit up the splash pad for the rest of the afternoon. However, after getting three toddlers in their swim suits, swim pants, and lathered down with sun block we drove up to an empty parking lot with a little sign saying it was closed for repairs. I was furious! Luckily, I brought their clothes, ect so while dressing them AGAIN we decided to drive out to the mall and let them play in the indoor play area. They loved it! Played there for an hour, I got some random toiletries I needed and we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill for an amazing dinner (with dessert). Came home, bathed babies, and laid them down at 8. And we haven't heard a peep since! HA! They are exhausted. 

Sorry this post is so long, but we just had an amazing day (minus the splash pad incident). I loved being with my family and being able to let my girls have such an amazing time. I hate that I always need SOMEONE there for my girls to get out of the house, but I really appreciate those precious times when we do get to. Great day for me. Great day for my girls. Perfect Mother's Day present for me. Love my family.

Off to the zoo:

Just a random video that was on my camera, but this video makes me laugh so hard. Charli was being so silly with her popcorn bowl. Looks just like a giraffe's tongue. HA! She's crazy.

 Our family photo!

 The girls waiting patiently for daddy to get the tickets.

 Mia being not so patient anymore.

 Abbi, my goodness that child is GORGEOUS!

 HA! Bean with that eye... 

 We let the girls out of the stroller to beat on these drums. They LOVED it!

 Me trying to actually be IN a picture instead of just always taking them... Yeah the girls didn't care! HA!

 Love Love Love this picture of Charli. She is cheesing so big!

There were about 4 rows of buses just like this... yeah ALOT of little kiddos.