Saturday, July 27, 2013

My girls are 3?!?!

 This was back when Charlotte and mommy had our date. We went to Target and showed those folks how to wear hats like models!
 We went to the Castle Park too and Mommy got sugar!!
 Cant say how much I love this picture enough! I even ordered a 24x24 canvas print of it. Love it

 Boy did they have fun when poppy bought a huge pile of sand! HA!
 We took an impromptu trip to Georgia for some cousin attention last month. They loved it! We all did!
Love it when they play together. I think this is Mia and Bean... ha
 They love their sandbox.
 This is Mia RUNNING to ONE of her birthday presents this year (we went seriously overboard). But this was a last minute purchase. A good friend of ours moved to D.C. and couldn't take their swing set so we bought it for a steal! Had to get it and I think Mia is super excited about it!
 But Abbi NEVER disappoints when it comes to awesome reactions to things. This was her when she first saw the swing set. HA! Love that girl!
Grandma and Grandpa surprised the girls (and daddy) for their birthday this year! We loved having them here for our week of fun (and rain)!  

 Jared and I bought big fireworks and shot them off on their birthday this year. They loved it! No one was scared but they did cover their ears because it was so loud. They loved them!

 Fireworks in our raincoats because it RAINED the entire week of their birthday! Poo!
 My Red White and Blue girls on their birthday. We did a red, white, and blue theme this year. Embraced being born practically on the 4th. Thought I should probably get it over with, seemed inevitable. Turned out super cute though!
 Our big present this year was this bounce house (which may I say is still in our living room and being enjoyed daily!) It totally rocks and was worth every penny. They love it!

 Here is our attempt at a cousin photo. Natalie and Nick were able to be here for the girls' birthday and we were so excited. However, by this point the girls were completely overwhelmed with people and excitement and toys and were totally moody. That's Mia in the middle refusing to look at the camera. HA! Gotta laugh right?!
 Our sweet neighbor Aunt Jeanie gave the girls the most awesome costumes. Abbi loves loves loves this dress and wears it daily, multiple times. Shes so funny!
 Mia loves the Tinker Bell costume the most!
 And my only semi girlie girl Charlotte loves the doctor's coat! She also has a Tangled dress that she wears but she like to keep her options open! HA! Smart girl!
There's something I just love about this picture. Its Mia with a bucket catching water from the sprinkler in her rain boats and diaper. Its so country. And real. And happy moments. Its beautiful because it really feels like my life in a snap shot. My sweet girl just enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Perfection.


  1. Ummmm STOP BUYING THEM ALL THESE FUN TOYS!!!!!! They wil NEVER miss me!!!!!!!!!! I love when u to say I got a little emotional! I miss my triplets.....

  2. I am so proud of you to let them be country and go outside in just diapers!!!