Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Messy girls

 These girls LOVE thier daddy. Our family is so blessed to have him as our daddy!

 The girls also LOVE thier spaghetti sauce. HA! I however did not love the clean up.
Charli Bean looks like she was caught with her hand in a cookie jar.

 Mia on the other hand looks quite pleased with herself.

 Abbi looks a little scared! haha but I love that my girls love to eat even if it does get messy!

Too cool for school! HA! Its so funny they watch their show with their glasses on. Makes it seem like it should be 3D or something.

Uncle Chris & Aunt Kiera

Right before we started potty training we were lucky enough to get a visit from Ja
red's brother, Chris and his lovely new bride Keira. We had a great short visit and were so happy they stopped by on their way to Florida to visit her family. They are so cute and we are so happy for both of them.

 The girls were nervous for about 30 minutes at first but then as you can see, warmed up! HA!

 Chris found it hard to stay awake during the girls' program. HA! It was pretty funny.

Come again ANYTIME!!

more sister time

 Sweet Charlotte

My little Abbi

Dear Mia

silly girls

Finally ready to upload my pictures to our new computer, which we like so much better than the other one but still not as much as the Mac.

 The girls pretending to be asleep.

 This was a good day I remember. The girls were being so silly and so sweet to one another. They were pretending to sleep and covering each other with blankets then dog piling each other. It was hilarious!

I just love my girls. I love that they have one another and love it even more when they are sweet to one another.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Very long potty training post

OK, I've been putting off this post for a few days now. Mainly because typing it out and making it public is like officially stating "I failed." And that hurts my heart. Let me start with the end. The girls are back in diapers. We are back to our everyday routine. And if it wasn't for the nagging, depressing feeling of I completely and utterly failed at potty training I would be so very much relieved.

After our three day "Hell Boot Camp," I affectionately call it, after I conceded and put the girls back into diapers I gave them the biggest hug and shed a few tears because I actually missed my girls. I had been so stressed out and so focused on getting them to the potty before Niagara Falls took over my floor that we hadn't played and snuggled and loved on each other for three days and my arms and heart just ached for them. I could tell they missed me too because they just hooted and hollered and giggled like mad when they realized.... it was over....

I did not see this coming. I honestly did not. I did not even have a back up plan, which is very unlike me. I was so confident that this would work. The first day was what I expected it to be. Messy. Wet. Stressful. Exhausting. Jared and I were completely fatigued by the end of day 1. You have no idea how stressful constantly being on edge to watch for pee times THREE is. Day 2 was where I was getting worried. Because it looked a lot like day 1. I emailed the author (when you buy the program you get free consultation from the author with any questions you have) with my questions. Unfortunently, it takes 24 hours for a response... so can you see the issue. By day 3 there was still no progress. We kept thinking, "oh maybe Mia gets it now!" Then... nope.... When I finally got a response from the author she actually said "maybe you should take a break." Really!??! Are you kidding. The author didn't even have faith in my training triplets.

By the end of day three Jared and I had had all we could have. With no progress and Jared going to work the next day leaving me to myself with this project, I did not know what to do!! Somewhere deep inside I got the nerve to push through. I told Jared I would keep going with the program tomorrow, even though he suggested (insisted) we quit and try something different another time. But I didn't want to quit if miraculously tomorrow they just clicked and got it. It was the same as every other day. When they went down for their naps, I put the diapers on, said goodnight, closed the door, and sobbed like a baby. It was all for nothing....

The girls were not sleeping near as well or long the entire process so they were so cranky and they were picking up on my stress which did NOT help the situation. It was the right thing to do, quit. But the word INADEQUATE could not be more my motto right now. Thats the deep down sensitive gooey-center feelings I have pouring out right now. I am so very inadequate to do this job. I have been so blessed thus far to have the best help a girl can have from family (I miss my Lisa!) but on my own... Im just inadequate. There is literally no other word to describe it. It surprised me when I was swamped with this emotion that day that I remembered not being able to produce enough milk for all my girls when I was pumping. No matter how much disgusting green tea crap I drank, or calories I ate, or rest I had, I could only make enough for 2 1/2 babies. Not three. I felt so inadequate then and I do now.

Im sorry I don't have a triumphant success story to relate to my family (who so sweetly and misguidedly call me "super mom") and fellow moms of multiples. I so wish I did. I am going to do more research on potty training and come up with a new plan. It might be a few months before we try again (we all need to re cooperate). I might even do them one at a time instead of a group effort. Who knows.

I have some photos and videos to upload of our adventure but as I still don't have a computer with space to download said photos and videos, they will have to wait. I will include more details about what we did each day, ect. at that time. Until then...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food for Thought

I miss diapers.
                   The End.