Friday, June 22, 2012

Heart Broken

This has been the worst week of my entire life. Bar none. Im not going into details yet because Im still grieving pretty hard and I just cant stomach writing about it. My precious 8 year old nephew, Nathan, went home to his Heavenly Father very suddenly and tragically on Saturday. I cant seem to blog about anything else either right now.... so just bare with me while I try to get back into the swing of things.

Im just too heart broken right now...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Sunday

Hanging out with daddy on Sunday

They loved watching the gymnastic tryouts. It was so cute! You cant hear it in the video but Mia kept saying "Oh My Goodness!!"

 Charli drawing

 Charli talking to daddy

 Charli playing her flute

 Abbi spotted mommy taking pictures! "Hi Mommy!"

 Mia crawling

 Mia running

 So thirsty! Enjoying the smoothie mom made for her girls!

 They were only outside maybe thirty minutes and this is how hot it is here! Crazy!

 Caught Abbi in the middle of one of her screaming bursts.

 So yummy!

 Awe love my daddy! Abbi is such a daddy's girl!

Abbi getting a drink.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Charlotte can read!

The video is here! Yeah! My "subtle" hints to my sister in law worked! haha Thanks Lisa! Enjoy!

Its a miracle! HA! Isnt she the cutest thing ever??

*On a serious note, Mia really can count to ten (but skips 7 for some reason?) and knows her ABCs and a few colors. Child is a genius!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Ma" and "Isa"

I know its been a while since I last posted. Jared and myself have been dealing with non-baby-related drama that has been keeping me in a frazzle. And now consequently, Jared will be back to selling until the summer's over. But just on Fridays thankfully. He started this past Friday and it was the FIRST time I have ever had to put the girls to bed by myself. Ever... Wow! I was sick I was so nervous. But prayer works. Bath time could have been so tricky but it worked out. It all worked out. Whew..

Also, Grandma Toone and Aunt Lisa came to visit this week! The girls loved having them here. They were super excited to see Lisa or "isa" again. She was definitely a rock star at our house. The girls called Lisa "isa" (so cute) and Charli called Grandma "Ma" (which I love and for some reason reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies. HA!) We certainly made the most of having the extra hands around here too! We went to the splash pad and even the pool a couple of times and the girls loved that! We also went to the mall early one morning to hit up the indoor play area (since its like 90 degrees before 10 am these days). But midway through the visit something, not sure what, went south and they all just got super clingy and fussy. I actually lost it once before the morning mall trip. But we survived and we really all enjoyed having those two here. I especially enjoyed the company. I sometimes forget that I've pretty much had a roommate since before the girls were born until Lisa left in December and I realized I loved having someone here all day. Didn't know you could be lonely with three little ones in the house, but I guess you can. HA! 

So anyway, between dealing with the drama and visitors, the blog got put on back burner. But Im back now for a bit. My parents will be coming in for a short visit this week!! They will be here Thursday night and leaving Monday morning. Very short indeed, but its been so long since we've seen them we will take ANY amount of time possible! Super excited about that! Jared's 30th birthday and the girls' second birthday is coming up VERY soon so I am not only broke (HA!) but also busy with those plans. Thats okay though. It helps the time go by quicker. 

 One of our favorite activities around here, playing with our "water pens."

 Charlotte had put Minnie in her stroller and was taking her for a walk around the living room. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Minnie is the new "valuable" around here lately.

 Lisa with her girls! I must say this scene started with Charlotte giving Lisa loving, but once the other two girls climbed up, she was outta there. I think Charlotte is so independent because she spent agonizing months with those two literally sitting on her in my belly and she's thinking "I need my space now." HA! I don't really think that, but she is definitely more independent than Mia or Abbi. I love how Mia is sprawled out on Lisa so Abbi has no room to lay on her too! HA! Silly girls.

Charlotte with the best chocolate mustache Ive ever seen.

 Playing ball with Grandma or "Ma". Charli in purple and Abbi in orange.

 If you look closely at Abbi's cheek you can see a major bit mark courtesy of Mia. Yeah, it got pretty hectic around here.

 Lisa giving out grapes, Mia taking her up on it.

 Princess girls in their chairs! Bahaha love it! Charli, Abbi, Mia.

 Mia checking out her sister's handiwork.

 We completely redid the living room. We hung the TV on the wall and rearranged the furniture. I love it! And the girls do too. Its much safer and looks more like a real living room opposed to a nursery with a couch in it. HA!

 Abbi in her new dress Grandma got for her.

 Mia in her new dress.

Charli in her new dress. (She's planning an audition to be the next member of KISS) HA!

 All my angels before church. Love them so! They are too cute it shouldn't be legal!!

Thats been our couple of weeks around here. Enjoy the photos! I have a very special video coming SOON (cough*Lisa*cough) as soon as it gets emailed to me. One you wont want to miss!