Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So here are some random videos I took the past two weeks. They are mostly of Charli because she has been such a ham lately.

This is her doing her serious fake laugh. And its seriously hilarious. I love it!

She concentrates so hard when she's coloring. I love how her brow furrows and sometimes sticks out her tongue. So serious.

Mimi got the girls these leapfrog bears and the girls love them. They call them their "talking books." Charlotte usually plays this song over and over singing it word for word. But as soon as I grabbed the camera she said Nope. Its still funny enough to post cause she is so determined NOT to perform. 

"Tick o Teat? Tank Chu!"

The girls have been super excited about going to their "Costume Party" (Trunk or Treat) all week! They were happy to be Minnie Mouse but Mia was not sure about painting her nose black. HA!

Getting the girls ready! Hair is done, now its time to put on the dress!

 Checking out how gorgeous we look!
 Mia says Ï am soo adorable!"And shes right!

 Charli giving me her happy face!
 Charlotte loved her black nose! I waited until we got to the church to paint them because I assumed the girls would be messing with them the whole time. But Charlotte didn't even touch hers once.
 Mia sitting so still so momma can paint her nose black. I thought she would fight me about the nose but she was excited about it by this point and did great!
 Look at my nose daddy!
Abbi on the other hand completely wigged out. She did NOT want me to paint her nose. She kept saying It will hurt! Poor thing!
 I did the best I could but she wiped most of it off and I didn't want to put her through any more torture! haha
 Poor girl! Crying so hard!
 Mia found a friend from nursery (Charlotte) and a FUN game for her. They hung donuts on a line and you were supposed to eat it with no hands. But these two just grabbed it and shared it. HA!

 Most of the games were for older kids and it was pretty crazy inside, so we were all too ready to head outside for the trunk or treat part. The girls LOVED it! They said "Tick o Teat!"And then "Tank Chu"when they were given candy. So sweet my girls are!! SO polite!
 Momma wanted to get a picture with her Minnie MICE! HA! Here's Mia
 Momma and Charlotte (the flash is really bright so she squinted)
 Abbi not wanting a picture with me. She wants to check out her candy.
 Mia checking out her loot!
 This was the best picture we could get of all of them together. Mia is so ready for the camera every time. Those other two have other things on their minds. HA!
 I had to post this picture because in an attempt to get everyone to look at the camera I shouted "Pooh! Where's Pooh?!"(as in Whinnie the Pooh). Charlotte froze wide eyed, Mia looked behind her and Abbi was outta there! HAHAHA I just thought it was hilarious!
 And these pictures are so funny too. On the way home we let them hold their bags of candy. By the time we got home they had eaten through one sucker, one butterfinger, one box of Nerds, one reeces cup and one crunch bar. Without one peep or wrapper crackle (because they ate through the wrapper of course). I had no idea what was going on because Jared and I were chatting. I never dreamed they would start eating through the candy like mice (how appropriate for their costumes!).

I looked back there once and they were swapping candy with each other. It was so funny. Abbi would hand Charli a butterfinger and Charli would give her a sucker. No words were exchanged, just candy. Seriously, they didnt speak the entire way home. Now I know why!

Anyway, we had a great time and I know the girls had so much fun. Unfortuntely, their cheaply made costumes were completely shredded and unwearable so we wont be trick or treating this year on Halloween. All well. We had fun and have plenty of candy anyway. Next year though I hope I can just learn to sew a costume so I dont want 20 bucks a pop! AGH! Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grandparents and Pumpkin Patches

We had a wonderful week full of fun! My grandparents were able to come into town for a few days and we took advantage of the extra help. We went to the park and the bounce house and even hit up the pumpkin patch for FHE (family home evening). I adore my grandparents so much, they are such troopers. I tell you what, they can keep up with these girls as well as the best of them! My girls just love these two so much. We are so blessed to have them in our family.
 Mamaw trying to get mia's attention. HA!
 The best group shot I could get.HA! (Abbi-green, Mia-orange, Charli-purple)
 Charli ridin that horse
 Mia checking out Jessie the Cowgirl
 Abbi wasnt so sure about some of the displays. HA! She kept her distance.
 Abbi loved on Papa skip so much this trip. He's the best Papa ever! Even puts balloons on his head!
 Abbi looking for the best pumpkin
 Momma trying to get a shot with her girls
 Had to grab Abbi to get this one!
 Charli says "Two Baby Punkins"
 Whoa! Daddy found a big pumpkin
 Abbi found her pumpkin.
 The grandparents enjoying our little angels
 We made it a group activity and went along with the Hoopers and their two adorable boys. Here's Hudson Man! Such a cutie!
And here's Boston, he found a big pumpkin!

Motor Skill Practice and crafts

Mia Bia 


 I got the idea from Pintrest (of course). I found some dominos and checker pieces, perfect for little hands and fingers, and let the girls stick them in the wipes tubs. We have tons of these around the house since we get a new one every time we buy a box of wipes. They loved this game and did it over and over.
And while we are on the subject of Pintrest I found this little tutorial for this wreath! I love love love it. So glad I have Pintrest. Its wonderful!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Late night memories

I had quite a giggle about this today. My favorite "not funny at the moment but hilarious when you wake up"moment currently is this:

The other night two of the girls woke up screaming around two am. So Jared woke me up to help him. After staggering into the room and sluggishly getting them calmed and quiet and back to bed, we staggered back out of the room. In the hallway between the girls' room and our bedroom is one of those activity tables that lights up and sings songs, ect. Anyway, Jared walked right into that thing and accidently slammed it against the wall which of course caused it to break out with a freaking light show and the ABC song blaring. He grabbed it up as quick as his exhausted tuckes could manage and threw into our room. I just stood there in the dark hallway waiting for the outburst of screaming from the girls room, but.... nothing. Whew! Jared came back out into the hallway and said Ï hate that thing!"

At the time I was only completely grateful that it didnt wake up the girls and that I could go back to my cozy bed. But when I woke up and tried to remember what exactly happened that night I busted out laughing and still giggle about it thinking it through. It was pretty hilarious! One of those, wish I had a camera moment. Anyway, just thought I would share because, after all, funny things SHOULD be shared!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Turns out it wasnt YouTube, it was our PC that wasn't allowing me to post the videos. Luckily we have a FABULOUS MacBook Pro. Seriously, PC people.... come to the Mac side of life!! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crafts, homemade yummies and fun!

So after we picked out the perfect pumpkins it was time to decorate them on Saturday. I bought Halloween stickers, stick on eyes, felt sheets which I cut out Jack O latern parts, glue, and glitter for a toddler friendly activity. The girls loved it! So did mom.
Our fun stickers, ect!
Face shapes.
Mommy helping.
They had so much fun doing this project.
Abbi helping Mia, such a sweet helper.
Finished product.
Admiring our beautiful pumpkins.
 Next it was time to make our cotton ball ghosts. With a little Elmer's glue and free handed drawing from mommy, we had some sticky fun.
 Nattie hard at work.
Finished products!
Our next project was tracing some fun Halloween pictures that I drew (amaturely) with mini marshmellows. Good clean fun! Except Abbi just wanted to eat the marshmellows... HA! We ended up coloring the pictures after the hmmm supplies were all gone.

 Daddy helping his baby girls.
  Mia and Charli working hard, and Abbi.... eating the supplies... HA!
 Isnt that a gorgeous child!!

I think she had a good time! I hope so! Love you Nattie Boo!

I also made some yummy homemade donuts (from biscuits) which were a huge hit with everyone! YEAH! I made cinnamon sugar ones and glazed. The girls loved the donut holes. I loved my weekend with my sweet neice and awesome weather and my wonderful family. I have four videos to post but youtube is being a punk right now and wont let me. So that's to be continued! Happy Fall everyone!!