Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 Charli Bean.

 Mama Mia

 Abbi and Poppy (since she wouldnt walk with us)

Abbi and Mia asleep on the way home from Alabama. LOVE this van!

Charli asleep too!

 Abbi and Poppy

 Charli and Mia

Mia and Abbi

Lazy day

Charli hearts Mia

Mia likes Charli too!

 Gorgeous Girls! Abbi Mia Charli

 Mia being lazy

I could get lost in the love and beauty Im surrounded by every day all day. This job is one that changes daily for me. Some days I dont know what I did WRONG to deserve it and other days I dont know what I did so RIGHT to deserve it. It has made me realize more than ever how crucial it is to be close to my Father in Heaven and to do my hardest every day to make sure the Spirit is in my home. Otherwise I would probably end up naked running down the street pulling out my hair or something less dramatic. 

I would consider myself the ultimate Momma Bear. I live breathe and sleep these girls everyday and it takes almost everything out of me. I figure Heavenly Father entrusted me with three angels, I better not disappoint. When I see them spontaneously give hugs and kisses to each other or share a toy without a dramatic scene or say Thank You Momma without being reminded, I glow. And when I have to diffuse fight after bite after throw down after slap after push after hair pull after scream after melt downs.... well I just say "only 3 more hours till bedtime Ashlee. Hang in there three more hours and THEN break down." Which I do. 

I do love this stage they are in though. When they want to snuggle and give me tons of kisses all the time. And when they sing songs over and over and over. And when they tell me "Mommy silly" because I keep making fish faces at them. Or when I change their diapers and they say "Poop yucky! Bobo crying." HA! They make me laugh and cry at the same time. What a triple blessing Ive been given. Thank goodness for an amazingly loving and patient husband. And the amazing friend I have just down the street so willing to help me. 


My little bean. She is such a clown. She loves to say "____ is funny." Fill in the blank with anything from "Daddy" to "Water" to "TV." She is by far my best eater. She will try anything at least once and she loves her meat. My other two will eat chicken but thats it for meat. Last night Charlotte put away a ton of BBQ pulled pork I made and I was so proud!

 I have to say though she is my highest maintence child. She likes to do most things in a certain way. She requires a little more TLC than the others. HA! Her skin is more sensitive so I have to use a special soap and lotion for her, ect. Things like that. But when she looks at me and smiles ear to ear and says "Hi Mommy!" it melts my heart. She loves to sing and dance and laugh but will not be a performing monkey. If I try to get her to do stuff for other people, she knows it and refuses. HA! Little stink.

 Even though the other two girls resort to biting to get what they want, Charlotte has never bitten her sisters, (but Ive seen her pack a punch with pushing and throwing things.) She has the biggest heart for her sisters. I watch her go off on her own and play with a toy for a bit. But then she sorta realizes "Oh this is Abbi's favorite toy" and will walk over and hand it to her. Sweetest thing. Charlotte's favorite thing in the whole world is to be tickled. She will lay still like an old hound dog so that you will tickle her arm, legs, feet, hair, back, tummy, ANYTHING! HA! I dont understand it! But I love it.

Her hair baffles me. It is straight as a board and has two cowlicks in the back. Even if I wet it, redry it, clip it... it still just goes everywhere and nowhere at the same time. HA! Bless it. She is my little adventurer. She is afraid of nothing. Climbing, jumping, bouncing, sliding, she wants it all. She is also a little tomboy. Whenever we go over to my friend's house who has two boys, Charlotte is in heaven with all the "different" toys. Cars, big trucks, ect... HA! She loves it. Im so proud of all this little girl has accomplished and can do. She is super smart and is the sweetest thing. I love her to pieces!


Oh my Abigail! She is definitely my most sensitive child. As I explained already with our trip to Alabama, she just has the hardest time adjusting to new surroundings. And I think she has an extra special imagination which is wonderful but can also scare her when things arent really there. This child is all heart and soul. Her laugh just is heaven to me. She loves to dance. The hot dog dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite. And the girl has rhythm too! 

She loves to give lots kisses and hugs. And just as she has been since birth, she is a true blue daddy's girl. I got to say this has broken my heart a few times here and there but I cant be upset for too long. Im glad she loves her daddy so. All my girls are super smart, but Abbi is my book worm I think. She just absorbs so much and is curious about so much. She isnt really an outside girl. Everytime I say "Lets go outside and play!"she says "It hot?!" haha and she's right, its always hot here in Houston.

 She is so expressive with her face. It is hilarious! She can squint those eyes or bulge them out and she just loves to make different expressions. She likes to walk on her tippy toes alot and its too cute. She is also my squealer. Sometimes its just random but other times its provoked by a sister but she will just let out this high pitch hair raising squeal. Then she'll just look at you and grin ear to ear. Though she has been the victim of biting her entire life it seems, she is now picking up the habit herself. AGH! However,  I just think she is the sweetest kid and will blow this world away with her beauty and brains combination. I adore her!


My drama queen, my superstar, my heart. This girl makes me laugh everyday with something or another. She is so funny. And she has the most beautiful little dimples when she laughs. She is by far the best talker of the three. She even helps me understand what the other two are trying to tell me sometimes. Precious! I kind of think of her as the leader of the group. Her personality is just so much more take charge and sassy. (Plus she's got a killer bite which keeps those other two on their toes.)

You would think being a little more theatrical she would be my more difficult child, but she's really not. I mean, when she wants my attention she gets it but rarely do I need to diffuse her like the others. For example, the trip to Alabama. She did beautifully. She rode in her carseat just fine while the other two were acting like they were being tortured. She handled her new surroundings the best, ect.

Speaking of getting my attention, if she wants me to look at her when she tells me something, she will put both her hands on my cheeks and move my face to look at her. HILARIOUS! She loves building with blocks and being a little momma to her baby animals. She will sing "Rock the baby, in the treetop, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock." She knows most of the words to "Im a child of God." Loves to sing like Annie from Little Einsteins. She gives to tightest hugs and squeezes and loves to snuggle.

She's just a little doll with the sweetest, purest spirit. Its an honor to see her smiling face every day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Im sorry to all my faithful readers out there. I had to take a hiatus from this blog. I just got in a funk with all the major failures we've endured around here. The potty training fiasco really brought me down. I gained about ten pounds just from stress eating. And I just felt like the whole thing was a colossal mistake. Then to top off our sundae with a cherry was the trip we recently took to my parents house.... THIRTEEN hours away. Yeah.... Our very first adventure away from home with my girls was a living nightmare.

It started out just me, the girls, and my parents. Jared stayed behind and was just going to come pick us all up after about a week and a half. The ride there was brutal. My poor mom ending up having to sit on the floor board in the back seat of my dad's truck so she could have easy access to the girls. Yep. Just a preview into our trip. The girls would drop stuff or scratch their sister, ect and we were constantly having to get out of our seats to attend to them and this just made it "easier." Then, on day 2 of the drive there, Abigail had some sort of a terrifying experience that completely took the trip on a downward spiral.

We were at a park and she was walking around in the dirt with sticks around and she just went crazy. Screaming bloody murder, froze up and shaking. We still have no idea what happened (she didn't get bit by anything; that was the first thing I checked for.) I think she thought a stick was a snake and it brushed her leg and viola. Anyway, for the next WEEK that child would NOT walk on the floor, any floor or grass, ect. Im not kidding. I literally had to carry her EVERYWHERE! Can you imagine?? With two other ones to tend to as well. She wouldn't sleep in the crib only her pack n play which is tiny, she wouldnt play on the floor with toys, nothing. A light just went off inside her and it was horrifying to see. My poor sweet parents did all they could to help me but at the end of the day, there was nothing anyone could do. The girls all wanted me to hold them and help them adjust to new surroundings and I just couldnt do it for everyone at the same time. It was a horrible emotional nightmare.  After I had had enough, Jared  made an emergency flight out to Alabama. Abbi wasn't healed immediately but she made tremedous progress once he was there with her.

Anyway, by that point I just wanted to get home in familiar territory and I think the girls did too. I was totally bummed that the trip wasn't more of a pleasant experience for them and me. Next time I know that we go NOWHERE without Jared with us. Its hard not to let it make you feel like a disaster of a mother. Again, I found myself in a situation where Im outnumbered and overmatched. It shouldn't be this way. My sweet mother was in tears with me at the end of one horrific day and she said "I dont know how in the world you do this everyday, Ashlee. Its just not supposed to be this hard, sweetie." I just sobbed and had a little pity moment and said "Its not fair." Sometimes I really feel like its not fair this is going to be my experience as a mother. Thankfully those moments are just my low points talking and most of my days are good ones where I can plainly see how very blessed I am.

Well the drive back was only semi better. We rented a van (which opened my eyes to wonders!! We will be getting a van ASAP!) Even though Jared was now with us, it was just Jared and me against three. So it was tricky. We stopped at chick fila for about 2 hours and I literally changed 6 poopy diapers in that time... We checked into the only available hotel in the area and found out it was a dump so we turned around and loaded everything back in the van and drove all night to get home. We got home around 3 am. The girls, needless to say, were completely beside themselves. We all were.

All in all, it will be a while before I venture out again. And this is why I haven't felt like blogging. Im almost as tired of seeing these kinds of posts on my blog as much as you all are. I am happy to say my Abbi is back to her normal perfect self and I think they have all forgiven me for putting them through that travesty. Well no one can say I didnt try right?