Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Funny Girls

Just some Random Thoughts/moments lately.

-Charlotte calls Mia "Mia Rebecca" as of late. Its pretty funny.

- We were in Sams last weekend and this burly sourly looking man with a bushy white beard walks by. Mia yells "Santa!" HAHA I held in my laughter to look apologically at the man, but he didnt seem to hear. So I busted out laughing.

- Mia loves to dress up in her tutu and crown and "magic wand"Aunt Gwen made the girls for Christmas. But whenever she's all dressed up, you have to call her Princess Mia! HA! She will walk around just saying "Hi Mommy!"So I will answer "Hi Princess Mia!" haha Oh and she always has to wear the pink one.

-Mia insisted on wearing her "princess mia" outfit, so I asked Abbi if she wanted hers and she yells YES! So I ask Charlotte if she wanted her outfit. She says "No! Charli play with balls!" Yeah, thats my tomboy!

-Abbi is in love with her daddy. Not just loves him, but IN love with him. Anywhere we go she has to hold daddys hand or sit next to daddy. The other day we were eating in a booth at a restaurant and she snuggles right up next to him, put her arms around him, closes her eyes super tight and just grins ear to ear. Like she was soaking up all of her daddy she possibly could. It was a tear in the eye moment. As a mother, I am SO grateful my girls have the best daddy in the world and that he has the most angelic girls in the world. I love my family. Theyre the best.

- Charlotte calls me "mommy girl" and Jared "daddy boy" sometimes. Its funny.

- Mia calls Charli "Charli Beam" instead of Charli Bean. haha its also funny.

- oh and we are moving in a few weeks back to Alabama. Jared is starting up his own pest control company in Huntsville.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas card...explained

This was our Christmas Card we sent out this year. We were so proud of it because we took it with our very own camera in front of our very own tree with our three sweet elves. It was alot of fun! HA! We loved loved loved it! Still do!

Christmas Card 2012

Christmas Videos

Christmas 2012

Ready for the longest post ever?

Im not going to lie, Ive been putting off updating this blog for a long time. But now Im just sick of having it hang over my head so lets just do it already.

From my perspective this was such a rollercoaster of a holiday. As far as being with family and enjoying the love and togetherness that comes with the holiday season and time off work and making moments with the loved ones you dont get to see often..... it SUCKED! Let me just say all the fun games and activities that I planned out never happened. So dealing with all that drama really tainted it for me. I mean, obviously this was going to be a difficult time for our entire family. But instead of coming together to support and comfort one another, Well lets just say the opposite happened. Anyway.

From my girls' perspective, it was the greatest holiday ever. Mimi and Poppy (and sophie of course) came to visit us for Christmas this year! Along with daddy being home for over a week that in itself would have been enough for them. They LOVE company and they had so many people to entertain them.

Christmas Eve we had a special visitor! Santa made a quick stop out of his busy schedule to see our three angels! Well honestly, they were a bit scared of Santa (AKA poppy) but it was so fun and funny to see it all play out. He dropped off our special Christmas eve PJs. I seriously thought we fooled them but later that night during baths, they were talking about how poppy was wearing glasses and was Santa Claus. They are too smart for their own good! HA! I tried to do a simple Christmas Devotional for my girlies so they understood all this was about Christ and not toys. Hopefully some of it stuck.

On Christmas morning we told them Santa left even MORE presents for them downstairs, but they were so scared that Santa was going to be down there they were too scared to come down for a while. HA! I had to reassure them that Santa was back home and sleeping.

It really was the highlight off all the drama and heartache this Christmas brought to see them see the wonderful things that Santa left them. They had so much fun digging out more and more toys. We are busting at the seams now with all this stuff!

I love my family. Im so grateful for my children, my husband and for my Savior. I wish my entire family felt that way. Even though we knew this would be a heartbreaking holiday for us, and even though it turned out to be even more heartbreaking than we thought, my girls sure know how to make a mommy smile. I sure hope they remember this Christmas with happy memories. Jared and I work so hard each DAY, really, to make sure thats what they remember.

So enjoy the pictures(videos coming soon) and have a happy new year.

 Mia Bia loved wearing hats during the cold weather!

 I went craft crazy this season! Here are two copper wire trees I made.

 Here are the glitter trees I made.

 I love love our stockings!

 Here is the felt tree I made this year for the girls. They didnt go as crazy for it as i thought they would.

 Here is our tree this year. Loved the burlap bows I made for the toppers.

 I also made these ornaments for each of the girls. Loved how they turned out!

 These are pictures from their first christmas.

 I still have their first santa hats!

 We made a trip to the Houston Zoo to see the cool Zoo Light display they put on. It was so fun for the girls. 

 We had SO MANY presents that we decided starting Christmas Eve to let them start opening them up. We thought it would help with feeling overwhelmed with all those presents. It didnt work but it surely entertained them all day!

 Abbi getting the hang of opening up those presents!

 Mia opening it up blind folded! Nice!

 Santa visited Christmas Eve. (Didnt Poppy make an EXCELLENT Santa!)

 Passing out PJs and candy canes!

 Mimi giving Santa a hug.... Awe....

 Charli was the only brave one to give santa a hug.

 Mia gave him a hug as long as Mimi held her.

 Abbi said NOPE! HA!

 But Santas feelings werent hurt. He still left lots of goodies for the girls for Christmas Morning!

 Love our little Elf Sophie!

 Charli checking things out.

 Princess Mia loves the crown Aunt Gwen made for her.

 Thats one happy Abigail!

 They love love their new sleeping bags Santa (AKA Mimi) gave them.

 The big hit off the holidays was Mimi's IPAD. HA! These girls are ADDICTS! So much so Jared and I went ahead and got one for us! haha

 Love our Mimi and Poppy!

 Mia loves to make dinner and feed it to everyone! She is such a good cook!

Love my angels. Hope next Christmas is 10X better with less presents and family drama and more love and memories!